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Something a Big Bit Different!

Culprit NEW !

Oh WOW! I had a ball playing around wearing this Cyber suit & Boots from Culprit !! I was so surprised that Culprit made this sort of item – its AWESOME!! Hard to show but there are neon lights zipping around the body seams on the suit. The boots come along with the suit and they are totally a style Id wear and wear and wear.

Culprit NEW !!!

The body suit is all shiny and sci-fi – I need a blaster gun right? So many colours of this from black to bright green and every shade in between. Check out the skully logo across the chest !

Culprit NEW NEW

As you can see the boots are aged to perfection, fantastic textures for these also , you can wear them with the cyber suit or alone. Fits for: Maitreya, Maitreya Petite, Legacy and Legacy Perky, the boots has fits for : Maitreya & Legacy.

Thanks Culprit Team ❤

Culprit Inworld Store

Eye make up by Zibska

Backdrop “Space Mountain” by Synnergy

Hair by Magika – Eliza

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Flying around – Culprit Limited Time Promo !

Wearable plane with multi message banner ! @ Culprit

Oh My Lord – I dashed straight over to Culprit when the notecard came through about this wearable plane! I love wearables ❤ This little beauty comes in several different colours and is on sale till the 15th August @ $100L – discounted fat pack also available. The banner has a menu of various slogans for all occasions – its fantastic.

A few words from the creator Eku –

“The Banner Plane is Bento rigged so it auto sizes to your avatar.
You do not need to rez the Plane, simply right click on it in your inventory and select ADD.

You can use the arrow keys to navigate and page up and down of course for up and down. If you hold down the left mouse you will do a barrelroll.

Be sure to fly safely, do not divebomb innocent grannies (guilty ones don’t count)”


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Happy 1st Birthday to IBTC !

FREE Outfit from Neve & Beach ball kitty from Apricot

How time flies ! Its IBTC’s first anniversary already. Great round and a few birthday treats for us to collect. First up is this superbio shorts & tee set from Neve , comes with a Hud giving four colours for each piece. Fits include Maitreya, Maitreya Petite, Legacy and Legacy Perky – Thanks Neve ❤ My kitty beach ball is another gift from Apricot – dead cute.

FREE Dress fatpack from Lybra

I also loved this classy little dress given by Lybra, a fat pack of colours wooo! Loads of mesh body fits included. There are also three more gifts at the centre of the event by the notice boards, plus others on the stands.


Hair by Monso @ Collabor88

Motor boat by Culprit

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$25L SALE !

Culprit gacha sale - $25L !

Oh wow ! Culprit has a range of their fantastical gahca items for sale most are just $25L a pop (ALL the ones I played were $25L) Now if you haven’t experienced anything from Culprit you’re in for a BIG surprise – they are just awesomesauce and a little bit more. Id never seen the frog gacha before so had a few whirls on it and voila – won me a rare rideable !!! The animations are just SO funny I adore them.

Culprit gacha sale $25L per pop!

Also tried the Qilin gacha – really fantasy based – rideables and companions to get – I seemed to get rares very easily – dead chuffed.

Culprit gacha sale $25L

Of courrrrse I had to have more of the Unicorns ! I’ve got a few of these but Id never managed to get THIS rare rideable – made my heart smile. The animations are so easy to use – no ao or hud to wear, wear it and walk, or run . Make sure to turn your AO off first.


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Fly By Friday – What did I buy?

Of courrrrse I bought the Culprit PodFish Kingyo ! Brill deal for just $100L, you get the fishy vehicle and the rezzer – which you can set so that it will only rez a set amount of fish. Each fish is just 7Li, the rezzer is also 7Li. Smooth ride too with the usual fantastic animations from Culprit. Three choices of fish – naturally I went for the pretty and colourful version, but there’s a scary one and a more subtle variant if you prefer.


Fly By Friday Catalogue

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Give a little to recieve a lot.(Big Fat SALE).

Even if you don’t have an SL home you will know the Culprit range as it’s builds and decor are used by many shops and homes in SL but behind the brand is real people just like you and me, never too sure about Faith though!  As just like RL can be totally SH*TTY for all of especially when it concerns trying to get insurance companies to cough up it turns out that the owner of Culprit needs a new roof and in an effort to raise funds has SLASHED the prices across their whole range…OH HELL YES! TAKE MY MONEY!

This simple picture taken in situ is just to show you the absolute quality of their builds and this greenhouse, now in my invent, only costs 100Lds and although I can’t remember the prims they were more than reasonable.

I do have a problem though because I already own so many items from Culprit it’s actually hard to find something I either don’t already own or I wouldn’t really use but I’ve just scratched the surface and so far I have this building for 100Lds, an umbrella stand and a cute Gacha win but when I log in I’m going to search this sim from top to bottom for more goodies.

I have to mention that some of the builds are as little as 50Lds and yes I already own them and yes I paid FULL PRICE! So it hurts my miserly soul to see such bargains.


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“Fairy” unique & affordable


AngelWings Spring Fairy in pink 25L complete outfit - Culprit UniQrn Fantasy Gacha Carnival (rideable!) kokolores hair Sukey for Suicide Dollz NEW

The Culprit UniQrn made me re-think my taste, primarily why I rarely if EVER wear anything fantasy themed. So I went forth to the market place and browsed a little, then came across a store called AngelWing. Boy-oh-boy so many gorgeous fairy outfits and all seemingly at $25L complete ! I bought a few, but as they were a mix of sculpts,flexi and traditional layers I wasn’t expecting to be overly impressed. WRONG ! The level of detail is awesome, yes I vowed never to wear flexi after mesh came in but but but – these are just too pretty to cast aside. Such intricate work has gone into these outfits. There are so many parts of the complete outfit, but you really don’t have to wear it all, also a choice of wings, one version with falling particles – cute! Btw my hair is by kokolores and is called Sukey, ontrend styling and for sale at the Suicide Dollz event that should open today. I popped over to check it all out and they were still setting up and had an ejector thingy on. Prolly should go there later today?

AngelWing Adorabelle complete outfit 25L Culprit  UniQrn Fantasy  Gacha Carnival (rideable!)

I think my fav was this one above, its called “adorabelle” and its stunningly pretty. Anklets with jingling bells, a fan, plus two staff’s that animate you into various poses – all for $25L  that’s really some steal. Anyway, not only on the market place but a inworld store (which I so much prefer) , I spotted some gorgeous gowns whilst I was there – go take a peek. If you’re wondering about my UniQrn, its by Culprit and will be on sale at The Fantasy Gacha Carnival on the twelfth of this month – I’ve rezzed what is really a wearable and rideable attachment – unless you’ve got 88 spare prims – DON’T rez it, just ADD, ride and have fun ! (see blog post below for all info on the UniQrn)

AngelWing store

AngelWing market place

Fantasy Gacha Carnival Blog

Suicide Dollz