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While Faeth is on hiatus I popped over to Esther Jen to snaffle up a new group gifty! It’s a sooper mauve/purple tunic with the sweetest white bow at the hip..tres chic!

Decided it had been farrr too long since I snooped M2M out..so headed there next and found this darling little plaid top for 1L ! Beautiful pastels and cutie-pie bows adorn the layers…

” But for now, let me say – Without hope or agenda – Just because it’s Monday – And on Mondays you tell the truth – To me, you are perfect – And my wasted heart will love you – Until you look like this.” (outrageously stolen from the film “Love Actually!-I dunno why) I found this set on the table at M2M inside the main store….10L you will get the t-shirt,denim shorts,a cinnamon roll for your mouth,a tattoo layer of cream..and a whole scenery set ! Theres lounging pillows,a mattress,lamp,pictures on the walls..and of course..a plate of naughty creamy cinnamon rolls to dive into yay!

Go get topped:             M2M               Esther Jen

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Monday Tuscan

After a week’s hiatus, Monday Mania returns to SF Design! Today you can pick up this terrific Tuscan shirt for just L$25.

This top comes in a beautiful dark blue colours with lovely patterns running down the front and also comes on multiple layers so you can wear it like you wish. The prim collar comes in 2 versions: one being resizeable via a script and one without. As always, L$25 is an absolute steal for such a great shirt, run on down and get it while you can. Just remember, you can only get it at this price from the Monday Mania board located just inside the casual men’s section at SF Design.

Naturally I couldn’t leave without showing you the guy’s version of this month’s free denim shorts. Coming in three lengths (I’ve got the long ones on here), they are just super-cool. The light blue denim texture is just brilliant. The midi and long length versions of the shorts come with prim cuffs that are in scripted and non-scripted types. This is a tremendous gift and one you should most definitely pick up.

Get the gear here: SF Design


Get those milk bottles out

Sooo its July already…have you got those milky white legs out yet? No excuse not to now as SF Design has a fahhhbulous gifty out for you girls…three…yes three pairs of sooper denim shorts! All in a gorgeous washed out blue..long,midi & short..the longer lengths having brilliant prim cuffs with a floral design…just head over to the ladies dept and snaffle them up ! (thanks swaffette !)

I just had to grab the pack of “Pippa” shirts that co-ordinate soooooo well with the shorts! Only 100L for a pack of three colours (three is the magic number today!) Sweet little puffed sleeves,a flowery bodice and a lovely gauzy overlay that gives the whole thing a delicate feel..above is pink (I wore blue in the first photo)

Heres the mauve Pippa top…totally lickabubble…boys there is a July gift for you too…Im figuring Steve will dashhhhh over and grab it up to show you tomorrow …(if anyone can lure him away from the hair fair that is *eye roll*)

Go get those legs tanned: SF Design


How complete do you want it

Sometimes “complete” means jeans and a tee..sometimes it means jeans a tee and sneakers..but at Pink Label it means a whole bunch more! There are new goodies on offer and boy-oh-boy the “complete” outfits are seriously…stuffffed with gear ! Above is one of the looks packed into the Azure Leopard box,shorts,tee,shoes,dress,bracelets,choker,earrings *phew*..

Sweet little dress with a snug bodice & flared skirt..both outfits look fabbo with the matching Dana heels…lotsa options on the shooz for metal colours,skin tones etc and sooper easy to use. The co-ordinating jewelry is lully..I so love the Azure colour..summery and fresh..

Another option in the new range of complete outfits is the “Snow Leopard” set. Very crisp and cool…great shorts that cling to your derriere…

Personally I love the Snow Leopard set..but uhm…well the Azure blue is also hot…plusssss I kinda loved the other colours too..but you know what? If you’re as indecisive as moi, it’s not really a problem..each set..the complete thing from shoes to choker..is just 89L *faintsdies*…

Other news..Talena has hidden two shades of her rather splendid Dita heels in her store for only 25L! Your job is to find themmm -my fav ever shooooz from Pink Label! If you’ve got grabby hands over the jewelry sets above, there is a one-off set in black & gold placed out for sale at an incredible 10L..stop gawping and get shopping !

