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CroM Hunt

A fantastic little hunt going on at CroM – just right for doing during your coffee break ! Five items to hunt down, a board to show the prizes and just $5L a pop ! I found all five but these three are my favs.

There is a bedazzling array of mesh body fits in each box – I did use a fair few alpha’s on the outfit above but once Id sorted it out I thought it looked super – two piece so you can wear them as seperates.

The textures on this dress are SO lovely! The fit is perfect too – oh and! There is a free to everyone gift at the front of the store which is rather sweet. I’m heading back after I have completed my adult world today as there are some really lovely bits I’ve now got my eye on.


Blogging SL, Uncategorized, Virtual Fashion Feed

Infinity and Beyond(6ld Hunt).

I managed to pop back inworld and fortunately for me I found a seriously easy peasy Hunt to do.  What you’re looking for is a flower and each flower costs only 6Lds.  Whats extra nice is that there is a board to show you what is in each flower and the number of that flower so if you really don’t want a little skirt or dress like me but really want this top you just check what number the flower is before you buy.


As for the background, I don’t usually bother mentioning where my backgrounds since most are on our sim but this is an amazing infinity pool which is open to all. Until Faith and I rented our own sim finding somewhere to lounge by a pool that wasn’t a “pick up” place was nearly impossible so to me this is a really lovely place if you want to spend some time either on your own, with friends or a loved on.  Sadly it’s just a quarter of the sim and although I’ve not had a chance to mooch around the rest of the sim yet it does seem to be a mishmash of shops and other stuff rather than a whole themed sim.


The top picture was taken in my nams setting so you can see how both the top and the pools look but I just thought I would show you the infinity pools with an inworld setting, can’t you just picture yourself floating in one of these pools?


CroM Marketplace

 Infinity Pool