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Retro Boobs (Vintage Sweetheart).

DressuseAs soon as I saw a picture of this dress I knew I had to have it.  I love my Lolas and occasionally love to flaunt the curves but what I love most is being able to wear them with a lovely, saucy outfit rather than nip flashing hoe hoe hoeness (a belated Christmas joke there).  Fortunately for me I took my time deciding which colour I like best because I then spotted this one with an extra tag attached to it which has this colour combo priced at 100Lds and not the 200Lds that the rest are, and I love green and red.  Look at that deep full skirt and the bright bold colours, I wish I had taken a picture of the big fat bow at the back as well.

This is only available at Stacia Zabaleta’s shop The Gathering based on the Lubby Jubblies Sim. I don’t have time to pop over to her main shop (lm given)but since I already have a few of her outfits in my invent (check out the saucy Maids outfit in her mainshop) and I know that she does the appliers for all of the best known boobs in SL so even if you don’t have Lola Tango’s then she will have yours for sure but more than that her clothes look just as good on those who prefer normal proportions.

Woo Hoo my OH has 2 weeks off work and we have a week booked in a cabin in the wood (lets hope it’s nothing like the film) so I won’t be able to SL as much (a girls gotta have some secrets) but I will pop in as much as I can until then I’m pretty sure Faith will be out hunting down all those bargains and brilliant new items for us all to see.

Gatherings@Clevage@Lubbly Jubblies

Gatherings Mainstore


Come on Lolita…enter the darkkkk zone…

oh mai…my titles don’t get any more contrived do they ! I have some superrrrrr exciting news from Bubblez ! Two new outfits (I’ve been wriggling about waiting for newness, I’m addicted to their details now !) First Id like to show you something that feels a little bit different from the designers usual style..and Im LOVING it…its a new release called “Dark Zone” the pics for a more detailed view

Bubblez new release "Dark Zone"

As is usual with a Bubblez  we get those magnificent details all over this outfit, which truly make SO much difference . The components have a resizer script to make any editing required simple (I rarely have to edit the size of my bubblez gear, but I gave it a go just to see !) The belt is awesome and so realistic, but hubba hubba…check out that has two options for the collar-with chain or not..all the tiny buckles are so well made..zoom in when you wear it…its breathtakingly beautiful…think Im excited? YES Iam..good quality clothing is my *thing*..I look at an outfit complete…then each piece many ways could you wear this? HEAPS! I know the jacket will be worn and worn and worn..the skirt goes with several hundred looks & items I have already..its a hard-working style that really deserves a place in your inventory.

Next..we have one more new release..Gothica Lolita…hold your breath…this is a bubblez superb-alicious!

Bubblez Gothica Lolita New Release

Lord, where do I begin…there is sooo much to this outfit ! It’s visually stunning…frothy…frilly..yet also…something stark & composed about its monochrome beauty.It is Goth…and yet it isnt…it is delicate…and then it is not..All I know is..I felt a million dollars wearing it. The way the skirt layers moved fascinated me..white peeking through the more austere black when I walked..then up to the intricate bodice. The more you look..the more you see..amongst the black netting, tiny tiny flowers…seed pearls scattered .jewelled is a simple and complex dress and I ❤ it very much.

Bubblez Gothica Lolita new release

The dress comes with an animated hold parasol or umbrella as we say here…and the most adorable crown hat! Its is totally stunning and timeless..the net & lace gloves , the garters & stockings..all the icing on the this very sumptuous dress.

*twirlsssss around in it once more* I havent taken this off yet..I doubt I shall for a while..its a little like wearing *art*..thank you milo bubble ❤

Be bubbly : Bubblez