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Do you Speak it?

The language of love is what I mean. Well, do you? If the answer is no, well you can get a quick lesson at SF Design today. If the answer is yes… well then you can still get a great shirt. We can’t forget you ladies either, there’s some loveliness for you as well!

Today’s Monday Mania item for us men from SF Design is the fantastic Language of Love shirt. Clean, white and crisp, this is a great-looking shirt that comes on the shirt and undershirt layers and looks super with either pants or jeans. The real feature of this set is the tie and cufflinks. They are a both a wicked shade of red that goes well with the white of the shirt. Since I have enough struggles with English, I’m not entirely sure but I think the words written on the tie are ‘I Love You’ in many different languages.

Above you can see Faith looking amazing in the ever-so-pretty Valentine Tango dress. Gorgeous red and black pattern, ruffly looking skirt and that lovely, extremely eye-catching neckline. This is definitely a dress to impress ladies. As I’ve mentioned before I’m hopeless at describing female fashion so the only other thing I can really say is that from a male point of view, this dress is a sight to behold.

This is definitely the right time of year to be getting a couple of items like these two and for L$25, how can you say no? Remember you can only get them at this price for today only from the Monday Mania boards located inside the men and female casual sections of SF Design.

Get the gear here: SF Design


Rule Britannia

My colonial roots must be showing because when swaffette Firefly sent out her latest gift to the SF Unisex clothes group to commemorate the Royal Wedding, I just had to run up and get a picture of them to show you all.

The gift I’m speaking of are these very British cufflinks and bowtie featuring the Union Jack. As you can see, they go perfectly with one of SF Design’s tuxes (I’ve got the Godfather Tux on here minus the jacket). Both the cufflinks and bowtie and beautifully done but I especially like the cufflinks, zoom right in on the flag to appreciate how well it’s done. You also get the usual choices of a resizer scripted and non-scripted versions of both.

So even if you’re not British (or a colonial like me) you should join the SF Unisex Clothes group and pick up this gift from the Notices archive to celebrate the big day and give yourself a different option for your tuxedos.

Visit the store here: SF Design

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