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Time to change.(Freebie(s)).

I went to the Designer Showcase Event as I’d been given the heads up of freebies and I wasn’t disapointed.

This dress is the “1 Hundred” shop gift and with a hint of sheerness it’s lucky you also get the matching panties to wear, or not lol. The ice cream is also a gift from the “BBB” stall. I will be checking that shop out when I log in as the name isn’t familiar and it’s such a good gift the main shop should be worth checking.

I don’t think I managed to pick all the gifts up, rezzing issues even though the event is nice and quiet, and I don’t think every stall has a gift but out of the handful I did find I got a full outfit, nail applier and shoes.

PS. The change in the title is simply because I’m done with snow both in RL and SL and since I can’t edit RL I will be changing my sim back to green/floweryness.

Designer Showcase.

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Gold Finger (Free & Promo)

Zan will probably try to chop off my fingers after I’ve posted this – as she told me about the gifts out at Designer Showcase and said she had it covered…obviously I had to mosey over and take a peek, ended up grabbing this fabbo glittery gold top by Alter – not going to list the sizes included as whoa – SO many but you’re bound to find a great fit. (You need to join the free group for the Designer Showcase to get the gifts btw) Laced at the back and its such a great combo with the latest PROMO from ArisAris. “Cordoned” is just such a useful little skirt, cords that you can fiddle with at each side and twenty one pattern /colours on the Hud !  $99L – That works out at roughly $5L per skirt *faint*.

ArisAris PROMO

Designer Showcase

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Classy as F***.

I’m actually looking for a dress similar to this in RL, maybe not as sequined as this one is but that shading will make any shape look “VavaVoom”.  This was sent to me by Ever Wonder and I wanted so badly to find out more about it I actually stood and cammed and scanned around her shop for about 15 mins before the light bulb went off over my head and I checked the folder it came in! DOH this can only be found at this moment at the lastest round of Designer Showcase. Not only is it reasonably priced at 120Ld for a colour pack, you also get a 3 colour Hud with it and you get so many sizes for SLink, Maitreya, standard, fitmesh etc so basically a fit for all shapes and sizes.


There is a pink version this red one and the check out the next picture for not only the 3rd shade but the detailing on the back.


Just because these were sent to me DOESN’T mean Ever Wonder expects me to blog them I only blog something when that something just grabs me and I love the womanly curves this dress gives you.  When I get back inworld to LM grab I’m going to change the dress colour back to the red to match the towering stilettos I’m tottering around on and I’m going to have a proper look at this event because you never know apart from some other bargains there might also be some good quality freebies because after all it “is the season of giving” LOL.

There is a really good freebie here but I’m not showing it only because I’ve just grabbed it when I popped back for the LM, you have to join the Free Designer Showcase group to grab a really good set of SLink/Maitreya basic nail colours.

More than Ever@Designer Showcase

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Sale, New & Exclusive.

I’ve been doing a little bit of “The Mix” now that you have a much handier and so easy to use Hud it’s a lovely way to kill some time and find yourself a “sale, new or exclusive” treat.  Simply wear or add the hud and you can see all of the great shops involved in The Mix and you can also see by the colour coding if the item on offer is a sale, new, exclusive item and one click takes you right to the shop you want to visit which brings me to the  Mina’s “sale” item.


I’ve shown you Laila before, if I remember correctly I was dressed as a Mermaid, you’ve got to Love SL LOL.  Laila is a BIG hair which makes you feel super glammed.  Now that it’s at half price it also means it’s a super bargain.  You can still choose from the colour range and the specials which inc the Ombre’s and pastels are only 125 for 5 shades but if you want to keep to the more normal shades then a big pack of 9 “essential” colours so everything from the blondest of blondes to the blackest of black and in between is ONLY 150Lds! but if you want to be greedy and get them all then the really BIG Fatpack of 29 shades is only 375Lds and that’s only 125Lds more than a standard priced hair pack anywhere else for so many amazing shades.  This is really the time to snag a bargain and don’t worry as always a Demo is there for you to try.


The dress is also new and as soon as I put it on I put aside the hunt I was planning on doing because I LOVE it!   Comes from Ever Wonders shop More Than Ever and you get a Hud with the 3 colour choices, the top one which is a reddy red, this one is a brownie red and the bottom one is a pinky peach LOL.  I’m sure Ever Wonder has proper names for these shades but I think I’ve got the colours right.

