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Babies got back!(Freebie).

I have to admit I did need a bit of a giggle and the heads up from Shi about this Marketplace freebie, was it.  The creator seems to have made it for themselves as a tester but they’ve put it out for any of use to use and since Halloween is just around the corner it’s perfect.

You get the baby sized AV for free and it comes with a pack of skins in a variety of shades inc more natural ones but there is also a Dollarbie skin with 2 shades in it. I’m not sure if they’re the same shade as the 2 natural ones in the baby pack but lets face it this “baby” ain’t never going to look like something you’d want to cuddle let alone breast feed lol so I’d stick with the weird and wonderful freaky shades.

I’d love to tell you about the spooky forest I found and the hysterical Reindeer that swear in fright and run away when you approach them but it was there yesterday but gone today!

Baby AV (Marketplace)

Skin (Marketplace)

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Dench Designs does it again – FREE GIFT!UPDATED!

I always head straight to Dench Designs before Halloween – always such a brilliant selection of decor on offer at such reasonable prices. I bought a couple of things for my home then headed upstairs to see what other spooktacular pieces I could find – and I found the best ever FREE gift! This innocent looking patch of trees and greenery is awesomely grizzly! I actually chuckled out loud as I tried them out. I’m being gobbled up by a tree stump above…

.. and here a little girl rotates with creepy music playing – always sends a chill down my spine (my animation is a fearful shake) it’s just fantastic fun ! The sound and particle effects are great and it rezzes things that go with each pose (if applicable) Group is free to join btw. The LM should land you right outside the store’s front door.

Update: Take the teleport up to the Halloween section – then find your way up to the second level of Halloween goods – the FREE group gift is on the central plinth – FREE to all group members .

Dench Designs.

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Party Hearty.

bonesYup that’s me and don’t  I look great even fleshless.  This is a mesh AV that’s simply luminous.  I tool this photo in a black skybox wearing a few rezzers so this is as luminous as it is in world so just picture how you will stand out from the crowd wearing this.  A token Linden for this and a choice of colours are available.

kusinNot one of A&A’s best hair do’s till you realise that this is a Kousin It costume.  Couldn’t see it in the in world shop but not sure which department this hair would come under.  However it’s available on the MP and so are the demos.  Priced at 170lds but check out the colours and have a try of a demo as it’s a pretty nifty costume or even if you cannot be bothered to put anything on in SL.

Rsuty sFaith didn’t remember Salad Fingers till I whispered “Rusty spoons” into her ear which got a AARRGGHH off her.  For those who know and love (creeped out) Salad Fingers will be chuffed not only to get him but all this…

“Yes, Salad Fingers, I find him adorably cute, most people find him as creepy as can be. Whether you think he’s cute or not, I did try to make him as close to original as possible. It’s also free and full perm because everyone should have one.
I also included a bunch of stuff with him:
1. Rusty spoons
2. A ton of gestures and sounds from the cartoon
3. A beret for going to France
4. Wedding dress that fits him
5. A flying tap
Update: Tony the strange little boy avatar included now! Tuxedo! More gestures! All three puppets! We also have a group now called “Salad Fingerians” we go around as a mob confusing people.
Now go forth my minions, and start confusing people in this avatar. Bonus points if someone actually gives you a spoon.”

Jetcity MP

A&A Kousin It Hair

Salad Fingers MP

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Hello have YOU got my rusty spoon? If you have we can meet up and maybe finger my rusty spoon together?  I’ve been looking for someone like you for a long time.

Yes the thing of NIGHTMARES and yet I sooo love him and although my only other AV is a cute little old lady who toddles around with her handbag, bun and walking stick as soon as I saw SALAD FINGERS I just had to get him.  So although this is a complete change from what we normally have here at Eggs and Spam I couldn’t resist sharing the love of Rusty spoons.  And as a treat for all you freaks not only do you get Salad Fingers but you get all of his lovely friends.

Salad Fingers and Friends