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Lounging @ The Infinity Event

Ever Green @ Infinity event Asian Sun draped Daybed - adult, singles, couples

Ever Green have some new pretties out at the Infinity Event. This is the “Asian Sun Draped Daybed” and here I am reading with my doggos on it. I’ve used the singles version for the photo but there are also cuddles & adult versions for sale. Coming in at 12Li its a fair sized piece of furniture to use in your space. Virtually every part of it has a texture menu – so fitting it into your existing décor is going to be a breeze. Also on the stand are some superb plants with of course texture menus for soil, pot and plant included. Daybed is only $125L, pack of plants are $63L – $100L.

Infinity Event

Dogs & rug are my own.

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I got spendy.(Bargains ‘n’ Discounts).

As I was roaming SL I came across a swimming pool that I really, really want so I TPed over to Nomad which is where it comes from and so far not so good as I haven’t been able to find it but what I did find was the “Discount Room” and everything in there is priced between 25-50Lds.

I almost lost control but in the end, I just bought this set of lamps and a bed.

I’ve just used my sims windlight setting and also because I have a strong light on the wall just above the floor lamp it makes the texture look slightly different but they’re the same and you can see that for yourself in the Nomad shop.  The table lamp is 2 prims and the standard/floor lamp I believe 3 prims I did check and I’m pretty sure they don’t emit any light themselves.

Nope, I did not need yet another bed but I swear I don’t have a dusty daybed in my invent and with some nice poses, inc couples but I didn’t check those, and a 50Ld price tag I snapped it up.

There is a TP board to the different departments and also for the 10Ld joining fee there are some gifties and if it wasn’t for the fact it’s time to log off and return to SL I would have snapped them up but they’re fun and cute and quality I especially liked the Googly glasses.

PS.  I found the pool it’s stunning but even though it’s not an unreasonable price because it’s more than I have at the moment I’ve added it to my “wish list” for future purchase… well as the Pitcher plant and the flowers in vases and that’s when I decided it was time to log off before I caved in to temptation.


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Perfect Ten strikes again

Perfect ten_006!

A new round of Perfect Ten has opened its doors and I’ve got some fabulous items to share with you from it. Above is a wicker set from Mandalay Bay. The 70’s inspired peacock chair is stuffed with some lovely unisex poses, just right to lounge around in on a patio etc. The set comes with the little table, potted plant, rug and the stunning window/drapes and blind section.

Perfect Ten NEW

From HJM Designs there is a spring love seat on offer, heaps fo different colours available so youre bound to find one that fits in with your existing décor. You can change the texture of the wood and its got single pringle plus couple poses built right in.

Perfect Ten !!


Of course Michigan’s Shack has some naughtiness for us ! The Grenich daybed ooozes charm and comes in a multitude of differing wood and fabric tones. Low Li and material enabled so its looks absolutely delicious . Some amazing bargains to be had for the duration of the event – then everything is back up to full price – don’t miss out!

Perfect Ten

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Santa’s Helper – its got my name on it

The Promenande - American Beagle Santas Helper mesh outfit - gacha various colours When I saw this outfit by American Beagle Outfitters – I knew I had to wear it . On our home sim called Dreamworks I have been acting as Santa’s elf for a week or so now. Santa has a mail box for people to drop a letter into , telling him their Christmas wishes! He really does reply to ALL letters and sometimes he sends a gift or three ! If you havent come to see Santa yet, here’s the landmark – just follow the board walk , through the frosty tunnel and out onto the ice, Santa is waiting for you ! Anyhoooo back to my outfit, its in a gacha machine at the latest round of The Promenade, there’s squillions of colours to win and its so affordabubble. Scattered around the event are gifts for you to snap up too – get your skates on. Thanks Barb ❤ The Challenge - Cleo Design, Percent free gift boxes - Once upon a time wall decor & freamed artwork While I’ve got time – a short note about the new round of The Challenge. Sorry to be so brief but I’m running out of time before I go on my winter vacation *squeeee*, there is always SO much to share in the run up to Christmas I get giddy. This rounds theme is fairy tale – how utterly lovely! The daybed above is by Cleo Design, beautiful poses as always. Its got multi layers of mattress so its like that tale of the Princess and the pea. All the decor pieces are from %Percent, there’s a shed load more, all in various colours – btw the “once upon a time” wall art isn’t fixed to the daybed – I just placed it there ! Ohhh btw the sweet gift boxes Ive got in the photo are free gifts from %Percent – these can be found at the mainstore location.

The Promenade

American Beagle Outfitters mainstore

cleo design


The Challenge Blog – shows all participating merchants & url’s

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Spring Fling Easter Egg Hunt

Zinnias NEW! - Oaxaca Daybed for Epicosity Market

I’m so glad I have time to share this news with you before I head off to the sun..Zinnias has a new release andddd some gifts to help you celebrate Easter . You’ll find this classy daybed at the Epicosity Spring Fling & Market..its in the market area. Sooo low prim and positively stuffed with cracking poses for singlepringles & couples..Here Iam writing in my diary…it even gives you a stylish retro pen to do the job!

Zinnias Spring Fling Easter Egg Hunt  free gifts

If you’re in the mood to hunt after gorging yourself on Eastery Eggs…you might want to sniff these two prizes from Zinnias out…they co-ordinate with the daybed..which is rather handydandy… pretty floor pillows with heaps of poses and a mesh floral rug….you can hunt for these at the Spring Fling event, same place as the daybed is at.

Zinnias Free easter  chiminea

Dont forget to pay a visit to Zinnias mainstore and snap up the Easter gift that’s out for you…its this glorious Chiminea… such a lovely crackling sound for the fire, touch for the flames on and off….I have one of these out in my SL home alllll the time, it creates such a restful atmosphere. Thanks Zinnia ❤

(o.O I just went over and did the Egg Hunt – its such FUN ! Not too hard, so if youre rubbish at finding things like moi, you’ll be fine – heaps of gifts and that wily Zinnia has hidden her gifts verrrry well !)

Zinnias mainstore

Epicosity Spring Fling & Market