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Dumping n running.(Super bargains).

SF never fails me and SF stands for Shutter Field and it’s one of those shops I like to pop over to every few months to see if there is any new stock and of course check for freeness.  The Group which was once free to join now comes with a joining fee of a measly 20lds and so even a cheap B*atch like me can’t complain esp when it’s TOP QUALITY decor items.

I’m not showing you everything that’s set out just the new stuff which means there is some nice surprises if you haven’t already got them in your invent.


A hanging metal tub and I have, to be honest, and say I don’t think my piccie is really doing this justice.


Now this is a much better picture.  Look at the details in this and if I remember correctly it’s either 2 or probably 3 prims.


These 3 planters are all in the same gift box and are just so good.


Lastly dinner is on me, burger and beer or wine and steak.  The stool with the books and the metal tub containing candles are again gifts but I’m 99% sure I’ve shown you them before.

Anyhow yes this is a very quick post…lucky you lot lol.  As I’ve said even if there isn’t anything here to interest you there are other exc GGs which are all out for you to check out before you decide if you want to join the group but for 20Lds! it’s a no brainer.

Have a great Sunday and I will see ya’s later.

Shutter Field

Noooo don’t rush off! So I popped back inworld to LM as always and as I did a quick scan I spotted these and yes they’re GG’s as well but because they’re not in one of the shops with the other GG’s I almost missed them and I would have been KICKING myself!


Gorgeous and low primed and perfect!

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Hunt Me (hunt items n stuff).

I managed to do a bit more of the EnMESHed into Spring Hunt and also the Spring Easter Hunt and came across Adorably Strange Wares (yes that is its actual name) a shop I’ve never seen before.  The name matches the furniture and decor items for sure, this is unique stuff not to everyone’s taste but one things for sure you have this in your home people WILL be checking it out just to see where it comes from.

First some non Hunt non Free items but I treated myself.


In RL I can actually not only Cross Stitch but embroider two skills which I’m pretty pleased at and at the moment all the rage is for cute little pieces of work and it’s only when you read the writing do you realise that it’s actually very cheeky.  So at 10-15lds I treated myself to 3 of them and their in my SL craftroom.


These weren’t free either but again at 35Lds and only 2 prims for the whole lot, linked, too good to ignore.


Now for the Hunt items.  This bench comes with everything you see linked which means although it has the flowers at the side, flowerpots, tea set and even the birdie it all comes to just 7Lds.


Actually I’ve been really sneaky because this is editable and so I “deconstructed” it and pinched some bits. I simply couldn’t find a use for the bench but even with my basic editing skills I was able to separate the flower pots and these flowers on the side of the bench. The flower pots work out at just 1prim and the flowers the same, although they do come in 2 bits.  You can actually buy the flower pots in the shop and they come with a colour changing Hud.


The next hunt item is this tiny Dandelion and it rezzes a cute little seed every so often, you can just make out of one them breaking away.

As you will see from the blocks lying around the Twisted Hunt is also here but I clicked on as many boxes as I saw but they all turned out to be dummies but you may have better luck.

As I’ve said a shop that’s not for all but for some thing is just right for you.

Adorably Strange Wares

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Lazy Sunday, busy Monday, finally Tuesday.

There are 3 weekly offers I really enjoy FLF, The Neighbourhood and Lazy Sunday oh wait there is also Hello Tuesday, 30 Linden Saturday and 60 Linden Weekends, I just seem to go from special offer to special offer but usually because they’re only on for such limited time it’s hard to post about anything so you need to check out these groups and see if you can pick up as many goodies as I do.

In any case I popped over to Shutter Field and although I didn’t grab her Lazy Sunday offer I did even better as there are Freebies for ALL (can’t remember if you have to join the group but I know it’s free to join in any case).  Since I already own a few items from Shutter Field I thought it’s time to show them off as well so a mix of Freebies and tbh cheapies as her shops is so reasonably priced.

Window1Sorry the window/platform isn’t a freebie but since it only cost 89Lds it’s a brill bargain.  I had mine rezzed on the land for a while but I’ve just rezzed a copy on my platform for you to see.  A linked deck and window which can make a great staging for furniture (check out the beach area at Shutter Field for an example of that) or a simple tree platform.  At 4prims you can afford to rezz a few wherever you like..


Adorable pale packed suitcases, all linked and freeeeee.


Check out the amazing texture on the fabric! Just like most things in this shop great texturing and quality and FREE.


Another Freebie, an industrial stool with a streaming cup of coffee and a book on it.  There is 1 other freebie which I haven’t shown it is a white wall with plants draped over it and a shelf.  Sorry almost forgot the lantern in the window is also a freebie but comes with either the stool or the box can’t remember which.


I rummaged this out of my invent as I don’t believe I’ve shown you it before.  A little wagon with the hay bale and fork and OMG only 30Lds.  I can’t believe I actually put this back in my invent and forgot about it because I remember I had it out with a cushion on it and it makes a lovely sitting place.


Whilst I was there I noticed a small collection of boxes, a beach box, cube box etc some with items in them already but in this case empty.  A single prim and 35Lds I had to have it.  For some reason this is the only item where I’m not happy with the picture as the texturing looks a bit flat but I can tell you it’s not, a lovely and only a single primed item for your home.

Make sure to have a wander inside and outside as she has a discounted area and a beach area and you don’t want to miss them I’m sure.

 Shutter Field




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I wanted to win this…


…but I won the stooopid bunny instead (actually the bunnies are soooo cute in their little onesies but I already have my IONIC bunnies and didn’t need more).


I would have been more than happy to have won this but had to settle for that lit wall decoration instead AND THEN I WON THIS!!!


OMG I was soooo happy.  I’ve seen this bed used on sims and drooled so to actually have won one from the IONIC Gacha was a “rare” treat.


