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Fly By Friday – What did I buy?

Of courrrrse I bought the Culprit PodFish Kingyo ! Brill deal for just $100L, you get the fishy vehicle and the rezzer – which you can set so that it will only rez a set amount of fish. Each fish is just 7Li, the rezzer is also 7Li. Smooth ride too with the usual fantastic animations from Culprit. Three choices of fish – naturally I went for the pretty and colourful version, but there’s a scary one and a more subtle variant if you prefer.


Fly By Friday Catalogue

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Give a little to recieve a lot.(Big Fat SALE).

Even if you don’t have an SL home you will know the Culprit range as it’s builds and decor are used by many shops and homes in SL but behind the brand is real people just like you and me, never too sure about Faith though!  As just like RL can be totally SH*TTY for all of especially when it concerns trying to get insurance companies to cough up it turns out that the owner of Culprit needs a new roof and in an effort to raise funds has SLASHED the prices across their whole range…OH HELL YES! TAKE MY MONEY!

This simple picture taken in situ is just to show you the absolute quality of their builds and this greenhouse, now in my invent, only costs 100Lds and although I can’t remember the prims they were more than reasonable.

I do have a problem though because I already own so many items from Culprit it’s actually hard to find something I either don’t already own or I wouldn’t really use but I’ve just scratched the surface and so far I have this building for 100Lds, an umbrella stand and a cute Gacha win but when I log in I’m going to search this sim from top to bottom for more goodies.

I have to mention that some of the builds are as little as 50Lds and yes I already own them and yes I paid FULL PRICE! So it hurts my miserly soul to see such bargains.


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“Fairy” unique & affordable


AngelWings Spring Fairy in pink 25L complete outfit - Culprit UniQrn Fantasy Gacha Carnival (rideable!) kokolores hair Sukey for Suicide Dollz NEW

The Culprit UniQrn made me re-think my taste, primarily why I rarely if EVER wear anything fantasy themed. So I went forth to the market place and browsed a little, then came across a store called AngelWing. Boy-oh-boy so many gorgeous fairy outfits and all seemingly at $25L complete ! I bought a few, but as they were a mix of sculpts,flexi and traditional layers I wasn’t expecting to be overly impressed. WRONG ! The level of detail is awesome, yes I vowed never to wear flexi after mesh came in but but but – these are just too pretty to cast aside. Such intricate work has gone into these outfits. There are so many parts of the complete outfit, but you really don’t have to wear it all, also a choice of wings, one version with falling particles – cute! Btw my hair is by kokolores and is called Sukey, ontrend styling and for sale at the Suicide Dollz event that should open today. I popped over to check it all out and they were still setting up and had an ejector thingy on. Prolly should go there later today?

AngelWing Adorabelle complete outfit 25L Culprit  UniQrn Fantasy  Gacha Carnival (rideable!)

I think my fav was this one above, its called “adorabelle” and its stunningly pretty. Anklets with jingling bells, a fan, plus two staff’s that animate you into various poses – all for $25L  that’s really some steal. Anyway, not only on the market place but a inworld store (which I so much prefer) , I spotted some gorgeous gowns whilst I was there – go take a peek. If you’re wondering about my UniQrn, its by Culprit and will be on sale at The Fantasy Gacha Carnival on the twelfth of this month – I’ve rezzed what is really a wearable and rideable attachment – unless you’ve got 88 spare prims – DON’T rez it, just ADD, ride and have fun ! (see blog post below for all info on the UniQrn)

AngelWing store

AngelWing market place

Fantasy Gacha Carnival Blog

Suicide Dollz

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Once upon a time…


culprit unicorn

Are you sitting comfortably? Then I shall begin…In a far far land where most everything was made of cherry blossoms and sugar…and on and on…anywayyy you know I am really not one for waxing lyrical, or wearing fairy outfits…but those naughty little elves at Culprit MADE me do it ! Culprit has released quite possibly the best rideable UniQrn (no, that’s not a typo) in the univerrrrse. It is just beautifully amazing, so striking and bold, yet gentle and mystical all at once. This UniQrn is a wearable – so you wont take up any prims whilst using it – which frankly is like the best ever thing I could hear. Turn your AO off, and “ADD” the UniQrn, it’s also resizeable so you can get the perfect fit and will work with petites. This is their gacha item at the Fantasy Gacha Carnival which opens its doors on the 12th of this month.

culprit unicorn - Fairy complete outfit 25L

And off you go, on great adventures, or if you’re deadly dull like me shopping trips. The UniQrn is animated at a standstill, and when moving. In fact the movement is stunning, truly. I’ve owned so many horses and rideable pets in the past, but this surpasses all of them. The body looks fluid, nothing jerky, no ballooning legs, everything about it is natural and smooth. If you set your movement to run, a new animation takes over and you canter along at speed. Your body crouches lower and your arms move as if to spur the little beast onwards.