So for only 99Lds you get a simple sweet, excellent textured dress with colour changing and great fitting dress and just to make sure that this will fit you actually 5 standard mesh sizes, 5 fitmesh sizes and 3 mesh body sizes so basically a fit for any shape.  You will have to go to the Designer Showcase to pick up this lovely offering but I’m pretty sure that the LM will take you right to Ever Wonders stand.  I’ve got to have more of a wander around to see what else is there myself.


Back to more Mina hair, because I wanted to show you more of the dress I swapped my big hair for this lovely light wind-blown Mina hair called Elvira.  Even a hardened RL Brunette like me cannot help but think this whole look is so subtly summery and sexy.


Elvira isn’t on offer at the moment but at 250Lds for a 5 shade pack the pricing is pretty standard,unlike the hair.

PS I’ve forgotten to add the LM for the More Than Ever mainshop which is worth while to pop into as there is still Group Gifts set out so when I get a chance to get back inworld I’ll try to pop it onto this post.


More Than Ever@Designer Showcase

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Preview, Freebie & New Ever More.

As soon as I got it into my mind that it’s time to change the welcome area we have set out for visitors to our sim I couldn’t help myself and within half an hour I’d packed up the pool and loungers etc and I’m well on my way to making what is hopefully a warm, wintry and welcoming area for our visitors…..Faith look away because it’s not finished yet!


Thats me waving my magic wand, as I was rummaging through my invent for lights I came across a whole load of stuff from More Than Never and so I thought I would multitask and show you this  dress at the same time.


The dress is called Thorn Dress/Ferocious Spiked Dress which is because of those sharp-looking spikes and that thick chain strap turn a lovely knitted textured dress into something “fierce” LOL but do NOT buy it or any of the other colours from Ever More’s mainshop as they’re on special offer@The Designer Showcase event.  In her main shop they’re 200Lds at this event 150Lds but the copper colour version is only 75Lds so a lovely price for all pockets.  There is also a new September gift set out in her mainshop and a different one set out at the Designer Event.

While I was there at the Designer Showcase checking it out I noticed that next door in the small AnaMarkova shop there is also a giftie waiting for you.  You will have to join the ….Free group to grab this one but I’ve had a quick run around this event, time was very short, and I’ve spotted other gifts out so if you have more time than I did it’s well worth a wander around as there are some great new designs and gifties.


This is what was in the gift box and I almost didn’t try it because the name suggested that this was going to be a summer outfit and I’m definitely into Autumnal mode here in SL and RL but as you can see it’s a beautiful golden-yellow colour and perfect for this season as well.

PS special mention to the skin, it’s the PumeC group skin which I blogged about a couple of posts ago but doesn’t it look so nice, I have added an eyeshadow layer but those very distinctive lips are with the skin.  This isn’t a Free group any more but the 199Ld joining fee is a mere token for all the regular Group Gifts that are put out.  So I’m popping the LM in and pop over to check out all of her skins because even at full priced with all the Appliers these are not only stunning skins but amazingly reasonably priced.

More Than Ever Mainshop

More Than Ever@Designer Showcase

Designer Showcase


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Designer Showcase

A  newww event for me….”Designer Showcase”, popped over to have a gander…and found that if you join the group (free to join) you can also collect a few lully gifts. Unique clothing have this denim skirt and frilly pink top out for you…I teamed it up with  a bag I found at Peppermint Blue the other day- also free ! My shabby tall dresser is from HC Creations…and is a dollarbie on the market place atm…itsss fahhbulous…colour change and it also rezzes items on the top…such as a hat…vase…lamp…coolbeans..

Another gifty at Designer Showcase is this jolly little frock from Barely Legal…”into the groove” mesh dress in a shockingly pretty shade of fuschia…my skin is another pressie from the same event… Style by Kira, called “Willow”, wearabubble tan shade…with  gentle makeup that makes its suitable for pretty much everyone…go shop !

Designer Showcase

HC Creations shabby dresser 1L

Peppermint Blue (after landing, slap the teleporter pad to the free store)

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At the Showcase

I have found yet another excuse to visit KMADD and do some shopping! Every month the Designer Showcase will be featuring one awesome designer and this month it is one of my favourites: *Connors*. Not only can you pick up some of their brilliant gear here but they also have two gifts for you.

These gifts are the surf shorts you can see in the above pictures and they look fantastic. You can’t find these in the *Connors* mainstore as they were limited editions which is even more reason to run down and pick them up. They come with cool-looking, well fitted cuffs and an excellent little tied string to hold it all up.

I think the Designer Showcase is a fabulous idea and you should definitely head on down to KMADD and check it out as well as the rest of the awesomeness they have to offer.

Get the gear here: KMadd Designer Showcase