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Keeping cool

coldLogic NEW !

Saved by the bell – just as I was beginning to cast about for some new summer shorts & tee’s, coldLogic releases a bunch of them ! What a lifesaver they are too, bundles of coolness to slip over my hot body. Not only a fantastic collection of coolness but until the 6th of July, you can grab these at SALE PRICE in the mainstore ! (please note these new items are only on sale at the mainstore, after the sale they will be also on the market place) Above I’m wearing the falls tank in buff, and the kidd shorts in pink elephant (what a great name for a colour!) I adore this simple little tee, check out the beautiful detailing on the yoke at the back, tiny folds of fabric, and the way it falls into fabric creases around the torso – absolute gold. The short are SO moi! Plaid with pink in it – whats not to love – as usual I am wearing the physique versions of both pieces that come in the box – apparently this works very well for the Maitreya mesh body too. All standard mesh sizes included too.

coldLogic NEW - Bag 35 colours inc $25L !

Here we have me dawdling in the shade of the bamboo walkway. I’m wearing the new luce sage tone shorts that come with belt hoops and no belthoops, all standard sizing plus that handy-dandy physique size that I adore. Lovely and faded and worn look to the shorts with a small rolled hem above the knees. The shirt is just glorious, it’s called linke and comes in various colour options. Works well with the shorts but would go with jeans or maxi skirts etc too. Shout out for my sooper handbag, its by Shey and is only $25L – you get a HUD with a whopping 35colour options plus choices for handle and metal trimmings!

coldLogic store

coldLogic blog

DUH! (sunnies)

Dark Mouse (necklace)

Shey bag

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Beam – ing with happiness

coldLogic NEW - [e] Lena NEW - Dark Mouse NEW

Such a contrived title I know I know but hey lookie what I have to share with you today! Pretties from coldLogic, all bursting with summery goodness. This is “beam” its a two parter but I thought it was a dress first off. I love flexibility in my SL wardrobe and this hits the spot very well. I was reading the blurb (yes I do occasionally) and not only do you get a specially made set for the SLink Physique mesh body that I always wear, but apparently it also works with the Maitreya Lara for most shapes. Go grab yourself a demo and see how it goes. Obviously all the usual standard mesh shapes are included too. Its counterpart is called “haver” same design but blocky dabs of colour not floral as above – I  love them both, was a hard choice to decide which to show first tbh. My jewelry is by Dark Mouse and is called “Bohemian Flare”, you get the necklace, earrings and bangles (Left & right), very casual feel about it and the fat creamy rose that accents each piece is adorable. New hair too – I’m on a roll ! This is at collabor88 and is called Lena, by [e] – she has another style out at the event too, so go take a peek.


coldLogic store

coldLogic market place

coldLogic Blog

Dark Mouse


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Awash with excitement

coldLogic kylie top, byron pants NEW!-Petite Mort glasses 10L- ArisAris sandals NEW - Dark Mouse jewelry

Ohmaiii newness from coldLogic, ArisAris and a sale at The Wash – could my day get any better?! Well actually it did, but more about that later . So so so this is the “kylie” blouse top and “byron” dotty jeans from coldLogic. The blouse is a free-flowing design , the fabric is a brushed cotton effect. Dontcha just love the dotty jeans?! I do, but then I’m a dotty freak. Lots of colour choices for both and free demos instore and on the market place. I’m wearing the physique size of both items over my physique body – brilliant fit, it would also work with the Maitreya body – all standard mesh sizes also included as usual.

coldLogic NEW - Dark Mouse daisy necklace, earings & - ArisAris Sandals NEW! bracelets, Dark Mouse FREE hair - Petite Mort sunnies 10L

ArisAris have released a lovely pair of toe post sandals that paired up with the outfit perfectly. As is usual with ArisAris, you get a great HUD with SO many choices , makes these little beauties super flexible. Nowww, on to my GREAT news and scoop !! I used to buy and blog for a jewellery designer named Mouse Mimistrobell, her store name was Dark Mouse . The store closed inworld a while back but its open again !! This made me so happy, I popped over to scope out the new store which is ever so pretty, only went and won myself this hair-do on the lucky board too – result. it’s called “Alex” and is an up-do with a side bar of sweet flowers. The pack is HUGE, and contains all hair colours. I’m also wearing the daisy bracelet and necklace plus earrings, the necklace was always a favourite of mine from years ago, but I saw the matching bracelets in the new store and snapped them up. Welcome back Mouse ❤ Ohhh mustn’t forget my sunnies, these are by Petite Mort and at $10L a real bargain buy from the cart sale at The Wash.

coldLogic store

coldLogic market place

coldLogic blog

ArisAris store

ArisAris market place

Dark Mouse new store location

The Wash cart sale

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“Let me be mad, then, by all means! mad with the madness of Absinthe, the wildest, most luxurious madness in the world! ” (Marie  Corelli)

