Depraved Sensuality

While I was down at KMadd the other day, I discovered that they were involved in a couple of hunts which is always exciting because their hair rocks. So, of course I had to track them down and show them to you all. 

The first gift I found was from the Touch of Sensuality Hunt which includes these gorgeously green ‘Spring of Spring’ eyes plus the ‘Eric’ hair in dark blonde which is a great short & spiky ‘do. There is also a hair for the ladies: ‘Anessa’ in dark brown plus two poses Tough 4 for the men and Attitude 1 for the women.

The Depraved Spring Madness Hunt gift from KMadd is this wicked loose hairstyle ‘Rebel’ in black. It looks kind of like a cross between a ponytail and a mohawk, I’m sure there’s a name for it, I just don’t know it. Whatever it’s called, it looks tremendous. You also get a pair of the ‘always greener’ eyes in the box which go great with the dark hair.

The Touch of Sensuality Hunt began on the 15th April and runs to the 29th (just a quick note that the hunt items for this will cost you L$10). A full list of the stores involved and their SLurls can be found here: http://touchofsensualityhunt.wordpress.com/ 
The Depraved Spring Madness Hunt will finish up on the 15th of May and you can view all the store locations and hints here: http://depravednation.wordpress.com/depraved-spring-madness/

Get the gear here: KMadd
Touch of Sensuality Hint: K M A D D
Depraved Spring Madness Hint: Don’t psych yourself out…it’s not far from your originating location