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Dollarbie – Clutter

Found this desk clutter on the market place from Follow Us – just $1L, comes in black or as above white – 4Li. Its things like this that can really make an environment feel more life like . If you head over to the main store you will find a ton of group gifts – there is a small joining fee of $40L. The group gift room is quite hard to find but the land mark below should take you to it – if not its in the far left corner in a room.

Follow Us desk clutter dollarbie

Follow Us store

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$25L Tuesday – what did I buy?

I wasn’t leaving this little beauty behind that’s for sure. The retro electro TV by Muniick – just 3Li and for only $25L – get in my shopping trolley! If you touch the screen there are 10 channels of looped animations (PG) to choose from, touch the casing of the screen for a choice of eight case colours. Love it ! You can see the rest of the offerings on Seraphim linked below – happy shopping ❤

$25L Tuesday gallery


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1 2 3 VOILA! Free

I was looking at the July section of the Stay At Home Club home & decor and spotted this statue at Wishing Well Fountains. I saw it was 9Li which actually isnt all that high BUT I nabbed it with one purpose in mind – to strip it down and make it lower Li. You will find this right outside the entrance to the store.

Very simple to do, click on the item in edit mode, click on edit linked, then highlight the parts you’d like to remove. Go to the upper menu on the viewer Build, scroll down to unlink.  Go back into edit mode on the object and you will see the part you unlinked is now highlighted in a different colour – carefully click on the part you unlinked and delete – et voila ! I always do this routine for each single part I want to unlink and delete – its safer ! Please do make sure the item you are editing is copiable and that you have a copy BEFORE you fool around with it ! I stripped this statue down , removed the plants and base – it is now 3Li – I made it a little larger to fit the spot I had in my garden – made it 4Li.

Wishing well fountains

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Happy Weekend – what did I buy?

Time for another Happy Weekend sale – everything is just $60L wooo! I knew this was for me the moment I saw the advert, its from Atelier Burgundy “The Windows shed”, three wood options to choose from, I went with this pretty multi colour – only 7Li, its modify and you can detach the lights if you prefer. I’m using it in my garden for the summer as a place to write and draw. Which brings me on to the really nifty little desk – also from Atelier Burgundy, 3Li with wood or black colour options costing only $149. Just the one pose for writing in it , which rezzes a piece of paper and a pen that you wear – simple but I love it. The scattered pieces of paper are from the same store (just above the desk on the wall) These are super cute, three choices of texture by touch – flowers, quotes or plain, just 1Li , cost is $119

Atelier Burgundy

Happy Weekend Gallery

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It’s raining everywhere! (29Ld Group Gift).

I’d seen this very interesting statue on a previous visit to the Liliths Den shop.  I’m not sure why I didn’t purchase it at the time but now it’s a Group Gift and only 29Lds to join I snapped it up.

I’ve had fun with the editing because there is a full-sized model in the shop.  This is a big statue and the pouring rain effect from the umbrella is particularly good.  This is the back of it.

This is actually the delivery box it comes in and the front of the statue. The delivery box on it’s own can be used as decor and it as well as the really big version are only 2 prims! So far I’ve rezzed 4 copies of this over our sim which is a bit too much so I think I will clear those up and just leave this one sadly overlooking the edge of our sim. It’s a very melancholic statue and I like it for that because nowhere and nothing is totally sweetness and light.

The Liliths Den group joining fee has gone down to just 29Lds but I have a feeling that soon it will go back up to full price which I think wasn’t really much in the first place.

As I said you can see a full-sized example of this but you get this off a hippo board and you will see the “old Group Gift” tab as well. I have no idea of what they are as you only get a pop-up menu to pick them off and I’ve not unpacked any of them yet but I have high hopes.

Liliths Den

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Simple, Effective & Free

Gotta love something as sweet and effective as this little piece from The Home Store. Its just 3Li and comes with a resizer script built in. Lovely succulents arranged on both shelves plus a watering can. I found a spot for this outside my home in the garden, looks super pretty! (This is the Stay at Home Club item in the store.)

The Home Store

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Stay Salty. (Freebie(sssssss)).

So many events and special occasions going on inworld it’s nice to come across one which maybe smaller in size but it has as many freebies as we could wish for, I think it’s 35 in total but I may have miscounted plus I did pick up a couple of demos.

This is the …….event and on each stall is a little black box which is the gift and on the stalls are a lot of discounted items and something will be only 35Lds.  I’ve done the usual thing and, almost, the first item of clothing is the only thing I’m going to show you and I have the rest to unpack when I log back in.  As always it appears to be a mix of the usual small things and till I came across this outfit I’d unpacked a shop quality pair of shoes and an item of decor which I’m so happy with.  I also spotted 2 builds which I know are really discounted as I’ve seen them in the shops mainshop for full price so the discounts are for real.

PS.  I can’t remember which stall this outfit came from but you do get a LOT of different fits.

Hot Summer 35Ld Sales