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Denim dollarbie

Found this sweet top & skirt combo on the market place for just £1L – Maitreya, Slink and Altamura fits included. Separate pieces so you can mingle them with your wardrobe favs!

Triumph top & skirt

Hair by Truth “Livia”

Necklace & belly chain by Avaway (rigged for Maitreya bodies)

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Bitch FREE! HOC denim mesh skirt NEW!

I went to Rustica this morning, to uhm…check a new product *squirm*…something of an adult nature…anyhoooooo the owner of the place rocked up, Maxwell Graf ! Always nosey, er I mean curious…I profile perved him and found that not only does he create quite possibly the tastiest furniture & decor  & builds everrrr…he has also added a clothing/fashion store ! Off I toodled for a peek and was sooper surprised to find some top notch dollarbies, all laid out.

The cap is one of them, two versions for chicks and the guys, also modify which is just brilliant ! Ohhhmaiii a big fat selection of glasses too , all for 1L. I’m not shy about snagging stuff like this, and boy-oh-boy these shades are SO worth hanging onto. Absolute classics, real little gems that you will wear and wear. A few choices on style, and each comes with varying lens shades. (also a selection, same price, for the guys) I got the bitch tee in a box with some wedged shoes I also purchased (havent made up my mind about them yet, as they aren’t my usual sorta style) Ohhhh btw, my mesh denim mini is from HOC…gawd its fantabulous! Superb fit and the HUD gives you oooodles of colour options, only 175L ! One thing I totally love about it, is you get a wide choice of alphas, top marks HOC !



HOC market place

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Last call for summer!

Bonjour…all the way from Paris! Yes yes yes I’m in one of the most fashionable countries in the universe (of course I happen to think London is the fashion capital of the worrrrld,but I’m totally biased) Before I slink off to shop and drink coffee, I thought Id show you the new release from Arisaris, it’s called “my moon” and is terribly pretty. Beautiful strapless top over a short denim skirt,edged in fine white lace…all yours for just 220L …don’t forget to join the group while you’re there and also walk up the stairs to collect heapsss of group gifts!

My moon outfit: Arisaris


Those first buds of Spring

Jane Chase skirt (truffle) Chase sweater (melon)

Yess it’s almost spring time..the cheerful daffodils are sprouting all around..cherry blossom is thick on the trees, I dared to go out with no coat and the sun warmed my face…~happy sigh~ anddd Janie Marlowe @ Jane is going crazzzzylegs creating our entire spring  wardrobe yay! Sooo many new releases she just can’t have slept a wink the last few weeks…and here it is…all for you ❤  It took me simply ages to rummage through the new designs..I got all squealy and giddy! Couldnt resist the scrummy melon shade of the Chase sweater and of courrrrrse the coordinating Chase skirt in my fav colour truffle ..the sweater fabric looks like chenille..very rich and squidgy ..the skirt just effortlessly skimsss over you and sits purfectly on your hips.

(Chase skirt 90L (greedy pack 175L),Chase jacket 100L (greedy pack 195L)

Jane Chloe mini denim & graffiti tee imagine

There is the most fabulous range of mini denim skirts that I just adore..the Chloe mini is fantab..super easy to wear with sneakers (and your dahling ankle socks) or for a heavier look piggies tights & boots ! I’ve teamed it up with the graffiti tee which also has sleeves but is equally good without for a sleeker style..

Chloe mini 110L (greedy pack 280L) Grafitti tee 75L (greedy pack 145L)

Jane bowl o' cherries dress in milk

ooOOoo and there are frocks! Sasssy lil numbers that you can throw on and strut about in now its warmer..add a hat..a bag…and youre off! This one is the bowl 0’cherries in milk,spaghetti straps hold the bodice snugly, and a delicate flared dress completes it..dotted with heaps of teeny cherries alllll over…

Bowl o’cherries dress 150L (greedy pack 195L)

Jane Patchwork dress in blush

My personal favourite of the new dresses is the “Patchwork” one..yummmy faded pink tones with a shabby chic style bodice, a real girly look I love verrrrry much, one of the awesome things about Jane’s gear is they are if you want to shorten, lengthen & fiddle about with them you can hurrah! I was sorely tempted to add one of my Jane cardigans over the top..cause that would’ve looked gorjuss..but I wanted you to see it fully..I like to make a style my own and add to it..something you can do with Jane’s designs sooooper easily..check out around the store and you will notice the colour palettes run throughout…ideal to add your own *touch* !

