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I need a hug!(10Ld Cutie).

Just to add to my craptastic weekend and start the week, I’m running out of coffee, seriously blood will be spilled if I don’t get a fresh jar of my fav brew!

So I decided to quit RL for a little while so I can just take a break and I’m glad I did because I found this super little romper set.

I can hear you all say “not another one” me too lol but this comes in 2 pieces, top and….

…super cute and sexy bottoms.  Worth the 10Lds joining fee just for these frillies alone.  You have to join the Rir group for these and they come in ALL the mesh bod fits.

Rir Design

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Thank You Faith. (Freebie).

Faith normally does the KoKoLores hair but I whinged and moaned and she caved in for me to let you show you this Group Gift plus I point out to her that “I rock” this hair and I bet she will agree.

KoKoLores or at least the hair shop isn’t really well-known to me, where you rezz inworld there is 2 nice sized shops onw is for the hair and the other is a makeup and pose shop and that’s the one I usually pop into but when the notice came out that the VIP Group fee was FREE for a limited time I went into the hair shop for a change.


PS Just in case Faith thinks this is the Free dress I had mentioned to her sorry but it’s not, I tried the Freebie on and sadly it didn’t “rock” so I binned it.  If anyone is interested in this futuristic sheer naughtiness then drop me an inworld note or a comment at the end.  It’s not a freebie but it was worth every Linden I spent on it a long time ago, see “save money to spend money”.


Back to the hair.  KoKoLores has a pretty unique hair colour palate with lots of quirky and young styles and tbh I’m pretty sure that anyone could find themselves a hair from here.  Since I’ve never bought a hair from here before I can’t tell you much and I didn’t even have time to grab a few demos but what I do know is that this Free hair comes with a pretty big colour option Hud.  Most of the colours are in the subtle pastel range and as you can see a lot of two tones as well.


I’ve added the link to the marketplace shop where you can see the unique styles and colours for yourself and grab some demos before you get inworld.


KoKoLores Marketplace

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Get UP yer lazy boogers! (Freebie).

I snagged this excellent gift from GothiCatz you don’t even need to join the GothiCatz group, just pay the board 0Lds and snag away.


Such a sweet little dressing gown which comes in all the mesh sizes, mesh body sizes and I do believe fitmesh as well.

TBH I snagged this freebie at about 2.30am last night when I couldn’t sleep but I was too tired to do much.  I did do a very quick scan of the shop and of course when I get back inworld I will be checking it out properly.  In the brief time I was there what I did notice was Lucky Chairs in the back of the shop and although the title of this shop has “Gothic” in it oodles of lovely dresses for anyone’s personal style.

OK Thats me done LOL.  Have a great day.


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Welcome back old friend.

The monthly “The Dressing Room” event was the first discounted event I ever started to go to and I have to confess that this is the place which started off my Essence skin addiction because it was the only place you could pick up an Essence skin at a very CHEAP price.  I’m over that addiction, still love the skins though, and PumeC has been my skin of choice for a couple of years now.  OK so basically everything at this event is priced between 40-100Lds and not only is this bargain priced items all of it comes from well-known shops and a lot if not all of it is fresh new designs.

A good mix of skins, hair’s, shoes, and usually there is a good mix of clothes, jewels, make up, shoes, skin and hair etc and at the prices they’re not only quality stuff but so tempting, I think I’m wearing one of the eyes shadows I picked up from there but I can’t be a 100% sure…but I am pretty sure LOL.


As soon as I spotted this delicate pretty romper on the Fishy Strawberry stand I didn’t even bother to grab the demo I threw my 60Lds at it grabbed the pink one and TPed straight home to put it on.  So delicate so pretty so feminine it’s making the RL me want to put on a face mask, crank up the central heating  and go lounge like a lady of leasure…unlike the hard working woman I really am.


You get 2 items in this pack, as well as all the sizes, you get this full romper and a wear on its own top which will look so pretty teamed with basically anything ie shorts, jeans or as is shown in the Fishy Strawberry picture a cute pair of panties. As it happens I was in such a rush I forgot to put the Alpha layer on! and didn’t even notice, although it’s hardly a hardship popping an Alpha layer on but I’m wondering if I could wear my mesh body without having to bother using the alpha hud.  Thats just a meandering thought because you of course will be able to grab the demo and try before you buy.

It’s nice to see it’s back and with a new small pretty shopping area set out it’s easy to just have a saunter around and at the prices treat yourself….and NO GACHAS! Woo Hoo LOL.

The Dressing Room (TDR)

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Lazy Mondays Freebie.

My Monday’s Kiss is this quirky Free hair.  Going to keep this short and sweet, sorta.


Popped over to Asteria Creations to check out a new design and spotted that they also have Group Gifts inside as well as the large amount outside.  Where you rezz you will see to the right is a large amount of Free to Join Group Gifts and to the left you will see a sign for all the discounted items and if you walk straight ahead into the mainshop there are even more Freebies inc this hair.  You will have to join the SL Frees % Offers group to grab it but the group joiner is right there.

See quick and sweet but I managed to have a quick look at the new designs and there is some really winter glam outfits in there so if you have some Lindens to spare and want some new clothes this is a good place to check out.

Asteria Creations


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Good Luck (Freebie).

My time in SL was limited this morning but as I was rummaging through my invent I came across and old Freebie from  Pique Crystal’s shop mimpi and decided to do a quick pop over to see if it was still there or a new gift was out  just as I rezzed in the little shop a whole load of other AV’s landed on my head lol, a shout out for this excellent freebie must have been sent out in a group but as far as I can tell not one of the groups I’m in so it was just lucky that I came across it.


Simple and adorable and as I said a Free Group Gift!


A big 25 colour option Hud!


All the shades from the lightest of blondes to pastels and some ombres.  Best of all even on its own it’s so sweet but add some flowers or a little tiara and awww so cute.

It’s so hard to find good and free hair so with the limited amount of time I had inworld this morning to literally stumble upon this was a nice little boost.  Now that I’ve been in to LM grab this, and yes people are still TPing in for the Freebie, I can see that there isn’t a massive selection but if you’re after Kawaii then this is the place for it.  Some really lovely hair here…and then I had to log out LOL.

PS taken in the lovely sim setting to show you how good the hair and PumeC skin looks but of course this shirt is the free one from a recent previous post just with one of the other textures.