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Pose with me, inc a Freebie of sorts.

Not everyone wants to own a sim or a home in SL, trust me it’s not as expensive as you think and if you find a like minded friend or friends to share the tier fee it’s cheaper than drinking, smoking or any other RL addiction you may have.  Even so with a whole sim to play with I keep a folder of Landmarks to lovely places to preen and pose in and I found this place last night.

It’s called “The Beguiled  Art Gallery and Studio” and you not only have a massive house packed with prebuilt room/scenarios/scenery to pose in but you have the WHOLE sim to play in which is landscaped for a poseurs delight.


Inside the building is everything from this cute ice cream parlour to a saucy bedroom.


This is the staircase to the windows where you can show off your “wares”!

It’s rare to find builds that come not only packed with poses but poses that actually work!  So I only used the inbuilt poses and deliberately took these in my Nams setting with no editing so you can see that anyone with even the most basic of camera skills can make great pictures, or at least a pretty decent one, now imagine these same pictures with a bit of wind light fun or editing. PS Every menu comes with an adjust menu as well.


ALL of this is FREE for anyone to use you don’t even need to join a group.  As if the great props “n” poses “n” a whole sim to play in wasn’t enough you CAN REZZ!  Yes, you have rezzing permission which is rare to find and that means if there is a pose ball you have or a prop you would like to use then you can.

I know that readers of this blog don’t need to be told this but for those who do DO NOT ABUSE the sim owners generosity, I don’t know if this is an “adult” sim but no effing with a friend or be a prim wh*re,  and please pack your stuff up! Again I know our lot don’t need to be told this but when Faith and I ran rental sims trust me the nicest of people can get a little bit “forgetful” with their prim count, messes, and sim rules.

I did spot a tip jar and I will be popping a couple of hundred Lindens in there because I can see myself using this sim often.  Don’t worry if you can’t just a few Lindens goes a long way to saying Thanks esp when someone or some people have gone out of their way to

As for the Freebie, just before I TPed over to this sim there was a shout out in the Cynful group that “Z” was on the Lucky Board so a quick TP and I snagged this skin tight sexy dress.  The Group Gift is one I’ve done but it’s still there and 100% sexy, the walls of Lucky Boards are 2 rooms behind the entrance, and the entrance is where you find the Group Gift, just open your Mini Map and follow all the dots as the LB wins are shop quality and varied and you always find lots of AVs stood there which means the change in initials is pretty quick.

The Beguiled Art Gallery & Studio

Cynful, Clothing and Co

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Go BACK! (Lucky Chairs n Stuff).

I’ve seen 2 pretty interesting films this week the first which is called “The Swiss Army Man” and it’s notorious because Daniel Ratcliff plays a farting corpse and it’s the best performance I’ve ever seen him do, I’m not a Harry Potter fan lol.  I hate to tell you girls and boys but “Harry” now has a great big hairy arse! The other film is called “The Greasy Strangler” and that’s why I’ve not been posting for the past few days and the least said about that film the better but I’ve finally managed to recover and the first thing I did when I got inworld was to go over to the shop Faith has just blogged to grab the full outfit and esp the boots that come with it but I also want to give people a link to another shop with some more exc Lucky Boards but also an excellent monthly Group Git which I did blog not too long ago but it seems a good time to do a quick, lazy, repost as the GG may go soon and I think we have a couple of LB fans…myself inc.


Ha ha, this is what greets you when you follow Faiths link, don’t worry she didn’t get it wrong the gift is right behind you I just chose to pull a pose here as I don’t really have anything new to show I was just here grabbing those boots. BTW I’ve blogged this shop before but omhai it was YEARS ago so I for one am grateful Faith found it again because if I remember correctly the outfit pack I bought was well worth the 99Ld and of course she’s found not just a great freebie but lots of their outfit packs for just 44Lds and if they’re the same quality as the one I had a great find and this time I’m not going to lose the LM lol.


So this is the Group Gift from Cynful and yes scroll back and I did it just a couple of weeks ago but again it’s still out for us to grab and Cynful is a Group I’m still a member of for 2 reasons first is the amazing monthly group gift which is put out but also the very active and well stocked Lucky Chairs which are in the room behind the main entrance.  This is a very popular place because of the quality of the LB contents and that means the turnover in initials is quick.

Faith’s post for all the links and more details.

Rose Marine

My old post with the details about the Group Gift and LB’s


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Womanstuff Jumble

I got my hunting goggles on after Swaffette Firely reminded me about The Womanstuff Hunt ! I had totally forgotten it had begun..doh. Anyyyywayy SF Design is in it and I have to say the outfit is a stunner. You get a whole outfit, “Diane” comprises of a fabtastic pair of grey pants, and blouse. The pants are superb..kinda made me think that if these can be made without mesh…and look this awesome..whats the point of mesh? Apparently these are going to be released into the store in March in squillions of colours- hohum…ages to wait but worth it ! The blouse is scrummy..great cuffs and a sweeeeet peplum waist with belt..

Onto another complete outfit, this time from Tres Beau “stroll”, its pretty glam but definitely snuggly for a long walk on a winters day. Adore the giraffe print on the leggings & scarf, the jacket  fits really nicely and looks like it would keep out the wind chill here at the moment ! I’m also wearing a skin thats set out as a gift in the Womanstuff HQ, from envy me and its pretty deelish. Beauty spot over the lip and luscious pink lips..which reminds me..

Head over to the hunt HQ and collect an armful of pressies laid out for you! Not only is the hunt amaaaazing but..if like moi you really aren’t good at hunting..they have giftsss for you to collect. You do need to join the group but it’s no fee …above I cobbled together a lil look from a few items I found there. Classic grey pants from Winterwood (they come with a sweater also) A white cardi from Cynful, you also receive it in black…and a skin from LaVie…quite the find huh? I didn’t have time to look at them all so go look!

Heres the info:

Diane outfit: SF Design

Stroll outfit: Tres Beau

Gifts location: Womanstuff Hunt HQ

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Yes yes yes..I have returned from a much sunnier place, just to be here in good olde England for Christmas yay! Felt good to get back onto home ground…not so good when the wind and sleeting rain hit my freshly sun baked skin bleh..oh well onwards! Had a massive amount of inventory hits whilst I was away ..gawd…I cant possibly show them all or Id be into heres one of the ones I really liked..

Cynful sent out an early pressie for Xmas via their subscribo…these darling sweaters/sweatshirts “day off”…you get one in glossy red with white trim ..and one in a lovely silvery white with snowflakes printed on…brilliant !

Xmas gift: Cynful


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Be Cynful

Into my hot little paws this outfit was delivered today ! It’s from Cynful, which if you havent been there before is stuffed with smokin hawt gear..the group gift consists of the Eve britches & Zone’s off the shoulder top. The pants are get a choice of skinny cuffs or chunky ole flares..I ❤ the top verrrry much..superbly crafted bell shaped sleeves that sat perfectly with no adjustment and a great torso prim with the tiniest little button detail on each side…thanks Cynful for a deeelicious gift!

Go get hawt : cynful

For the curious: All poses by Magnifique poses , necklace by Krash