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Hissssssss Me!

MeddieA quickie post because the sale will soon be over (mon 8th) but as soon as I heard that Daphne Klossovsky was having a 50% sale I had to grab this hair…err pet? which I had been looking at for a long time.  So for those who want to rock the Medussa look HANDverk is the place to grab this head piece.  Reduced from 300Lds to 150Lds.  Ok it’s not a normal daily wear look but then I have to say WHY NOT!! this is second life after all and if I can go shopping with a My Little Pony AV stood next to me then why not break the mould and get a look that really makes you stand out.

A bit of everything and everything is unique but her shoes are so avant garde they would not be out of place on a cat walk in RL.  The penis heeled shoe is a little bit too much for me but have to admire the skill in it’s design and I love how she has continued the snake theme is some of her shoes as well as jewelry.

ShoeBut it was these petal heels that I fell in love with.  A photo taken in the shop with no camera tricks.  So pretty so subtle and so unique.  I have actually just bought them, 150Lds and I only wish I could afford the Fat Pack.



Richard Eames Chair

Eams 2

Hopefully the title explains it all. In RL I keep my Shabby Chic to my kitchen, my fluffiness in my bedroom but in my livingroom it is clean, uncluttered, wood, books  and leather and stood pride of place is my very own Richard Eames chair.  I have been searching SL for not only a model of this but a GOOD model of this and I swear this is almost identical to the real thing.

Eames 1 clean

As you can see it’s pretty good proportioned sized as well.  Here is the kicker because not only does it come with 9 single poses, 9 couple poses but also in this model 6 rude ao.  I can only vouch for the single poses but if the rest are as good a quality then no one will be disappointed.  Icing on the cake is the price because I have seen similar designs but just not as good and much more expensive. The PG Chair is only 300Lds and the Adult Chair is 325Lds.  You also get a lamp and side table very much in a matching style in the set. Only 4 Prims for the chair and footstool!

HANDverk is the name of the shop.  It is small but packed with classic retro, old-fashioned with a twist.  Although this isn’t a sex orientated shop they don’t shirk at the naughtiness and a new addiction is the “porno couch” I’m not going to spoil the fun but this is an item best enjoyed by 3 people. This is a shared shop in the sky because across the way is his partner who makes unique items of jewelry and very naughty shoes.  Worth going just to check out the freaky Medusa hair piece.

Special mention the very noticeable Mad Hatter table and tea set.  Not set for sale there it seems you may have to go to a Gatcha Event to buy the pieces bit by bit which I certainly would have done if I could as it seems I am not allowed in that area.  But you maybe able to check it out. Happy Hunting.