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I’m in the group.(50Ld Group Gift).

I’m glad I was already in the Fetch group as if I had paid the 50Lds to join just to grab this I would have wasted my 50Lds.  Can you guess why?  Yup, Maitreya only…at least I think it’s Maitreya as the board says nothing but it fits like a Maitreya to me. It’s no great loss as I was already in the group and if you’re a Maitreya then this is adorable.

The top and bottoms come as separates with a hud, 3 shades for the bottom and 3 different ones for the top.  As you can see lots of crinkles and wrinkles and what you can’t see is almost but not quite some sexy underboob flashing.



Blogging SL, Uncategorized, Virtual Fashion Feed

I’m still in my Jim Jams.(Freebie).

Yes it’s 10.41am in the UK and I’m sat here in my saggy baggy flannel old man PJ pants and oversize, overstretched jumper and I had a big fat chocolate heart for breakfast, yum yum yum…did I happen to mention that chocolate is a laxative?  Something some of you may want to keep in mind when buying your loved one a gift esp if you have sexy plans for later.

Anyhow a simple and delightful little sleep set. Top n shorts.


TBH I have been trying to avoid anything very Valentine inspires esp in the clothes/lingerie dept but this top quality freebie from Fame Femme is brill.  Comes in just SLink and Maitreya mesh bods, but again you may find they fit your shape well or simply add an alpha from your invent.  They come as separates as well.  Gonna be a keeper.

PS It’s the poster on the wall to the left in the shop, it has a big bunch of balloons in front of it and so easy to find.

Just a reminder about my previous post, I’ll put the link to it at the bottom.  Don’t let the fact it’s a “poem” put you off listening to it I personally cannot stand poetry at best it goes right over my head and at worse it bores the T*Ts off me, trust me I’m just being more honest than most people.  I am an avid book reader so it’s not that I don’t enjoy the use of the written word but poetry, nope, but this one sings to my heart and everyone, even if they have a significant other should listen to it and take it to heart as you never know what your future holds for you but it’s ultimately better to be alone than be with someone and feel alone!

Fame Femme

How to be alone.