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Put your running shoes on..

………and rush to Pilot because as a Happy Birthday pressie they have reduced the price of everything by 50% so if there is something you really wanted but just couldn’t afford or you are a Pilot addict and can’t get enough of them then this is the time to treat yourself but be QUICK because sadly this is only for this weekend which is why I’m getting this post out as quick as poss.

DollieAnd yes I caved in and bought  a new skyhome called Trautmann Skybox(I have no shame) but at 375Lds (will check next time I’m inworld) and only a tiny 20 PRIMS (I know it’s really IL) but honestly how could I not buy it.  2 rooms separated by doors that remain open until you click and shut them (which is a feature I LOVE) but there is a distinctive 3 areas because the main room has little steps leading up to a raised area.  OK pictures will show that better than I’m explaining.

New HomeThis is the view from the separate room the whole skyhome is pretty spacious with those large picture windows and the backdrop of tree’s.

New home2This is the view from the raised area and although you can’t see them if you look at the floor then you can see that the living area is a lighter shade than the raised area and there is steps down.

New home 3A better picture of what I’m trying to explain. This is also a more than reasonable side for a kitchen, study area whatever your hearts desire but check out the ceiling. Beams in the living area and a skylight in the raised and again all of this for only a land impact of 20! Amazing. But then again Pilot is well-known for seriously low primmed items.

Zoom back to the first picture and check out the dress.  I’m sort of rushing this post to let as many people get the chance to pop into Pilot and treat themselves but this dress is from my fav shop Dollie and yet again she’s given us an outstanding FREEBIE.  Mesh of course, a simple tube dress but with a dramatic slash back and that thick frill.  I have so many “dollie” outfits now so to get something as good as this for free is the icing on the cake.  Although if you haven’t by now join her group (free I believe) and grab the Group Gifts.  You don’t like the colour? don’t worry because she has 5 shades of this dress out in her shop all you have to do is find the 5 hidden treasure boxes click and type in the answer to the question.  Now don’t panic because she gives you those answers on her Facebook Page (and you don’t even have to “like” her unless you want to).


Pilot Marketplace (discount not offered but a chance to see what you can get when you’re in world just divide the price and that’s how much it will cost)


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OH Phil!

OH PhillipI bumped, humped and grinded my behind into his face and yet Phil managed to ignore me, looks like I have to pay my own tier fee this month.  What I should have done is stand up and flash the front of my skirt which because of the unlacedness means you can flash a little bit of muff (like me) or if you’re a good girl some pretty undies.

OH Phil! I went for the freebies at dollies and yet again ended up being tempted (the skirt above was only 100Lds so that’s hardly a bank breaking amount).  This dress is the freebie and is a  lovely striped cami dress. A basic tight-fitting dress with a draped top half.  As always with dollies this is shop quality texturing and not some naff cheapie brought in.  She is offering not only this colour but if you wander around her Brand New Shop and hunt out the little red dollie logo name dotted around you can get this colour and the rest 5 diff colours in total and they’re so bright and lovely I’m going back for the green and brown ones later.  You do have to join her group to grab the freebies but you’d be daft (that means silly) not to as she has some lovely group gifts out and the group if free to join so it’s a win win situation.

Bag use

OH Lord I almost forgot about the adorable clutch bag.  It slips over your hand and when I zoomed in closely you can even see the zipper tab.  Best of all comes with a colour changing hud.  This doesn’t change the main bag colour but changes the bow.  3 different colour choices makes it a lot more versatile and economical than a single bag on its own.  I’m not an accessory sorta person I even forget most of the time to use them in pictures but loving these simple and yet detailed little bags.  I still have my prize money from Boom left over so time to pay them another visit.  OK so I’m now standing in Boom and WOW what a selection of colours you can chose from for this little bag.  Too many to list tbh.  All are beautifully textured and so tempting from subtle browns to juicy colours. 125 a single bag but for a small amount more, 200Lds Princess pack, you can get 3 shades or if you’re feeling flush then the Goddess pack at 800Lds will be for you and thats a massive amount of colours and hud variations. I’m sticking with being a Princess:-)



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Sexy Sweet Treat

Because I’ve saved myself so many Lindens on plants I decided to treat myself to some new clothes and Dollie was the place I wanted to get my treats from.

Cropped 1New to Dollies is this lovely “see thru ruffled top”.  She’s managed to do something that still seems to be missing from a lot of clothes in that the mesh sleeves stretch with your arm moving without the mesh “breaking” or the texturing becoming ugly. You’ll be able to check that out with the demos.

Bloom 2Another great bargain priced shorts.  A lovely leather texturing and I chose the brown but of course like the top above there is a colour choice for you to chose from.

EdgeI’ve tried to zoom in so you can see the detailing but I think because of the dark shade it’s not as obvious.  What you have is slightly unzipped with folded over edging. I know that inworld I can see the zip details as well not that that’s important what is important is that they’re sweet and sexy.

I’ve blogged Dollies before and I will probably do so again because I love her clothes.  If your on a no Linden budget she has some great Group Gifts out and there is usually a hunt or two going on.


dollie Marketplace

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Flirty Dirty Little Shirty

Sorry about the title but I couldn’t resit it.  OK so all the Couture Whores have been there and filled their fishnets with all the goodies from the Whore Couture Fair so it means it’s not lag hell any more and safe to enter.

Snapshot_006Best off the shoulder little boyfriend shirt I found at dollies, a new shop to me, slightly hangs off both shoulders and is a  great fit and a sexy sweet look.

Snapshot_008And my excuse for buying this top is…sorry no excuse I just love clothes that have that cheeky draped look. Same shop same place less Lindens than the shirt (sorry I forgot how much it cost and I’m not searching Whore again to find the shop).

WOW am I glad I decided to call into the main dollie shop and not just checked out the smaller Whore one  because even as a hardened mesh head and blogger there is so much stuff here which is FRESH and NEW to my jaded eyes.  New styling, fresh spring colours, a flash of side boob here and lifted jumper there.  I’ve grabbed not only 6 demos to try on later but for 50Lds to join the dollie group I have grabbed a poorly hidden gift (on the tree trunk) but also a total of 8 group gifts.  Can’t wait till I relog in to unpack and check them out…and then maybe treat myself to some of the other clothes.

dollies MarketPlace

dollie inworld