Go be complete: Pink Label


Dancing Queen

I don’t know why but when Talena Carissa shared with me her latest releases, I came over all disco diva ! These new frilly bottomed jewel dresses are So built for wriggling around in, I had to break out my ABBA CD’s and have a 80’s style groove in my lounge *laughs*…Sassy little dress, lowlow back and thee cutest bow applique on the front..youre not gonna believe this..but its just 10L *faint*..available in other colours too…

Of course..when Pink Label does newness..theres alwaysss some shoes or boots yay! These rose charm boots are just lickable..great details around the ankles and fit me right-outta-the-box..no fiddling required..a perfect match for the jewel dress and I mean perfect. I’m wearing both items in the bronze tone and I lovvvvve it millions. Rose charm boots only 50L – available in a few other colours too.

Couple more for the road..course there had to be some hot pants in my 80’s stylee blog right? Anddd here they are..the sequin & roses shorts & tee set..slipped on the new rose charm boots in sterling silver (now where did I put my glitter ball) and I’m ready to rolllll…shorts set only 10L…

Last up is the satin & denim shorts set,again just 10L..I added some ganked glamour jewels to it and a lip gloss tattoo from LpD (group gifty)..sooper juicy! (thanks Talena xx)

Go get groovy: Pink Label

pssss..the memorial gift shorts set is still out as a gift for you, the new store looks to be pretty chocker block with goodness so take a look around!


Key to my Heart

Esther Jen: Key Necklace - 50L

Yaaay!! Jewelry from Esther Jen!  The newest release of Jennie’s is this fabulous Key Necklace.  The coppery brass color of the chain really gives it that vintage feel, especially with the old world key design!  It’s just long enough to hang right below your cleavage, and is priced at 50L!  Awesome bargain for a great piece!

Esther Jen: Jean Tube Top w/ Tee - 75L

Another recent release is this fabulous jean tube top!  And it comes with different layers so you can wear it differently.  Whatever weather you decide to dress for….either the jean top alone to flaunt your smexy self, or wear it with the long sleeve tee underneath if you’d like to go a bit modest!  It’s so versatile, and priced at only 75L!

Esther Jen: Roller Girl - 75L

Another fave that I’ve been strutting around in allll day is this new roller girl outfit!  It is sooo super cute!  Between the deep low cut of the tee, the low hip slung shorties, and the adorable white thigh high socks, you’re all set to skate around looking all sorts of adorable!  It is smexy and fun….and don’t forget to pair it with your favorite pair of roller skates!  Definitely a must-have!

Esther Jen: Soak Up the Sun *Gift*

I loooove summer outfits…anything to show off that new summer glow!  And Jennie definitely gave you the tools to do so!  This Soak Up the Sun outfit is available as a gift on the desk in the entrance.  I looove the denim shorts that roll up at the bottom, and paired back to the sexy bra top with lace peeking over….perfect outfit to throw on and bask in the sun!  Another gift by the generous Jennie is also on the desk….this sexy Straps dress pictured below!  I love the shade of purple…and the straps go ohhhh so low.  You’ll look absolutely daring in this mini dress so go grab it!

Esther Jen: Straps *Gift*

Don’t forget to join the group!!

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Salire…to rise, to go up, to mount

I was curious..and looked up the name of Bubblez latest release..so now you know and so do I…*grins*

Salire is a zingy fresh complete outfit..its on special offer for just 99L until the 22nd May…it feels a bit nautical to me I don’t know why, maybe it’s that classic old denim & white thing going on? Pure white sweater with big ole floppy pockets and chunky sleeves, the cutest ever scarf in a teal blue plaid, completing the look is a pair of washed out denim shorts and…

these cute-as-a-button plaid flats ! Yes , thats right..all for just 99L…dashhhhh over and grab it up !

Go get bubbly: Bubblez