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A little Tres Blah (Free)

I would not normally associate Tres Blah with home decor items – but tah dah ! I was over there for the FLF items and noticed some group gifts – joined the group ($100L) and scooped them all up. These two were in my haul and amazingly both just 1Li !!

I only tried on a few of the clothing gifts – there are quite a few on offer – these metallic leggings were an instant winner for me – coming in a few really useful colours and various mesh and standard fit sizes. I was hesitant about the winter themed sweater but gave it a go – brilliant ! Its not over twee, comes in standard and mesh body fits and a boat load of really cute motif’s and colours

Tres Blah



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78th Avenue (Freebie)

FREE house !

A really quick blog post from me because I don’t want you to miss out on this limited free offer ! The house above is free for one week, I’m not sure how long its been free for, might end today, tomorrow etc. It’s by Clock House, who appear to offer a range of very sweet homes at low prices – from 5L – 199L at first glance. This is called 78th Avenue, it’s a spacious family home, with a neat wall enclosed garden at the front and a pretty old brick patio at the rear.

Free House 7th Avenue

Inside you wont be disappointed with the numerous design details. Once you open the front door, a sweeping carpeted stairway leads up stairs to two bedroom which are both huge ! Actually you could break them down into further rooms if you’re handy with erecting the odd wall. All the windows have working blinds and drapes – which can be removed if you wish. The house is also modify, so decorating would be simple dimple. There is a gorgeous balcony upstairs that comes off the Master bedroom, double doors at the rear and a side entrance/exit also.

Clock House market place store

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Sing me a Lullaby

Lullaby Set - Chez Moi NEW!!

Chez Moi has another new release out for you, this time a whole range of bedroom furniture fit for a Queen! Lets get something straight, the bed? Yeah it looks pretty fluffy and sweet huh? Go check out the menu on that badboy…*fans self*…sure it has a wealth of cute poses but it’s also jam-packed with naughtiness rawwwwwr! The menu is SO extensive you will never.ever. get bored. From sooper cute to steaminess xxx, its got it all. Not only action packed but also pretty light on prims – bonus! Lullaby is a whole range, bedside drawer that rezzes a radio or television…

Lullaby Set by Chez Moi

…and yes my old fav, a rocking chair, which again has oodles of animations and props to wear (sent directly to your inventory – so do check when you try it out) Its got a lot of old world charm, sort of southern living feel really.

Lullaby set Chez Moi NEW!

The best part for me was this pouffe and mirror set, I absolutely adore things I can be seated at and then do girly stuff ! This holds an extensive amount of animations for allll sorts of things. Drying your hair, applying perfume, putting on lotion and more and more and more . Lullaby also comes in a darling powder blue, plus framed prints a rug etc..go check it out !

Chez Moi mainstore

Chez Moi market place store

Chez Moi blog

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Clean Lines meets Fantasy

kusshon The Mens Dept.

I really enjoy decorating my spaces in Second Life…mingling together different styles and items to see how they look…Zan found this skybox and left it out for me to play around with. So when I was lucky enough to get my paws on the latest set for The Mens Dept from [kusshon], I headed inside and to have a try out. The totally great news is, that although this couch is in the “Mens Dept”, it’s not just made for the boys…it contains plenty of adorable couple poses and single poses that will suit both genders. It’s essential that you read the info note or you’ll miss out on some of the features ! Great smoking poses, with wearables, lap top to wear, with trans versions to give to your friends yay!…absolutely adore the clean-cut lines of the couch shape. The wood has a texture change, light (as above) medium and dark, so no problems fitting in with your existing decor. If you touch the mobile phone it plays a sms sound…so realistic it made me jump ! Two colour versions are available, I plumped to show you the grey…there is also one with more blue.

kusshon table detail

Heres a close up look at the table that is also available to go with the couch at The Mens Dept. I love how Beo does these pieces..always plenty of detail and so so classy…great looking table with a magazine, photography glossy and a beautiful china cup & saucer …low prim too. Thanks Beo ❤

Zinnias Woodland Flowers Mirror NEW !

Did you notice the stunning mirror on the wall? I had to girly up a little ! This is a new release from Zinnias….the blooms make me want to reach out and stroke their petals…nice contrast with the dark grey wizened wood…I wonder what the glass is reflecting…it makes me curious. It’s certainly a piece that will bring light to your home…and will brighten up a space… I feel it has an almost ethereal feel to it…divine. Thanks Zinnia ❤

[kusshon] at The Mens Dept