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The Creative Spark – Autumn deals!

New round of TCS and Luminesse have these glorious pieces out on offer for just $62L. Two versions up for grabs, I have to say the one above is my fav – such pretty Autumnal tones in the stones.

Unaccustomed as I am to wearing this sort of item – I think I will try harder to incorporate pretties into my wardrobe, as these are just gorgeous. They do have a resize script built in , so unlike moi, you can adjust away for the perfect fit. The names are:

Luminesse Terezisa Verona Circlet

Luminesse Terezisa Maltia Circlet

I think I also spied a couple of anklets included in this round for just £25L !


Blogging SL, Uncategorized, Virtual Fashion Feed


Group gift non mesh. Hat included but not the necklace.

Group Gift non mesh. Same dress as above but with the Gatcha crown.

Group gift non mesh. Hat, beads, shoes all free.

Group gift non mesh. So much Tulle.  Ride on the sim.

First shop is called Sugarcoat and from there I got the amazing Gatcha crown for a cheap 40Lds.  Enough bling to make it pretty and not enough to make it nasty.  This is also the shop to go to for the sparkling grasses, coloured grasses, floaty soap bubbles, glittery lights and such prettiness for your land and home and pretty darn reasonably priced and a small selection of floaty dresses.  There is a couple of smaller shops with skin and wings which are just so lovely.

Sugarcoat. How inviting is this shop?

Worlds End Garden.  The shop is  small and perfect.

Worlds Ends Garden.  Nearly everything you see can be bought right there.

The first picture shows Sugarcoat and when someone spends time, money and imagination making their shop and land look that pretty you know you’re in for a treat.

The rest of the pictures (apart from the framing there is no photoshopping involved) is The Worlds End Garden.  BEAUTIFUL!  The shop is small but almost everything on the sim that you see is for sale.  So much easier and nicer to buy from where you see it in place and not have to TP somewhere else and find it.  I’ve not shown everything on this stunning sim but so well worth a visit just to calm the soul and maybe get a few pictures for your invent (as well as the dresses). WOW I’ve just been back to get the LM and found a secret TP to a little bit of heaven in the sky.  VISIT NOW!


Worlds End Garden