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FLF – What A Deal!

W-O-W! ane has an amazing FLF offer this week – all of the above for just $50L! Of course I headed to buy it , even if only a couple of items suited its unmissable.

As it happens I liked every single piece, there is something for every occasion. With four pairs of shoes, bra & panties, a dress, two styles of skirts, a dress and a sweet lace shirt. Plus jewellery – you must get it ! The shoes are Slink & Maitreya, lingerie is Maitreya only, the other clothing is Maitreya, Slink and some Slink HG.


Blogging SL, second life, Uncategorized, Virtual Fashion Feed

Fly By Friday – What did I buy?

Of courrrrse I bought the Culprit PodFish Kingyo ! Brill deal for just $100L, you get the fishy vehicle and the rezzer – which you can set so that it will only rez a set amount of fish. Each fish is just 7Li, the rezzer is also 7Li. Smooth ride too with the usual fantastic animations from Culprit. Three choices of fish – naturally I went for the pretty and colourful version, but there’s a scary one and a more subtle variant if you prefer.


Fly By Friday Catalogue