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You might wanna be quick. (19Ld Group Gift(s)).

I’m pretty sure the Spirit and Kitja shops group used to cost a lot more than the 19Ld it is at the moment to join.

For that small price tag, I joined and grabbed the Group Gifts even though I knew they weren’t going to fit.

I’m showing you just one of the outfits as I’d have to take everything off to show you the other full outfit and I ain’t got no time for that.

The skirt is an excellent fit for me and although the top looks like a great fit as well, that’s all down to the pose as it’s hiding the breakthroughs. The string/crochet texturing of the top shows your AV skin through it which just screams quality texturing.

As I mentioned there is another gift of a bright red Valentine gift of a bra/leggings set which comes with a hud. Again I would have shown it to you but for that one I’d have to take everything off and nope but check it out and the fits for yourself.


The Spirit & Kitja shops are two different and yet linked shops, so I decided to pop back to check both shops out, the outfit I’ve shown and told you about are in the Spirit shop but right next door in the Kitja shop is their Group Gift, same group as Spirit, and it’s LOVELY!  I may show it to you later but then again I probably won’t but I didn’t want you to miss out on another great Group Gift.

Spirit & Kitja

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Be Beautiful for less

I trotted over to Ribbon earlier and snapped up this dollarbie mesh skirt..flowing and long..perfect for the summer (if we ever get one in England!) I had a mooch around while I was there…and spotted this gorjus crochet blouse…the colour just worked so well with the dots on the skirt..and ohmaiii..just 30L …

I keep meaning to tell you about this new jewelry store I found called “Amorous” (one of the girls in the MOCK group told me about actually) and wow…its a spectacular store…and the gear is just awesomesauce…last week this set I’m showing was in the notices as a group gift – fingers crossed it’s still there for you (yesyesyes I know I’m slowww) Have a good look around..I picked up a few items on my trip…reasonably priced and great quality !




Community thrift & trade Event

Ohhh yeah !!! It’s almost here…on the 1st of July the community thrift & trade fair opens…lets seee…theres gacha machines ..wearable balloons from Lisp (omg heapssss of FUN!) Anddd *drum roll puhlease* Argyle Anonymous has some brand-spankin-finger-lickin-good newwww releases specially for it! To define it more clearly here’s a line or three from the notes: “Community Thrift & Trade is a social shopping experience.Featuring a group yard sale, new releases from some fabulous designers, and gacha machines.” Tadaaaa!

Onto the newness from Argyle Anon you’re gonna see these “Rollie shorts” ,that come with big soft ole cuffs and a retro/vintage floral fabric all over…lotsa colours to choose from…also the crochet tank…sooper pritty..fluted & flared body prim gives it a real feminine appeal…and its deep vee back edged in lace is to-die-for ..there’s even a little daisy applique to wear on the bodice …quite a few shades to grab in this also..all delicate & subtle tones …beauuuutiful! (my artfully slung over the shoulder guitar is from a gacha by u.f.o..just 50L)

“Mox” is the name of the new shoes …comfybumfy casuals in soft squidgy leather (I have some like this in real life!) above I’m wearing them on my hot little trotters in “mocha” but I’m also lovingggg them in vanilla bean shown below…

Dont forget, the event opens on the 1st of July…no peeking till then!!! (and nothings set for sale yet anyway- trust me I checked !)

Go get thrifty: Community thrift & trade