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Simply Beautiful

Ata Me

Not sure whats prettier the dress or the scenery.  For now we will agree on the dress.  From AtaMe a shop which may lean more towards the kinky latex style but seems to also really appreciate just great looks.  This dress is making me so vain.  I normally saunter around SL in my jeans, top and boots but I think I will be floating around in this dramatic cool ice queen dress for as long as there is snow on the ground.   A crochet pattern with diamond cutouts.  So sexy but check this out.

Ata Me1

Detach the skirt panels and you have some serious booty call going on.  A crochet catsuit.  Two looks for the price of one.  Not sure if that was intentional but who cares.  I was going to model it this  with my ice skates on and a wooly hat, scarf etc but then I wandered across Sugar Pink Cafe.

Sugar Cafe 5

Winter has brought out the creative genius and generosity in a lot of people.  This isn’t a private home it is in fact a cafe that is open to all.  Sugar Pink Cafe is its name and it has been  decorated for Christmas in the highest standard and set in a beautiful winter setting.

I want Candy

If you go to Ata Me for the Dea Gown dress (crotchet dress) then make sure to grab this group gift dress.  Called “Want Some Candy?”

Sugar Cafe 1

A lovely warm and cosy livingroom setting. Upstairs is a giftie of a minature sofa which is really a little radio..even that it so cute!

Sugar Cafe

The other half is a cafe setting.  If you’re wandering SL lost and lonely you couldn’t find a nicer warmer place to come and spend some time.  The people who have created this divine place should be rewarded with our gratitude (and maybe popping into their shops to see if there is anything equally tempting to buy) because a lot of time, imagination and money has been spent to make a place for all to enjoy.


Couldn’t resist 1 last photo and I promise no camera tricks.  You actually walk across that bridge from the shops to the Sugar Pink Cafe.  How divine.

Sugar Pink Cafe