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New @ Neve !

Oh Ye Oh Ye I have news ! A brand spankin new complete outfit from Neve ! This little cutey is called “Earth” and is your total Spring style with the addition of maybe a pair of pants, jeans or leggings. Gawd I love being able to ring the changes with what I buy..and this is SO easy to do that with.

Here is the outfit, denim jacket, dress – lotsa colours and patterns to choose from (in packs of four) oooo what can you do with it ?

Thisss ! Actually I’m missing one – as you could wear the little top on its own without the skirt of jacket ! That’s a whole lotta bang for your buck right there huh ! Fantastic – thanks Neve team ❤ Available now at the latest round of Fameshed .


Fameshed cam sim 1

Fameshed cam sim 2

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Music was my first love

Bubblez,Truth NEW!

Soooo still unable to get into The Arcade event, but nevermind, there are heaps of yard sales to grab up the items you want. I was on the look out for the Truth hair avec headphones. Managed to find them at a yard sale yay! Most yard sales will have a mixtures of Arcade rounds, which to be honest I avoid. I’m only interested in the latest gear, there’s a whole list of gacha yard sales here, take your pick. I’m also wearing a new release from Bubblez, which is now in my “daily wear” inventory section. Such a handy dandy little outfit, with delicious detailing on the jacket. Thanks Milo ❤


Gacha Yard sale List

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Glitter & Acid

Hudson's new release and FREE gifts_001

Hudson’s has a super new release out at the moment, I fell in love with it straight away. This is the acid wash jacket, comes in black, gold & blue – I’m wearing the gold one above. Lovely design details all over, the floral inserts really give it some girly glam.

Hudson's  FREE gifts

I’m also wearing the two free group gifts that are available, group is free to join. You can grab up the glittery clutch bag and sweet charm bracelet absolutely for free ! Both have a resize facility which is great to get that perfect fit & look.


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Ah, Lapointe and Bastchild. I have fond memories of this store. You see, long ago, this was where I purchased my first ‘proper’ pair of shoes and my very first suit. I also spent quite a bit of time in their freebie area as well.

Anyway, when I received a giftcard from there, I was ashamed to realise that I hadn’t been down there in a good, long while. When I got there and saw all the things I had been missing out on, I was a little like a kid in a candystore trying to figure out what to get. So much cool gear, so little time so I grabbed myself a couple of things and couldn’t resist showing you. Above is the ‘Renegade’ jacket which is sensational. I always love a good denim jacket. It comes in either blue or black and the details on it are fantastic. Included are sculpted cuffs, collar and bottom to the jacket and are resizeable via script (though to tell the truth, I didn’t need to edit it one little bit). There is also a separate hood add-on you can purchase for this jacket which looked pretty cool.

I also picked up the ‘Aviator Leather Vest’ while I was down there and while I’m generally not a fan of prim vests/jackets, this one looked too good to pass up and I wasn’t disappointed. The details on it, from the wool on the collar, the graphic on the back, to the buckles hanging off the shoulders, are all fantastic. It also has a very cool resizer script that lets you manipulate the size of the vest along the axes which means you can resize the height, width or depth of it a lot easier, which is just how I like it.

There is a lot more to be seen down at Lapointe and Bastchild: shoes, more jackets, jeans, belts, you name it and all at very reasonable prices (and yes the freebie area is still there too!). I won’t be waiting too long to be taking another trip down there, that’s for sure, and you shouldn’t wait long either.

Get the gear here: Lapointe and Bastchild

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Its a Shiki Summertastic

I skipped over to Shiki to claim my prize in the Platinum hunt, which is this refreshing white shift dress,stunning ruffle collar completes the look, so summery ! It’s a cool little number..hence the name “Icy White”…love it…then I decided to head over to the group members area and make sure I hadn’t missed anything from the gifts given out…and boy-oh-boy…

I just hadn’t realised just how many summer dresses Shiki had given us….and they are all deserving of a place in your wardrobe..the Tapa dress above is striking blue & white pattern with a navy bold belt and jaunty scarf…

The Hawaiian Dress in kauai blue is a sweety with vintage print appeal, huge corsage of tropical flowers sit on your hip to accentuate the delicate fabric..

I also scooped up the zingy blossoms dress with its wide bright yellow belt and mouth watering floral print..adored the wrap of flowers across the bodice..

I couldn’t leave without slipping this adorable bright blue babydoll dress into my bag…with its layers and layers of frothy netting and cute bodice bow…its a scene stealer for sure !

Last into my swagbag I collected this months group gift..the grunge denim jacket. Its got boy bits in the box so its unisex yay! Really fabbaliciously detailed…with paint splatters and rough worn denim,the prims are modify but I didn’t have to fiddle with a bit of it , it just fitted straight outta the box…thanks Shiki I feel loved ! All of the above can be yours for free – or 10L if you add in the Platinum hunt that IS a deal..just join the group and go crazyyyyylegs !

Go get the summer goodies: Shiki

All poses used by Magnifique poses



Ohhh not a bad haul for  Weds..2 group gifts and a lusciousss pink bag ! S@bbia has been a haunt of mine for agess, so I dropped in today to snaffle up a couple of group gifties Id missed (free join hurrah!). Always always always the S@bbia gear is ultra girly and fabulously made..the group gifts are just yummmmy. I’m showing off one of the latest gifts..a flirty little dress in green & dusty pink hues..lovely black collar also..plussss mah new bag! Isnt it just lickabubble? It’s a gift also from House of Fox, you actually get six versions of it, forearms & shoulder with a great inbuilt animation.

I also snapped up one more group gift Id somehow managed to miss, this cutie-patootie denim skirt..layer of plaid over the top,with fresh white cotton lace edge around the hem..sooper sweet! Lovely belt buckle detail on the hip also..teamed it up with my oh-so-useful muscle tee from SF Design (just 50L) and a denim jacket from Poison..Im ready to rolllllllllll !

Go get cute: S@bbia   House of Fox (join subscribo,item is number 6 in the history,IF it’s still there)   Poison