Patchwork dress 150L (greedy pack 295L)

Jane Dana dress in raven & pinks & floret tie in cherry

Something to take you through to the evening, the Dana dress has two layers of puffy goodness that skim your booty..a slinky black top that hugs your torso..dress it up..makes me feel like salsa dancing! Did you notice my tie? Its one of the squoooodles of colours of the “floret” tie range..I dare you to find a colour that isn’t covered ! Nab these up you’ll find them indispensable with dresses,sweaters & tee’s !

Dana dress 150L (greedy pack 295L)

Jane Chloe denim mini,playtime racer back tee,sheer layers raven

I’m big on layering…so I grabbed up one of Janes racer back tee’s from my closet and slipped it over one of the new sheer layer tops.These are a handy-dandy range of sheer tops in a squillion colours to mix & match in with your gear..add on a floret tie,shimmy into the newww Chloe denim mini skirt and voila ! Of course if you’re really brave..dont add a tee and go nipply !

Chloe skirt 110L  (greedy pack 280L) Sheer layer 50L for the whole 31 colour pack!

Jane Drifter skirt in chocolate,Drifter jacket in truffle,raspberry sheer layer

 Another new skirt is the *Drifter* chunky pockets, corduroy look fabric,aged to perfection for that gorjuss worn appeal. I’m wearing the Drifter jacket in  truffle, and underneath a sheer layer in raspberry..hmmm…chocolate,truffle, raspberry…I feel hungryyy ! I’ve got a skirt everrr so similar to this in real life, its gone a little scrubby in places cause I wear it heaps, wintertime with thick wooly tights, summer all bare-legged & jesus creepers (arent I the glamourpuss lol) Trust me..if you snap this skirt up, its gonna be hard not to wear it a LOT…

Drifter skirt 110L (greedy pack 300L) Drifter jacket 100L (greedy pack 195L)

Jane grafitti tee & Chloe mini in ice

Heres one more of those grafitti tee’s, this time worn with the sleeve prims , looks like the sleeves are slightly different from the usual style and I lubs them loadsss…remember remember..always check out those tell tale tiny details for the signs of a good quality item! Teamed with the Chloe mini in ice..a fantastic summer time shade, bleached out & crisp…

Jane Mystic blouse

I saved my personal bestie till last! The deeeelicious, the divine Mystic blouse..gawd…its just slurpable..its one of those closet keepers…evening, day and in-betweeny…this little darling is my ULTIMATE blouse. Totally feminine with layered sleeves top & bottom, frilly cuffs, tiny little ties at the bottom. Wear it with jeans, with skirts long & short, leggings…anything !

Mystic blouse 95L

Jane Mystic blouse in milk, piggies tights in truffle

Of course a blog about Jane wouldn’t be right without at LEAST one shot of me in my ever-present piggies tights *wink*, justtt to show how lickable the Mystic blouse looks of course! You know, I just thought..wouldnt this blouse be just-right for a spring wedding? Perhaps with a splash of colour in your hair or  a jolly strawberry red skirt…yummm.

Ok I’m running out of time before breakfast butttt there are also some ultra cool bum hugging hipster panties out! A freee pack of colours just for you …other colour packs available instore!

Jane Hipsters


Soooo there you have it,your spring closet revealed…be brave with your gear..mix it up..try different combo’s dont need to worry about colour matching with Jane, cause all the tones seem to blend so easily- howww I wish she made shoes as well! Dont forget to check the sheer madness deals dotted about the store..they are MAD prices for HUGE packs! Big squidgy hug for Janie , thank you for letting me show your spring fever madness !

Go get sprung: Jane