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Sweetness & Light


I’m always on the look out for something new & pretty to share with you…so when I popped to see my dear friend Fey, I was astounded when she told me that the outfit she was wearing was a free gift *faint*. The mesh jacket and skirt are from Umi usagi and Fey won it on a luckyboard there (group is free join and I think you need to be in it to get lucky)…you probably can’t see from my totally useless photos but its got such a LOT of detail…and looks SO classy…


The socks are from one of Fey’s all time fav stores G Field and go really well with the school uniform style…her shoes are from the freebie wall at curious kitties, take some time to explore the freeb’s there, there are positively oooooodles of them ! Fahhhbulous look Fey and thank you for being patient while I fiddled about ❤

Umi usagi


Curious Kitties

Blogging SL, Uncategorized, Virtual Fashion Feed

I was curious

Id heard a lot about Curious Kitties…so as I couldn’t sleep last night I decided to head over there and see what all the fuss was about…I landed smack bang on top of a board of free gifts – now that’s cool ! Picked up this twirly girly skirt and top…look fahhhbulous together…the shirt has an alpha layer so you don’t get any pokey-outy bits hurrah!

Then I spotted this fantabulous free hair…well its more like a head sculpture…you get different coloured flowers to adorn the tree…as I was vamping it up..I picked red…and then wriggled into this gorjuss free dress…lovely details…that you can see SO well because I’m a rubbish photographer *grins*…the choker was also free in white, found that as I mooched about..

I was totally over excited by the butterfly game ! Theres a couple of these dotted about the store…pick up your free hammer and wear it…sit on one of the treasure boxes that surround the glass dome and click MADLY ! Eventually- and it does take  a while (easier with more people hitting) it will burst open and someone gets a gifty yay! GREAT FREE FUN…go get your hammer and go for it.

Curious Kitties


Curious Melons

A real team effort we have here. Zan found this pretty bikini from Curious Kitties, Faith took the picture and here I am doing the writing. Well, to be honest, I get the easy part because Zan’s provided the writing as well and so, without further delay, here she is.

I was so desperate to blog this juicy little bikini before Faith got her hands on it.  I’m not usually into cute prim bikinis but I just LOVE this one. It’s brightly coloured, fun and such a good fit and best of all when you move it moves well with you so no bits of yourself come popping out that shouldn’t. There are some other interesting free items to be had. Shoes with a unique flare to them, a black dress which is pitch black in colour, a fuzzy skirt, shoes etc and even a chest enhancer for those of us who are less well endowed(in Second Life).

No matter what your tastes are I’m sure you will either find something to buy or at least have fun looking as it’s a very interesting looking store.

Be Curious: Curious Kitties