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Pale in Comparison

Faith has already told you guys about the Culture Shock event so I’ll not repeat what she said except to say what a great idea it is and that the cause is extremely worthwhile. There is a huge amount of stores and the place is always buzzing with people.

I’ve been lucky enough to be sent Akeruka’s Culture Shock exclusive skin, Antonio, to show you guys. As you’d expect, this skin looks as good as any you’d normally see from Akeruka with their trademark attention to detail well on show. Antonio is quite pale, obviously a little shy of the sun, but we can’t hold that against this skin because the tone of this skin seems to bring out those details I was just talking about even more. I really like the shape of the eyes and the face as a whole is very good-looking.

Antonio can be picked up for L$1800 and 50% of this will be donated to Médecins Sans Frontières so it’s definitely money worth spent as you not only get to look good, you get to help a worthwhile cause. Head on down and check it out before it ends on the 26th of May. Thanks Kaoz!

Get the gear here: Akeruka @ Culture Shock

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Culture Shock and added freeness

Hola ! The Second annual “Culture Shock” event runs until May 26th ! The chosen charity for this event is Médecins Sans Frontières (Doctors without Borders) As you arrive at this event you are checked for high scripts…so be sure to remove all unnecessary items (my shoes were the worst!) or you will find a red barrier preventing you from entering. There is soooo much to see…about 180 designers worth of stores to explore, and all for a great cause. [echo] is one of these, and the lovely Echo Requiem send me a box of her items to show you ! Above I’m wearing the plaid Interval mesh jacket…traditional design with extra flair…sits beautifully over one of the ligature leather mesh skirts …totally adore this style of skirt..the brilliant leather look, coupled with a jaunty flared hem…perfect…(check out the red, super classy tone)..I’m also wearing this months gift skin from Filthy “Jasmine” in beach tan, you get a boatload of skins in various shades…join fee applies, and with a skin like this as a gift…just DO it !

Had to keep that leather skirt on, this time worn with the latest group gift from Schwarz, a teeny top that leaves your torso mostly bare..yumm…thanks Gelsi ❤ There is  a small group join fee, but totally worth it for the  offers & gifties ! My jewelry is from the fantastique sale at Dark Mouse..10L for single packs, 25L for fat packs *faints*…I took Zan over and she went CRAZY ! Its such awesome quality you just cant stop buying..go to the rear of the store, and enter the red tent…these items will not be available after this grab em while you can (SIX luckyboards in the store to stalk also !)

Last I was wandering around Culture Shock..I stumblebumbled over a free gift from AlterEgo…a box containing six versions of this sweet outfit, you get the stockings and dress…peek at the rear…gorjuss chain that runs up your spine…thanks alterego !

[echo] at Culture Shock

alterego at Culture Shock

Schwarz group gift

Dark Mouse (sale area behind )

Filthy (199L join fee)

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Salty Seadog

Looks like the designers in SL are opening the summer floodgates early this year…I hung out down by our jetty for this nautical themed outfit..mesh sailor top in beige by CandyMetal (other colours available) new mesh moccasins also by CandyMetal…and some easy going shorts by Somnia. (These shorts are for Culture Shock and are 50% off the normal price..all proceeds from this event go to Médecins Sans Frontières, also  in addition to the three donation items 50% of all the regular items from Somnia at Culture Shock will also be donating 50% to Médecins Sans Frontières. )

Arisaris have pulled out all the stops with this gorjus mesh baggy styled blouse & belt combo…absolutly love the rich ruby colour and big floral pattern. The belt is just perfect, great big tassels at the ties…and sits comfortably around your hips.

Bubblez have also headed into summer with this new release dress.”Lovelove”..washed out colours that fade to the hemline..crochet straps, shabby buttons..perfect ! I’m also wearing the May skin gift from Hush…”Marin” in the vanilla skin tone with rainbow make up ! I’m wearing a new release by Hush in the other photos also , “Lily” seduce in honey…Ive rapidly fallen in love with Hush skins…check out the lips on Lily…just peachy…and sooo kissable (I’m reliably informed)…

Hush: May gift and new skin Lily

Bubblez: Lovelove dress

CandyMetal: sailor mesh top, mesh moccasins

Flowers a gift from Player (awww)


Culture Shock

The first annual Culture Shock event began on the first of this month and is absolutely huge. There is a massive amount of stores involved all of them showcasing their fantastic gear including exclusive items for the event and 50-100% of the profits from these items will go to the Médecins Sans Frontières (Doctors Without Borders) charity. So I took myself down there and spent some money gladly, knowing it was going to a very good cause.

The first item I have to show you, above, is the limited edition ‘Kiss Me…’ shirt from T Junction (thanks to Kalli Serevi for sending this to me). You guys will have all seen the quality of their gear here on our blog before so you know what you’re getting: great colours, wonderful shading and creasing and the always cool slogans. I can’t forget the great prices and this top will only cost you L$75.

Next I’ve got the ‘Simple V’ in white from Atomic. For L$100 you can pick up this fresh looking top that comes on all layers (and I do mean all) and comes with sculpted, fantastic looking sleeves. One little detail about this shirt I really like is that the hem is slightly skewed with one side being longer than the other, giving it a nice loose look.

The hairstyles and eyes I’ve worn in all the above pictures come from the MADesigns Culture Shock exclusive which includes these three brilliant spiky, mohawky ‘dos: Simon (Skunk Black),  Jake (Dark Brown VIII) and Colt (Black IV). These are all you’d expect from MADesigns, great examples of masculine hair. You also get a black hairbase on the tattoo layer to blend in with these styles but that’s not all. The pack includes three pairs of eyes as well: Island Green, Nature Run and Dark Imaginings. And we’re still not finished! You also get a pair of prim eyes (which I’m wearing in the third picture). I’ve never worn prim eyes before and I was surprised at how well they sat in my eye sockets and the mismatched colours, very different and I just loved it. This full to the brim of awesomeness pack will only cost you L$500.

The poses I’ve used in this post are from Status and are also at Culture Shock, male and female poses and the pack I bought is called Samson for L$75.

This is just a very small slice of Culture Shock and this is one event you should definitely see. Unlimber those wallets, have a wander around and donate to an extremely worthwhile cause while you pick up some super stuff for yourself.

Get the gear here: Culture Shock 2011