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Get Your Free Bunneh!

Crybunbun FREE holdable bunny

Awwww look at my little fuzzy bunneh! This is for everyone at the CryBunBun store currently. It is smaller than above but I edited mine to a little larger – isn’t it just so precious?!

Crybunbun Hud

It even comes with a Hud for more super cute bunneh colours!

CryBunBun Store

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Don’t cry little “Crybunbun” (Freebie).

I stumbled on these as I was having a little sim/shop-hopping.

A rather interesting tippy-toe design, obv very Kawaii etc.

As you can see from the breakthrough these don’t come in an SLink fit you only get them in the Maitreya or Legacy fit.  You do get a hud which allows you to change everything apart from the toe bit.