Look at the details on this, the ladder at the foot of the bed the texturing of the fabric the cords that suspends the bed it’s all CLASS.  There is plenty of poses in the bed, if I remember a few singles, couples and friends but none in the ladder.  I haven’t really had time to try out the poses properly but I did write this post sitting on one of her many chairs in her shop and the AO in the chir is natural and smooth so I have high hopes that the ones in the bed are the same.

The items above all come from lakua Arriaga’s shop ICONIC which specialises in mainly Gacha items or so I thought till I went upstairs and found that she does also have items for sale as individual pieces and this is where I found this.


Thats me curled up in my foetal position because I so want this compact mini kitchen.  It’s actually for a full-sized AV not child or petite and even though it’s small it has everything.  Stove, sink, pots, pans, cutting board and on and on and only 300Lds!!!  I’m curled up because I really can’t or shouldn’t buy it for the simple reason that it won’t match my home and since I’m so happy with my SL house I’m not in a rush to change it, but the thought did cross my mind to literally buy this kitchen and then buy a house to fit it  HOW CRAZY IS THAT!!! So I curled up and waited till the urge to click and buy passed.



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Revenge! (Cheap n Free n Fun).


Revenge of the Pins!  Have to confess I wasn’t going to go to The Wash this round because in all honesty I didn’t think there would be too much new to interest but I decided to pop over in any case  and was happy to see lots of new stuff.  Clothes, SLink shoes, jewels, skins, decor items etc and this tiny Bowling pin AV.  Since I just couldn’t squeeze yet another item of clothing in my invent I decided that I’d go for something fun and yup thats me squeezed into a tiny AV, you get everything ie alpha, mesh, and the bowling ball what you don’t get is the lightning bolts coming from the ball I added them for a dramatic look LOL.


Then I went back to grab this mesh dress.  Again just me having fun in one of my fav builds, a ruined theatre in the sky.  This dress is beautiful, shimmery and very very pink but you do actually also get a pink and green skirted one in the pack.  Other colour options are available on this stall.  Sorry I was too busy dancing I forgot to do a zooooom in on the “stripper shoes”.  Free from the latest round of the Cosmopolitan.  You do have to join the free  group and as Baylen has pointed out the GG is above the doorway going into one of the 3 rooms.  You get 2 colours in this pack and they’re for SLink High feet.  Trust me WORTH going for them!

Everything at The Wash is only 10Lds, nice that the whole place is laid out in an easy to follow pattern so you shouldn’t have much problem locating these.

The Wash (the pin ball AV and others are here).

Cosmopolitan Sales Room

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FREE Sweetness.

After seeing the stunning tea cupped heaped table that Faith found in her “Keep your cool” post I had to run straight over there to grab it and also have a mooch around myself.  I’ll pop the link to her post at the bottom so you can check that out.

What I almost missed was all of the bows on pictures, because there is a lot of art on sale here I just assumed they were some of the artwork for sale but I was so wrong they’re all FREEBIES.  So I clicked and grabbed the whole lot, eyes, clothing, shoes SLink and non SLink, eyes and items of decor just to name some of them.  So basically TP over there enjoy the pretty shop, check out that adorable table and gallery and grab the goodies.

PS I’m so glad Faith led the way as to how to find this place because I would have struggled to find it….Follow down the lit corridor.


In this picture I’m wearing only 1 item from The Gallery Gift Shop which is a non mesh bra and pantie set with added boob applier (Lola Tango boobs).  Couldn’t resist digging out the boobies and it just so happens to go pretty nicely with the creamy adorable freebies from the Marketplace I found.


I found this sweet freebie from the SL marketplace from a shop called The Seventh Exile and as a big fat Thank You to all her customers Terrawinds has set some of her goodies out for free. The arm and legs look as though they have been dipped in cream or white chocolate and they can be worn with or without SLink and I do believe I saw Phat Azz included in the pack as well.  The skirt is another one of her freebies and it just  goes beautifully with the arm and leg colourings.  She has even more freebie so you just have to check them out but I promise they’re all dreamy and creamy.  As it happens her full prices are hardly unreasonable in any case and if you want the same skirt but in different colours she has a whole range of them for only 49Lds.  Some seriously pretty and super Kawaii shades and textures.  The stockings and arm colourings are also available in a variety of colours and prices from 5Lds to 29Lds.

 Faiths post

The Gallery Gift Shop

The Seventh Exile Marketplace

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Now for something different.

slaveI popped over to Stone Misery to grab the 60LD weekend offer of a grungy stove/cooker to store in my invent as a handy prop. Then I noticed Dominant/submissive Hunt sign and since I was hoping my initial would come up on the Lucky Chairs I would kill sometime and see if I could find the hidden Handcuffs (hint given) and woo hoo I did.  The prize is this work bench with a mini cage that’s being worked on and a separate mini cage which you can see me modelling, like a Pro.  Even though the cage is really small my AV tucks into it so neatly.  Each cage comes with the single curled up pose and the work bench has a single working on the cage pose each pose has light movements to them not frozen ones.   Each hunt item cost only 5Lds.

cookerThis is the 60Lds offering and although in SL and RL I prefer to keep my homes clean I know there are some serious scruffs out there so that this might just fit in perfectly to your lifestyle (filthy pigs).

Stone Misery is heavy into Goth, darkness, sexy,Master and Mistress etc but not so much so that even a”vanilla” like me will find plenty to tempt them.  Lots of decor items from books to Gargoyles, furniture from sofa’s to thrones, garden items etc and although you don’t have to be a Dom or Sub you do have to be an Adult to visit.

Check out behind the staircase for a handy TP to all the different depts.

 Stone Misery

Dominant/submissive Hunt SLurs and hints