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The Challenge – roaring 20’s

22769 ~ [bauwerk] Art Deco Lounge - Enchant3D - Roaring 2020s Fireplace

I couldn’t wait for this round of The Challenge – its Art Deco !22769 bauwerk have a fantastic set out for you, two easy chairs in a really spot on deco style. Also a side table, two types of rug and a floor lamp. The texturing on the chairs is to-die-for! I set it all up along with the sweet deco inspired fireplace from Enchant3D. Can you believe its just 2Li? Plain white marble surround with that lovely 20’s feel shape on the very top. Gorgeous gold fire screen before a really roaring flame effect fire (touch for on and off).

Enchant3D - Roaring 2020s Fireplace - 22769 ~ [bauwerk] Art Deco Lounge

Just a little close up to show off the cushions, leather and fire. Blog listed below so you can see all the designers participating in this round, plus of course the landmarks to go grab the goodies !


The Challenge Blog

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Shoe – gasm

KoiKoi - Salsa Raspberry 21 for 21

Time to get excited its the new round of 21 Shoe event *squeeee* ! What could be better than Shoes, its Friday anddddddddd KoiKoi are in the mix? Two more edible designs are up for grabs. This round and they are both for the Slink High foot (which you need to own to wear these shoes) I hafta say, the high feet are my favs, so I was sooper chuffed *beams*. Above is Salsa in raspberry. I really dig the spikey stiletto heel on these and the slight glitter effect on the fabric. So crisscrossy and glam.

KoiKoi -

The other pair is Tahiti pearl, and wowser these are SO on trend. They reminded me of those Hollywood starlets who always had these, the saucy peeptoe and pearlised patent leather, so retro. You get both pairs in the box for just 295L, and don’t forget this offer is limited to 24 hours ! Thanks Eku ❤

Deco - Fifty Linden Friday Paraboots

Just slip these boots in from Deco while I’ve got a moment as they are also a time sensitive buy. These are the Paraboots, and for Friday just 50L. There is this brown tone and also black. You get three sizes in the box, small (thats the one I’ve got on) medium and large. Brilliant texturing and I sense will be really useful .

The 21 Shoe event blog



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Post Haste!


Not often do you get the chance to get some of the best hats in SL for a discounted price so as soon as I got the notice off Deco that they have slashed the price of all their hats to just 50Lds I TPed and grabbed the lot, because this special offer is going to be over by tomorrow night (Friday).  I didn’t have time to play around with poses, clothes etc so I slapped on one of the hats pulled a pose and I’m posting this now so as many people can grab this offer.  I didn’t see any demo’s but that could have just been me but I know Zan has a selection of their hats and so they seem to be pretty unisexed.

As for the outfit I will do that soon but it comes from Ronsem if anyone wants to check them out.


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Eclectica NEW!

I have some new lovelies to share from Eclectica ! First up is the brand spankin new “Lotus” collection. Beautifully crafted flower with such realistic petals sits proud on all three items in this range – necklace, earings & ring (one for both left and right hand). I so adore the necklace, the super clever thing about it is that depending on what textures you select from the easy peasy to use menu system – it can look quite casual and organic OR rather glam & glitzy. Here I chose to show the dark metal neckstrap, dark metal and lemon pearl inlay. If you choose the gold or silver metals…its chamaleon like and gives you a whole new style! The shades for the pearl inlay are really subtle, so don’t be put off trying put something you might not normally pick!

Eclectica Antique Grid Show Summer Hunt Prize !

Also I have the stunning “Deco Fleur de Lis’ brooch” which is the hunt prize in the Antique Grid Show Summer Hunt . The hunt has already begun and finishes on the July the 27th. Each prize is just 10L and this is a total must-have-piece. It has three types of metal surround to choose from in the menu, dark, gold & silver, all three are nicely muted and not blingy yay! As a side note, for some reason I decided to rez this brooch on the floor to take a photo and was astounded to see it only chalked up ONE prim *faint*, which is whyyyy…when I was editing it around on the floor I didn’t have to wait 20 mins while the edit came up on the pie menu…just thought you might like to know that *beams*. Thanks Tiffy ❤

Eclectica Store

Antique Grid Show Summer Hunt Blog

Eclectica market place store

Eclectica Blog

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Something relaxed before bedtime

chi seid mesh highwaist pants and jacket 10L_005

Ohmaiiii I came across these as I was browsing the market place…and I just had to share before I lay my head on my pillow. The store is called Chi Seid and is market place only (sadly) Most items are between 10L – 25L, steal! I found this snazzy little jacket for just 10L ..turn back cuffs with a striped print..

chi seid mesh highwaist pants and jacket 10L_004

…and to go with it, these high waisted pants, complete with a little tie detail. Both of these pieces are just 10L each, other colours available. (including PINK, which I didn’t buy , but will prolly cave in and get later!) Ohhh btw, my necklace is new also, it was from Deco for the fifty Linden Friday event…love it…they might have it on sale at the usual price now .

