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I really need to STOP

Just when I should be sleeping – or at the very least prepping for my upcoming big trip – I cant sleep and whats more I’ve found a new store to shop in ! The gift I showed on the page below was from AnaMarkova, I loved it so much I just had to go and check out the store before bedtime. Oh dear – stuffed full of glamorous dresses, cute outfits and shoooooz! The prices are really competitive too, think around $150L a piece and you wont go wrong. What I really loved is that everything looked to be a little more unique than the usual clothing I find. Take the outfit above – “Prague” so on trend, so designer – feel a million bucks in it. Both coat and dress are equally good as separates – mesh body and standard fits btw – demo available to try first (first time I’ve tried anything on as a demo for ages but I wasn’t sure about the fit of coat over dress). It comes in a variety of colours – tough choice but I went with classic b/w.  I also joined the group, just $100L and there are STACKS of gifts on the counter, plus a few more on the shelves behind. Ohhhh mustn’t forget my new hair-do – its a new release from Magika “7 Days” – dead cute and a chic little twist at the nape of your neck.

AnaMarkova Store


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One door closes…

Estatica Harding Doors - Full Perms

One door closes..another opens, that’s what my mother always says. Interesting things – doors. We open them…to so many things. Celebrations, homecomings, loved ones and holidays. We also close them, with varying degrees of emotion…SLAM…it shut on a bad time, closed quietly so not to wake a child…closed and locked for when we leave…The humble door huh? It’s the first thing people see and notice of your home…it needs to say something about your style..yet its so often neglected. I have these doors from estatica called “Harding”. Traditional, solid…the sort of door that says “this is my castle, my home, all I care for is kept safe behind it”. These are for builders, full perms and if you rush across and join the group before the 16th of will get 50% off! Even if you purchase from the market place. Head over and take a look , low prim and beautifully made…thanks estatica ❤

estatica store

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A small Question with a large reward…sound interesting?

You might recall that for the Home & Garden Expo I interviewed Charlotte Bartlett of Scarlet Creative…above is just one of her many gorjusss homes, that you can see inworld. ..

Anywayyyy Charlotte let me know about a survey she is running for the next few days. It’s really simple and takes about 20 seconds to do…shes wanting opinions on which of a certain number of homes already built, she should make using mesh. Of course by utilising mesh in the will save ooodles of prims yay!

Sooo…all you have to do…is go over and look at the homes contained in the list…pick which you’d love to see remade using mesh…et voila…to thank you for voting you will receive a brand new sparkly mesh home *gasp*…YES  really ! This is only open until the 5th of June…so grab a virtual pencil and go vote! Thanks Charlotte ❤ (Steve, Zan and I have all cast our votes..betcha cant guess which we picked!) Dont worry about the web doesnt collect or harvest any personal info, but..if youre worried you can also send your vote in a notecard form direct to Charlotte.

Scarlet Creative mesh survey

Scarlet Creative store