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Its PROMO time !

ArisAris have another PROMO for you. This is the Love denim dress which comes in the following sizes : Belleza Freya – Belleza Isis – Belleza Venus – Maitreya – Lara – For Slink – Physique  Slink – Hourglass –  MB. Legacy – Altamura – eBODY Curvy and a Hud to change the textures.

Talking of textures I love these ! Really lush and so life like – good job! If you can use higher graphics make sure to take a peek of this dress – it looks amazing ! Offer price $99L.

ArisAris dress promo

Nachos by Junk Food Store

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Like bears to a honey pot.(Freebie & SL Updating it’s sh*t.)

There was I thinking I was super quick off the draw but turns out I wasn’t as fast as the 16 other AV’s who had also TPed over to LRS Moda to grab their newest group gift.

I did a post not too long ago about this shop so there are other freebies but this is the newest and it’s upstairs.

Don’t panic, I’d already suspected that so many sims were down because of rolling updates and as soon as I’d clicked to take this picture the clang and warning box popped up giving me time to either TP or Log out so I decided to log out.

See ya’s later.

LRS Moda



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Meet me at Mina’s.(New Mina & Freebie).

I’ve still not managed to get my paws on any of the freebies from FaMESHed but finally here is the New Mina hair called Suzi but first the FREEBIE.

A simple denim dress which as I like to say is “shop quality”.  Lovely texturing and attention to details right down to being able to see the little creases at the seams.  If I remember correctly it comes in all mesh and non mesh bods from the TRS Design shop.  The LM takes you to the middle of the shop but you should find this and the other gifts easily enough as they’re on a wall near a reception desk.

Suzi, the hair, is the New Mina from FaMESHed and is one of her “blow out” styles.  Because this is a new one it means each colour pack comes in lots more colours and again some new colours to the Mina range.  I have a tendency to stick to my browns and reds with the occasional blondes but the colour packs range from everything from the darkest blacks and in this case I’m pretty sure there is a 3 shade ombre option.

One thing I also don’t mention enough is that as standard you get “material” and “non-material” versions, the difference is actually hardly noticeable but the non-material versions has a lower impact on your SL performance, I’m winging it here, so basically if your computer struggles with SL then you can wear a Mina hair with just as good texturing etc but that little bit less scripting so hopefully it will have no impact on your SL world.  Oddly enough the leather leggings from my previous post I’m pretty sure also came with 2 choices in the material.  Actually, I would say that 90% of Mina’s hair have minimum impact on you in any case but I do know when I put on some hairs I get that warning that you may not be seen by other SL users.

I’ve still not really had a chance to get back to FaMESHed and TBH now the weekend is here I’m not going to even bother trying till Monday so I don’t know what the Freebie on the Mina stall is but I will say I know there is a couple of FREE hairs at this event and so it’s almost safe to assume that there is a FREE Mina…if I’m wrong don’t shout at me lol.

As always though make sure to make the Mina main shop your first visit to not just try this hair on but there are others that have the same elements to it and so you can try them all on at your leisure before you make your mind up.  I also noticed when I was LM grabbing that on the wall with the demo for this is another New Mina which is pretty darn unique so you will get a chance to try that one out before even I do.

Sorry being vague and very non-techie when trying to explain techie stuff but I hurt my back yesterday and at this moment I’m drugged up and very VERY happy LOL but still in pain.  Hopefully, tomorrow with a combination of good nights sleep, hot water bottle and yoga I will have gotten over the worst of it.

Mina’s Main shop

TRS Design

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Slow Kitchen dollarbie dress- Slow Kitchen hat & hair- Slow Kitchen free tights pack- Shiny things Zimminy free shoes-Slow Kitchen pack of scarfs

Every now and again, I like to take a gander at stores I havent visited for an age. Slow Kitchen is one that I just adore to wander around. I was sooper happy to discover that SK is now making hair *squeeee*, only a few styles at the moment but I HAD to grab this hat & hair combo. Only 200L and has four texture changes in it. Just inside the door I nabbed this sweet dollarbie denim blue dress, perfect for a Monday Mooch…plus a pack of tights, also one Linden (lotsa colours yay!) Couldnt resist the scarfs either..100L for a pack of five different tones…thats uhm…wow only 20L each (you get spine or chest attachment points) Rooted around in my inventory and found my Zimmy flats by Shiny Things..I double checked for you, these darling little shoes are still free for group members, you get two types for new viewers with an alpha or older viewers without alpha…handy!

Happy Monday !

Slow Kitchen

Shiny Things

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short & sweet

New release from CandyMetal ! Its a whole range of short short dresses in a multitude of colours..there are bright brash primary reds & blues..right down to the soft faded denim Im wearing versatile.great texturing also !.I slung on a cardi from MGS (previously blogged – 30L) thanks Emychan xx

Avii dress: CandyMetal

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I’ve been to “Stars Fashion Mall” a while back when I spotted an outfit on promotion whilst flicking through the market place…its a vast place crammed full of outfits of all genres…youd have to have an iron will not to spend here ! Had a chat to the owner a Mr Atlante Guerrero,whose philosophy seems to be to find the best creators and grab them for his place hurrrah! He very kindly sent me this fabbo denim dress thats on special offer for just 99 of your Linden bucks- get it while the going is gooood! Dark denim with traditional toned wood style buttons…plunging neckline and a casual wide open effect prim belt…great prims..non of which required any fiddling from moi to fit yay!

Hipnotic denim dress promotion: Stars Fashion Mall


McSkin goes soooper cute!

Ahh another xstreet find (gawd I just don’t like the beta xstreet layout ugh) anywayyyy this is fresh, end -of-summer and into the warmth of autumn kinda dress..vintage denim, lacey scarf..not my usual *thing* but I like it…would look awesome with those J’s western boots, remember those?

McSkin denim dress xstreet freebie

Get the look here :