Chi Seid

Deco (OH! Just checked Deco and if youre really quick, the necklace is still out for 50L)

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Eat your greens

Immerse NEW! Picnic table VIP Group gift

Immerse has bundles of new items for me to share ! The new range is called “maple greens” (hence the really bad pun in the title) Lets get the ball rolling with the superb new VIP Group gift. This is the Maple Greens picnic table, it sits up to six you can really have a bunch of friends over and get partying ! Lovely poses and some decor also included , plates, food etc…you can use as much or as little of this depending on your prim count, the table itself comes in at just 10 prims. (small join fee for the Vip group btw)

Immerse NEW! Maple Greens chairs & tables

These chairs and tables are also parts of the new range, SO low prim it’s almost criminal. Beautifully textured (as always) and packed with poses.

Immerse NEW! Maple Greens new range

Here is the main event so to speak, the pergola, really well done with drapes around to shield you from the bright sunshine…love how the glazed roof peaks upwards, a really stylish touch. The furniture really compliments the square shape so well…grab the whole set !

Immerse NEW! Bridge with single and couple poses

Last up and my personal favourite from this latest release, is the bridge. I begged my bestie guy friend to come over and pose with me as its got two sooper cute snuggly animations for couples. Not static but totally adorable moving ones…a low prim beauty that will add glamour to your home. Thanks Lilly ❤


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Work up a sweat

I can never contain myself when a package arrives from coldLogic…seriously…my little puddies get all frantic tearing it open…by the time I’ve tried a few garments on…I’m in a real old lather ! This time the new releases focus on sweater style…dresses galore…this means a high snuggle factor but…without looking bulky. I’ve found with some mesh items I tend to “chub up” a few sizes..not with coldLogic’s pieces yay! Above Im wearing sloan in celery…a lightish green that I just adore, cowl neck to keep you warm and short enough to show off some leg..all covered in delicious spots…others colours available…

I slithered into saville next…in real life I’ve been hunting down a few woolies for the cooler weather…gawd, come out of the dressing room looking like a MAD woman…static hair attack! Luckily we don’t have to deal with that in Second Life huh? Saville is lully and chic..two-tone affair…I really liked this khaki version..worn with thick knit piggies tights from Jane and a pair of sharp boots , its dead glam..

Couldnt resist the gloriously feminine shade of  “sky”, a dainty blue for the new shaw dress…especially enjoyed the sleeve shape on this frock…really unusual , got me prancing about to some tunes while I took pics…whoa is that my piggies tights AGAIN?! Indeed , you must get yourself a bunch of these (hoping janie still has them on sale) Grab as many as you can afford…cause youll have to blow torch them offa your leggies like moi *grin*…Ohhh ya, I treated myself to the radiator from kusshon…its sooper cute and has some neato poses and wearables…(anything that means I can sit and knit in Second Life is pretty much a dead cert for my shopping bag)

Next up is harper…I truly can not resist stripes ! This is stripey heaven…lots of Autumn tones all wrapped up in a sweeter than candy woollen dress…I dont know why but it has a home-made feel to it? Sort of thing I would have nagged my nana to make for me…she was an excellent knitter…bless her. Heaps of colour choices…you’ll need to go dribble over them to decide…or bag yourself a quantum pack for fahhhbulous value.

eaton is a clingy long-line sweater dress…this slate colour is absolutely stunning..beautiful deep vee neckline and long sleeves, a wardrobe asset for sure. I’ve worn it with my newwww sequined pumps from deco…they were a fifty linden Friday item..a real steal…but there is a whole load of colours..the bronze is scrummy !

Ohnoessss my last photo *le-sigh*…say hello to palmer…I choose a sublime brown shade…its got stripes but you know…not overly stripey…bet you can’t guess why I loved this colour sooo much? Its got PINK in it…yippeee! If you like a bit of stripey action this is one you’ll adore…check out the knit style…SO realistic…now if only I could find all of these in John Lewis..Id be set for the whole of the winter months…thanks coldLogic team ❤

coldLogic store

coldLogic market place store

coldLogic blog

Deco (for pumps)

kusshon (for radiator)

Jane (for those piggies tights hurrah!)