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Budget complete Halloween costume $10L

Found this sweet complete outfit on the market place earlier today, just what Id been looking for. It’s by No Cabide and is just $10L. You get the following:

★ Horns
★ Wings
★ Necklace
★ Tail
★ Dress: Maitreya – Belleza Isis/ Freya/ Venus – Slink Physique/ Hourglass.
★ Mesh Boots: 3 sizes

(I wasn’t overly keen on removing my Slink feet to try out the boots, they are cute but not for me – so I didn’t show them!)

No Cabide

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Be a Cheeky Devil !

I have one of theeee bestest Halloween costumes you can get..and guess whut? Its SF Designs Monday Mania item hooohahhhh….thats right, just 25L for today and only from the Monday Mania board (there is also a guys version that Steve was too wussy to wear *eye roll* – same price 25L)..full length glossy red devil suit…there is a scalp cap (that I’m wearing) but you can also just wear your own hair…horns…saucy little tail, cape and trident to swishhhhhhhhh around ! My skin is a group gift, also from SF Design…you get three colours with options also …I chose blue, sooper goth makeup, just perfect for your finishing Halloweeny touches …thanks Swaffette ❤

SF Design

Oh psssssst – I was hunting for a scarey Halloween ride this morning with my bestie Dra…and we found this Scared To Death Haunted House , its sooper frightening and a really long ride around a haunted house , go see..its free to do and heaps of fun !

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This elevator is going….downnnn

Show your devilish side with this superb group gift from SF Design…and whats more, there’s one for the guys too! Slinky bright red catsuit..head cap &  horns,pitchfork and a tail…oo plus a cape with the sweetest little ties…Swaffette tells me if you pop over and join the group now, you will be able to snag this naughty little item out of the notices yay! Thanks Swaffette xx

Devil costume: SF Design