 Absinthe is a new-store-on the block…and they have verrrry kindly let me share some of their newness with you! Above I’m showing the Margot dress…beautiful shade of purrrrple..and dead slinky…for those of you that aren’t into the mesh revolution…this is a great little number to grab up…

Next is Ambrial…my personal fav…stunning shaped on the skirt..all set off with a wide buckle grape belt…my jewelry is from Dark Mouse , the “remember me” set

Last up for today is a dress called Jael, gorgeous summer jade tone…lotsa strappy action going on ! Dont forget to collect the instore gifty while you’re there – it’s a fantastico pair of flame leggings .My jewelry is from n@n@ and is this weeks Monday Mania item…called “superstition” and wowser…isnt it just divine…a real eye catcher ! (Monday Mania is priced from 25-50L for ONE day only)

Heres the linkage..go gettum


Dark Mouse



Perfect Geometry

Okkk time for just one more piece of pretty before I hit the hay…this time it’s from Geometry and is their gift in the mesh around hunt…a new store for me…and one I will be returning too, just love this dress ! To be precise it’s actually a skirt and blouse combo…even better , as you can then split and make them more versatile hurrah! Beautiful blue & green tones…and a really sweet ruffle hem skirt…I actually got lucky on the Dark Mouse luckyboards and won the bracelet *squeee*…”midsummer amusements bracelet”, there’s two colours in the box…seriously cute…six lucky boards inside the store..peek outside and you’ll find the sale room


Dark Mouse

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Release your inner Gypsy Spirit

I’ve been trying to catch up with some new releases, and after some extensive searching managed to find a little something that Miss Milo Bubble of Bubblez had sent me (milo <3)   …it’s the mesh gypsy outfit…gawd I adore it. Its gonna be my summer-lounging-about outfit…

You get a choice of tops too…short or as above longer…there is another set with a slightly different colour theme, but I love this one..the blues,purples and pinks are SO me ! Btw…there is a pair of panties that goes with this…I just happened to like how it looked without them. My jewelry is by Dark Mouse , not had a chance to wear it before now..but I thought it went soooooo well with this beautiful outfit…called “whirling dervish”, you can buy each item separately.

One more release from Bubblez before I head off…is this gorjusss  mesh red satin dress. Tres chic…adore the deep lush red..and the sweet floppy bow at the bust..totally adorbs choker style necklace …it also comes with a cuter-than-cute hat! Bubblez is following the standard sizing scheme (yay!) and demos are freely available instore..o.O dont forget to join the group (its free join) because to the right of the door, you can collect a whole bundle of group gifts, plusssss wander outside to the lucky boards..always a crowd gathered ! Thanks milo xx


Dark Mouse whirling dervish set

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If I aint got you…

Ohhhh cmon, you KNOW the tune…its been whirling through my head all I had to listen to it fifty gazillion times on your tube (here, you be haunted now – ) . Anyyyyhoooo…it got me in the mood to lounge around in my new photo box and try on a few of the new releases from coldLogic. I know right?  The team must be burning that midnight oil like crazy ! I chose the new “Lockhart” shirt in pink to show you…along with the crackin new denim capris called “wells”. The capris are JUST what Id been longing for…casual…a great fit and simply ooodles of shades of denim…Im thinking the shirt is gonna be on of those “what did I do before I bought this” easy to wear and shockingly pretty…ton of choice in colours also !

Soooo…with fluttery fingers I opened up the dress boxes…since mesh came along, Ive renewed my passion for frocks. No more panels poking out…its slinky fitting allllll the way…”gish” is elegant..and definately sleek…you get a choice with this dress of a toning cleavage insert, or not…I went for the blue dress and co ordinated a yellow belt and insert…if you splash out on a fat pack, you’re really getting SO many different ways to wear this…nice touch of the linen look fabric…love it !

Next up is one little number I will wear and wear…”wood”, plaid-goes-to-hollywood , cute but sophisticated look…the mesh belt is really working for me…again quite a few colour choices in this…so go see and try a few demos out.

Lil bit retro with this next one..50’s glamour and spotty..a winner for me and my look of the day ! You dont have to wear the belt..and initially I didnt…but but but..the belts are soo adorbs…so my long necklace came off and on with the belt…incase youre wonderin…I dont have a modify shape…so I cant fiddle with it (just as well probably- Id only mess it up) soooo I’m wearing all this gear as is..with no shape editing at all…there are many sizes included with each item…so grab up the demos and give it a try.

Okkkk last up *sighhhh*…is “drew”, another dress…this time with a cheery print all over…Im being bolder with colour these days yay! This is the white version…and red is such a great contrast with it…red shoesss…white shoesss…decisions decisions…This is just a small sample of the new collection (yes really !) There are muchos more pairs of capris…and a whole bunch of those halter tops in jazzy prints & colours…thanks coldLogic team ❤

coldLogic inworld store

coldLogic on the market place

coldLogic blog

All jewelry by : DarkMouse (thanks Mouse !)

Pose box by: Juxtapose