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Naughty Naughty (Free)

In the great home swap I have been searching around for new-to-me furniture makers – which has proved difficult tbh, over a decade in SL you get to know them all! I was looking for pool side type of items and found a fantastic adult lounger by Nerenzo – seriously the animations and poses are SO good ! (and not just the adult ones) Anyway I decided to join the group so I would hear about new releases – and today received a notice about a new group gift – Oh la la – popped over and snapped it up and I have to say I’m super stoked. 14Li, two options on texture, hot water, cold water, singles, couples anddddd adult versions included – blimey ! When I joined I think the group was $50L, but double check – considering the quality its well worth it!

Group joiner as you arrive, the group gifts are over the other side of the store – with a BIG sign saying “Group gifts” ❤


Sun Lounger I bought


Double D(freebies)

In the UK Double D is a bra size but in SL it means FREEBIES.  First up is this lounger which I may have gone OTT with the sunlight (A girl can dream) but the clarity of the wicker work is excellent and so is the prim count, a mix of male and female poses as well.


Floatie! my beloved pool is getting a bit cramped but check out this floatie.  Awww only cuddle poses, the one of me sinking is my own.  Comes with a swirl of water around it.


I have this coffee pot in RL but then again most people will have or had one because it’s such a classic.  Can’t actually believe this is a single prim for the tray, pot and cups! and of course FREE.


There was other freebies from past seasons such as the pouffe I used in one of my last posts with some fun poses and a whole pagoda with furniture which because it’s all unlinked means you can rearrange it as you wish or just use the pieces you like.

Double D