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Updated “Spendy”.

Just thought I’d show off my new “spendy” item which finally completes my Ballerina look.

It may shock you that I spent more Lindens cos I’m a Cheap B* but to me it’s totally worth the 255Ld price tag because it’s just what I wanted.

I found this on the Marketplace but logged inworld as the shop I got it from,!gO, is one of the shops I have been a group member of for an SL lifetime and so I was hoping I had enough group credit to buy it but I didn’t but again when it’s something that brightens your SL and RL day then it’s really just a few pennies worth of joy.

You do get more than the 2 sizes of skirt, I’m wearing the larger size but the smaller one isn’t much smaller and you also get a leotard to be worn with the skirts or on its own but I do have to say much to my surprise considering the high standards and uniqueness of the !gO range it wasn’t very good.  The shoulders/arms have that thick “basic” look to them so unlike !gO but I was really so pleased with the skirt and it can be worn over anything so I am more than happy.

There is also a whole range of colours to choose from and I would have loved to buy the other colours as well but then I got all mean and slammed my SL wallet firmly shut.

PS The picture was taken in the sim setting I was on but you can see the lovely mesh detailing but always try the demo and the MP link is for the demo.

!gO(Marketplace for the Demo)


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Diana Dors.

As soon as I saw a picture of this hair I knew exactly what sort of look it would rock and then after a lot of Googling and brain storming I finally remembered the name Diana Dors.


Diana Dors was England’s version of Marilyn Monroe but dare I say more curvy, blousy and deliciously tarty.  I even dragged out a piece of Blinging jewelry from a long forgotten folder which is something she would have loved.  This is the newest Mina hair and it’s on special offer from the latest round of  The Dressing Room Fusion event.  I always feel that I repeat myself in a lot of posts but I just love Mina hair with it’s juicy colours but I’m so pleased that Mina Nakamura now seems to offer the black and white hair and other white/black combos in all of her new styles. It’s so hard to find black or white hair which doesn’t look like a helmet and in these shades you can get a stunning look but again it’s the juiciness of the others that I adore.  Goes without saying that even the more standard colour and natural colours such a browns and blondes have some lovely shading in them.  As always demo available for you to check out all the colour packs to see which suit you.

banabas us

I literally had to Google “Lady who dances with banana skirt” to get the name of this famous lady/look and of course it’s Josephine Baker. TBH I did this shot mainly for fun as much to show off another shade of the Mina hair and also the outfit that I grabbed from The Wash, cart sale for only 10Lds.  As it happens I had seen someone wearing this previously and I love how she was wearing a shape and hair which were identical to Josephine Bakers unique look she looked stunning and I didn’t realise that the whole outfit inc Lola Tango Appliers, bracelets, anklets etc all come inc for only 10Lds (yes I forgot to put on the pantie layer!).

Sorry can’t LM direct to the A.R.C stall for this outfit but it’s worth a visit just to see what there is and you should find it.

The Dressing room Fusion

Mina Hair

The Wash

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Roses Are Red


Sorry couldn’t help myself and wear my Lolas again, I am going to have to wean myself off them but until then I’ll wear them with pride. What you should be looking at is those amazing gloves and roses.  The gloves are mesh and although I’ve used a dramatic lightening effect they are that colour.  In fact there is a whole wall of deep rich colours or pretty pastel colours, so much so I was grateful that you could buy a fat pack so I chose the one that contained this colour Cherry Velvet and also Burgandy, Navy Cashmere, Tangerine and Black Suede all mesh and all lush and at 2oo  each the fat pack of 5 for 400Lds was a great investment.

A great investment because I then WON the random and first prize of  the “12 days of giving event” that  Boom, Piddle and Misteria  is running at this moment so not only do I get my piccie on the Christmas Tree but I get a 1000Lds worth of their goodies.  The only thing is one check of my invent and I think I already own most of their shop contents however and this is a big woo hoo Boom has a small and fledging selection of Lola Tango outfits and they’re going to be mine now.

This also gave me the good excuse to wear my Roses and that’s all they are.  Wearable roses however they have a little trick because if you or a loved one click on a rose they drop off until nothing is covering your blushes. A bargain price of 12Lds but please not once clicked thats them gone for good.   Gumi Flower shop is the shop and they have some lovely freebies and some beautiful flowers and cute critters.  Actually although the shop is a lovely open air area I’d reccoment a little bit of MP Surfing because it’s all there under one roof so to say and they just have some divine plants, pets and deccorations and all reasonably priced.

Some more piccies on my Flickr for you to see.

My Flickr


Gumi Flower Shop

Gumi MarketPlace