Pinkkkkknessss !

Pink Label HQ

Hubbidy Hubba…a store that not only has gorgeous stuffage but has a rest area where you can be surrounded by pinkness *happy sigh*. If you were wondering where DbT got too, well its back, revamped,new name and lotsa PINK ! Talena Carissa has rebranded and is now known as “Pink Label” aint that cute aww…onnn to the gear..

Plain Purple Scoop Neck Tee & Purple Glitter Skirt

I really liked the new glitter skirts, snug fit & easy peasy to wear- would be great with heels or flippity flops (there are matching heels for sale also) The scoop neck tee is a total style classic, should always have a bunch of these to toss on and go! Dress em up, dress em down, invest!

MM board lulliness !

There is also this sooper fresh little outfit, complete with shoes in the MM board..my love affair with all things black continues whateverrrrrr ! (Steve is stillll wearing me down gradually into accepting black is not a lifestyle choice) Needs a few more slaps and it can be in YOUR clammy little paws tomorrow yay. There is also an adorabubble Womens day gift for you to collect!

Head over, rest your tootsies in the plush pink chairs and take a peek at all the newness! There are some amazing deals dotted about, prices range from about 10L upwards!

Get Pink : Pink Label


DbT has awesomeness

DbT red glitter tank & red glitter jeans 10Leach

Ohh la la- more newness…DbT has thisss ! The tank comes in different layers and you get the heart one I’m wearing PLUS a plain one, for just 10L you really can’t go wrong..brilliant texturing ! The jeans are also just 10L…and you get the heart customised ones I’m showing plusss a plain pair…isnt that fab?

DbT black glitter tank 10L

To co-ordinate purrfectly there is also the black glitter tank- two versions as with the red !

DbT group gift black glitter sandal

Join the group (just 25L) and you can also wander into the group gifty rooom! Youll find these gorjuss sandals that go so well with the glitter tanks & jeans waiting for you! (along with heapsss of other goodies)…easy peasy HUD gives you nail colour options & simple skin changes..

Go get glittery: DbT


Delights by Talena

DbT-White Leopard and Denim Outfit

Happy Sunday !! I have newness, deals & gorjussssness from DBT ! That naughty Talena Carissa works soooooo hard and creates soooo much newness then overloads my poor blonde brain with the goodnesss ! *squidges for her* I just HAD to show you this 11 piece outfit thats currently on offer for 35L till Monday! Lots of options, naughty open peekable jeans…anddd on offer also are two pairs of matching footwear..the pumps AND boots! You can buy a duo pack with both in for only 75L oot oot! I’m wearing the pumps above, daringly high heels, beautiful rounded toe…see below for another outfit option using the long tank and the Feline boooots…

DbT white Leopard & denim outfit with boooots!

Great menu options on both pairs of footwear…super easy to use !

DbT red & black cutie plaid outfit

The cutie plaid outfit comes in a myriad of colours…Im showing the red & black but also loved the teal set !! Talena has made some matching shoes for these outfits with simply oooodles of options in the menu…see the teal pair below

Karla plaid special edition pumps

plenty of colour choices in both shoes & outfits…and best of all? The cutie plaid is only 10L at the moment and the shoes are also only 10L yay!

Head over today to the main store and search out the loveliness…dont forget the group discount room, the MM board and snap up thse bargains before monday ! (Disclaimer: if I got any dates wrong for deals, no slapping is allowed !)

go get a deal : DbT


The Tropical Hunt ! DbT has gone MAD!

dbt tropical hunt retrolicious shorts set & shoes in green

Ohmaigosh…delights by Talena has gone hunt crazzzzzzzy…so many gifts in one hunt ! I will show you a few to wet your appetites, click the pics for a closer view!

dbt retrolicious shorts set with delilah retrolicious sandals
dbt soft brown jeans & soft striped sweater tropical hunt gifts

my absolute favourite out so far..so classy and snuggly..dbt’s jeans just rock..perfect fit, great cuff with no editing-gotta love that! The sweater is super strokable, I don’t know how she makes the textures look all cuddly but she does ❤

Tropical hunt dbt Bianca shoes boho blue dress gifts

The Bianca shoes come in many colours and has a very comprehensive editing system that not only allows you to change the skin colour but also fiddle about with tones..the other colours of the Bianca are available at the main store here Delights by Talena

Heres a word from Talena about the hunt : ” I am participating in the Tropical Hunt at Starspirit’s Trading Post in Akona Beach. I have placed out 9 prizes at 1l each, including clothing and shoes. You will be looking for a tropical pina colada drink.  Starspirit’s also has some 20 prizes of various home and garden goodies. 🙂 We both will be adding prizes in the next week so keep looking!”

Sounds like a hunt to rush over too, sooper clothes & shoes PLUS home & garden..yay!

get get huntin: Dbt at Starspirits Trading Post


Sofffft blue & bubblegum pink

dbt sweater & shoes offer !

Ohhhh girls wake up and snoop this special offer ! The two cute-as-hell colours in a complete outfit with shoessss available also!  Iam SO excited about this..Talena has made these two colour choices ONLY available at her satelite stores…purrfectly textured jeans with a sooper sweet applique flower along the thigh, prim cuffs (no editing required hooorrray!) anddd.a stripey lush sweater anddd..these leg warmer style shoes. OH maiiii I just adore …the shoes are simple-dimple to edit, a great menu system enabling you to set skin tone , nail colours etc (mine just fitted straight outta the box!) Click the pics for a closer nosey!

DbT Soft Blue sweater set & matching shoes

I played with the editing system, and chose the silverrrr toenail colour ! Isnt it so snuggly looking..I want to hug myself all over awww…its a steal deal…go gettttum!

Important part HERE:

Bubblegum pink items only here : satelite store starspirit akona beach

Soft blue items only here : satelite store Lemania

Dont forget to scope the main store , which is also chock-a-block with girly goodness, gifts & offers ! : DbT mainstore


Jewels & bows

weeeeeeee boots ! It surely can be no surprise to you by now that I have a boot addiction…andddd I woke up this morning to have that fueled by some stunning boots from Delights By Talena! Now listen carefully because this is the IMPORTANT bit…(copied from Talena’s notecard for accuracy because I havent had enough coffee yet !)

“For Letter of the Week – S

 I have the SILVER Patent Band Boot. These gorgeous sleek silver patent spike heel boots are wrapped around and around with silver and gem buckled bands. These gem bands change to 9 different gem colors or just plain silver if you prefer with a simple command.

Regularly 125L per pair, I have them on sale for you for 60L for this week only!”

 See piccy below, click for a closer look!

*DbT*- Silver Patent Jeweled Band Boot Boxed

 Now the next bit- so you don’t miss out ! Goes like so..

“For Steals and Deals I have the Patent Bow boot in two sugarry colors. Candy Pink or Lavender or buy the two together in a special Bubblegum pack.  These glossy spike heeled patent boots have a cute little ribbon and bow at the ankle made of latex that texture changes to 10 different colors with a simple command. These boots also regularly sell for 125L but for this weekend only you can get them for 60l each or in the special two pack for 115L! Less than one sells regularly alone! ” The PINK ones I’ve shown below…of COURSE I chose that colour !! It’s so delicate and girlyyyyyyyy twirlyyyyy hurrrah!

*DbT*- Candy Pink Patent Bow Boot Boxed

Dont forget gurls…that this store also has heapsssss of good gear, complete outfits…bikinis, gifts..so head over this weekend and TREAT yourselves….

Limo to go : Delights By Talena