Here’s the key for all the beauties you could win. I’m showing the Palemist UniQrn, which as you can see is a rare. There are four rare rideable UniQrn’s, and twelve common BabyQrn pets that when added trot so prettily along beside you. There is also a mystery BabyQrn o.O ! Thanks Eku ❤

Fantasy Gacha Carnival Blog for all info and previews

Hair by KoKoLoReS info later

This event opens on the 12th of May

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Hands up – who’s tired of hoovering?

Culprit NEW - Wasabi pills FREE hair !

*shoots hand in air* YES me me me, I loathe hoovering – well unless it’s in SL as I have this super sooper hoover from RC Cluster that frankly I adore, it animates you so you easily swish through the dirt, it even makes sounds ! Anyyyywayyy (I’m getting to the point I promise) Culprit have a solution to your hoovering blues – indeedy. If you trot along to their stand at the Home Show 2015, you’ll see JUST the sweetest lil thing to help you out.


Culprit Grrrrmbah dog NEW!

Here they are ! These are the “Grrrrmbah dogs”, remember those hand dandy cleaners that were on autopilot? They cleaned your home without you around, you surely have seen viedos on you tube with various cats sitting on them – right? No? Ok here’s one to jog your memory:

The little doggies ride around, it’s actually hysterically funny. I set mine up (read the info note) and off the doggie went, swoooshing around , rotating, vacuming happily. BEST laugh I’ve had all week ! As I’m sat here typing this blog post, he’s still goingggggg lol Thanks Eku ❤

Home Show 2015

RC – Cluster

Wasabi pills FREE hair ! @ Fameshed

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Its Finally here ! Tag Gacha

Culprit Tag Gacha NEW!

Ever since I saw these delectable little wearable mopetta vehicles by Culprit, I’ve been wanting to pound on the doors of the Tag Gacha event ! It starts today yippeeee!  At $50L a pop they are totally affordabubble and so desirable. Nine to collect in total – two rares and one superduper mystery , o.O I woder what it is ! Above I’m driving the “popo” police one, its adorable and whizzes along at a nice pace that even I can control. The light at the front blinks on and off – don’t forget these are wearable vehicles, so no prims taken up.

Culprit Tag Gacha NEW! (Many more variants available!)

Heres a few more of the collection to wet your appetite, gotta love the dotty spotty one. Ohhh must mention they also have a resize function, so you can get a really perfect fit for all shapes and sizes. Thank you Eku ❤ I will be along ASAP to see if I can get my paws on the mystery one !

FYI: Tag gacha isn’t your every day gacha event, please read the blog site for further info on how to play Tag Gacha Blog

Culprit for Tag Gacha

Tag Gacha starting point (get your HUD here – you MUST have one to play)


I don’t think I’ve had as much fun as this for agesss ! I admit I did spend quite a lot as I went round the stores but it was all stuff I SO loved. I even managed to strike lucky with a clawtooth RARE coupon *squeee*. I crashed a coupla times but its getting busy out there. No worries though, your HUD will store all the places you’ve been too – go get your HUD and set off on your Tag Gacha adventure ❤

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Home & Garden Expo part trois

HGE Culprit 1 USE

More from the Home & Garden Expo ! Today I want to share some items from Culprit with you. I saw this villa on Flickr awhile ago and was super impressed. Its different and makes you want to twist and turn to see it from loads of angles . I spent ages playing with my windlight settings (and crashing because my graphics card hates me). In short if you’re looking for a unique build, or a special home – this is it. It has two levels, the ground floor is open, with arches leading to covered areas. On the bottom floor a beautifully simple pond decorated with Lilly pads is set into the paved floor. Its got soft and gentle watery noises – nothing that will have you reaching for the volume button!

HGE Culprit Villa

Upstairs are two spacious rooms or spaces, its airy and flows nicely, I thought perhaps a bathing area and bed chamber would be a good use of the areas. Everywhere you glance is another detail, another perfectly worked texture. The choice of colour and textiles is pretty outstanding. Even the gates open with a subtle swing, yes – I did play with them, something like a poorly chosen door script would set my teeth on edge – no worries here though !

HGE Culprit collage

It was enjoyable just being in this space, as you can see I couldn’t stop snapping away. The light just works so well through the windows and archways I was ever so impressed and a little bit giddy with excitement! Culprit has quite a few new items on show, like this fabbo brass lantern. I cammed inside and was delighted to find that the awesomeness extended actually inside such a tiny space.

HGE Culprit Brown leather seat

Ohhhh just one more thing from Culprit ? You’ve got to check this out – Not only some lovely poses for lounging about, but but but it’s just so pretty. It comes in brown or sleek black leather, my favourite is the brown, it has a really “lived in” look to it, like people have rolled around on it for years. Low low low Li and deliciously stylish – what’s not to love. Thankyou Eku ❤

Culprit @ The Home & Garden Expo 2014

Flickr isn’t working for me currently – will upload later