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In all day!(freebies).

Rain rain GO AWAY and don’t come back another bloody day! It is after all supposed to be SUMMER! We’re not even talking about gentle Summer showers were talking about downpours which have not only caused flooding but seem to have washed away all the plants I planted.

OK that’s enough ranting.  I just picked these up this morning and decided since I haven’t had anything to eat and it’s almost lunch time I’d do a quickie and then go eat the contents of my fridge and treat myself to some new nail polishes from eBay, it’s the small things that please the most.


I grabbed this and other Free GG’s from DRD (Death Row Design) but since I was wearing a butt ugly dress, no I won’t be blogging it and it didn’t come from DRD, I won’t be showing you the wearable intravenous stand from DRD.  There is a small selection of GG’s here some freaky like the stand and horrible masks and some like this chair and table set very simple and very usable for most. The table on its own even with all those items on top, linked, comes to just a single prim!

Word of caution as there are 2 groups, the freebie and the VIP one which costs I believe 150Lds but if you like this table set and the intravenous stand then the VIP group gives you the same items but MORE of them.

PS Click on one of the group gifts and you will be sent the invite to join the group.



Blogging SL, Uncategorized, Virtual Fashion Feed

Smashing Pumpkins (Freebies,Gachas and Spooks).

HangStart at the bottom of this sim and work your way up.  Loads of great spooky places to hang around in (boom boom) lots of props and poses and great settings and Pumpkins. When you see a pumpkin, and there are many of them dotted all around the sim, sit on it (best turn off your AO for this) and you get to punch it’s lights out and you will either get a pressie, a LM to a pressie or strike out and get nothing but a puff of green smoke.  Then half way up you come to the Redrum and Death Row Design Halloween Gacha event.  Lots of in theme gacha items from some great SL shops but more than that again some more great posing potential, stalls and freak shows to simply enjoy.

Next to this prop is a cage with freeness which inc this skeleton (there was also a couple of outfits but if I remember correctly they were women s so I didn’t open them).  I didn’t grab all the freebies but got this and the Redrum stuff which inc bullet wounds and an autopsy set up.

Snapshot_075This is half way up but if you walk all the way to the top of the hill you will find a sign post one way is Redrum and even further down what looks like a small village made up of small shops, and the other way is DRD (Death Row Design).  I did notice that Redrum has a whole row of LCs and MM boards so when I log in to get LMs and other things I will be plonking myself in front of them to see what I can get although most items do seem to for women there is a couple of male items.


Redrum and Death Row Design (DRD) Gacha