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The perfect fit

Neve shorts & shirt NEW! Four variatins per pack via HUD

Ohhhh you’re gonna love this, I was sooper excited as soon as I saw shorts! Why? wellllll I’ve gone to the dark side , aka: 100% meshiness, and I’ve been searching for a really great pair of shorts for like ever. Cue Neve and their brandspankin lipsmackin range of short shorts ! Ohmaigawd, seriously they fit, I mean they REALLY fit, and best of all – using the handydandy HUD you get four colours in each pack PLUS, you can turn off the pockets hanging down. I know , I’m a freak – but I just loathe the “pocket poking out” thang. Options for button colour, belt loops also. Heaps of choices on the shorts, denim to floral and anything inbetweeny, hardest part is making a choice.

Neve shorts & shirt NEW! Four colours per piece included via HUD

This shorts pack is SO moi! Floral, delicate and cute, I’ve left the pockets poking out just incase you like that look – but they do vanish if you use the HUD. Both shorts featured are also new out and called “Dixie”. I went for the plaid  and then the lively pack for the second pic. Such a versatile piece and a classic look with the knotted front. All items are in the following sizes: Maitreya Lara, Slink Physique & Hourglass, Belleza Isis & Freya and the Standard Sizes XXS – M. Go grab yourself some demo’s !

Neve store

Neve market place

Neve blog

Blogging SL, Uncategorized, Virtual Fashion Feed

So much – for so little

Stars Fashion Mall always has a few great deals…theres three out at the moment…two of which Id like to share with you. Above is “Night Princess”, a really COMPLETE outfit ! You get the mesh boots (modify yay), mesh skirt, mesh jacket and a sheer tee….phew…The jacket has some really lovely detail on it…gold zippers dotted about…absolutely perfect fit for me in medium, the skirt I went for a small (as I have no butt)…all this for just 99L….and only on special promotion for one week…

I also loved this set “guitar queen”, a little more rawrrrrr ! Included is the breast tattoo, bra, mesh shirt, cut off shorts, fishnets and the same boots as the outfit above…again, amazingly this is only 99L , and for one week only…market place links below, dash!

Stars Fashion Night Princess

Stars Fashion Guitar Queen


How complete do you want it

Sometimes “complete” means jeans and a tee..sometimes it means jeans a tee and sneakers..but at Pink Label it means a whole bunch more! There are new goodies on offer and boy-oh-boy the “complete” outfits are seriously…stuffffed with gear ! Above is one of the looks packed into the Azure Leopard box,shorts,tee,shoes,dress,bracelets,choker,earrings *phew*..

Sweet little dress with a snug bodice & flared skirt..both outfits look fabbo with the matching Dana heels…lotsa options on the shooz for metal colours,skin tones etc and sooper easy to use. The co-ordinating jewelry is lully..I so love the Azure colour..summery and fresh..

Another option in the new range of complete outfits is the “Snow Leopard” set. Very crisp and cool…great shorts that cling to your derriere…

Personally I love the Snow Leopard set..but uhm…well the Azure blue is also hot…plusssss I kinda loved the other colours too..but you know what? If you’re as indecisive as moi, it’s not really a problem..each set..the complete thing from shoes to just 89L *faintsdies*…

Other news..Talena has hidden two shades of her rather splendid Dita heels in her store for only 25L! Your job is to find themmm -my fav ever shooooz from Pink Label! If you’ve got grabby hands over the jewelry sets above, there is a one-off set in black & gold placed out for sale at an incredible 10L..stop gawping and get shopping !

Go be complete: Pink Label


Newness @ Esther Jen!

::Esther Jen:: Group Gift

Yaaaaay don’t you just love gifties?!?!  I sure doooo!  Jennie put out a new group gift for everyone!  It’s in the lil pink box on the desk as you walk in her lovely shop!!  It comes with a couple color choices of shorty shorts andddd a couple colors of this simple yet fabulous cami!  On a day like today (it was suuuper rainy out near me), something summery and skimpy makes me just craaave summer! Head on into her shop to snatch up the gift for group members!

::Esther Jen:: Bow Sweater blue - 100L

Andddd also available is this new Bow Sweater!  It comes in 4 colors at 100L each.. you can snatch up the fatpack for 300L!  Adorableee detail of the bow at the bottom of the sweater, and the slouchy sleeves and blousy give you that comfortably sweet look!  Absolutely love the ice blue color!  (I paired it with the shorts in the group gift to give it a very springy feel!)

::Esther Jen:: Patchwork High Tops - 200L

I don’t think ya’ll know this about me yet…but I just loooooooove shoes. I can’t get enough of them, and if my SL closet were real I’d be in huge spacial troubles….hehe anywho….these new Patchwork High Tops are my new fav sneaks to prance around in.  The detailing is phenomenal, and the untied laces are so typically me . These are worth wayyy more than 200L so go get em quick!

::Esther Jen:: Polka Dot Flats - 100L

Need a last minute pair of shoes to go with that Easter outfit?? These Polka Dot Flats are a perrrfect add-on to any outfit!  Whether it’s with your favorite jeans or that flouncy dress, you can never go wrong with flats!  The pastel colors work perfectly for this spring season!  I’ve got them on right now! hehe  Go grab em for 100L!

Don’t forget to join the ::Esther Jen:: group if you haven’t done so already!

Taxi for ::Esther Jen::


I got Trapt

Trapt Spring outfit 90L

Oh yeahh… Mister Trapt Brentley owner of “trapt” has some juicy new releases to show off…First up The Spring outfit…cropped tank and perfect low slung denim shorts…really great texturing on these…the tee has a subtle sheen to it, the shorts have awesome stitching around all the seams…lotsa colours to choose from…’course I went for the green !

Trapt ripped shorts & spring outfit tee

One thing I noticed is that a lot of the jeans & shorts are unisex, when I say unisex I mean REALLY…not some guys/girls stuff shrunk or made larger..I’ll see if I can nab Steve later and get him to show these ripped knee length shorts..they like totally ROCK my world..bikini tops,tanks,tee’s all would look hot with them, they come in quite a few shades..fat pack of all four tones will set you back just 200L,single colour is only will wear these to death trust me.

Trapt Argyle Shorts 125L

Last up I had to show you the Argyle shorts (Id call em capris but as their unisex I’m guessing shorts is better for the guysss  ) You can grab a hold of these in heapsss of colour ways..muted two tones that I love..naturally Im gonna go with a pinky & purple combo right? The fabric is lushhh strokable sort of velvet..great cuffs that required no prim fiddling..some awesome greeny blue palettes also..fat pack of them is gonna cost you only 600L-thats seven versions I are  125L…snaffle up that greedy box for a steal deal…

Trapt Argyle shorts

Go get trapped: Trapt

Credits: poses: hate me eat me (prices from 2L-25L) sneakers HOC (45L I seem to recall  with colour change)