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A hunting we will go.(20Ld Hunt Prize & Mention of Freebies).

I’ve spotted a couple of new hunts going on and since the “Shady Sim” one is being held on one of my all-time fav landscape/decorated sim and another all-time fav shop has a prize out for us then it was a no brainer.

Every prize costs 20Lds and you do have to be in the hunt group to be able to buy the prize.  The group is, of course, free to join and when I tried to buy the plant the money was refunded and I was given the link to join the group.

What you’re looking for is a beach ball. Because this is a paid-for hunt check out the link to the Seasonal Hunt Blog link I’ve given you so you can see the prizes which do include clothes.

Even if you’re not interested in the prizes still go to the sims for this.

This is just a token picture of what the streets look like spread over two sims. They’re packed with such interesting and unique landscaping I’d be proud to have a shop here or even a home and have this outside my front door.  There is a monorail, a train being dragged to its doom by a giant tentacled beast and just a perfect location to not only causally stroll along but it’s a “point and click” photo opportunity.

As for the mention of the freebie, Crate has Group Gifts which have been well blogged by both Faith and I so I will just mention them rather than show them again.


Seasonal Hunt Blog (Pictures).

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Bye Bye Baby.(Just a spendy post with mention of freebies).

I know I am the “Queen of Mean” when in fact I’m as spendy as everyone else it’s just that because it’s mainly landscaping/home/decor items I spend my Lindens on I don’t blog it.

Which brings me to my latest indulgence, check this coach out.

I don’t know why but I’ve always had a mix of cars/bikes/scooters and even tractors rezzed on my land and now this carriage has been added to my hoard.  At 399Ld yes for some a “considered” purchase for me it was a case of TAKE MY MONEY!  I think that at 7 prims and a unique design I just had to have it.  Some nice poses in it not that I bought it for those and definitely not for the adult menu which I didn’t spot when I was buying it, not that that makes any difference to me.

You would think that with a whole sim to play in then with the amount of prims we have to play with is enormous and you’re not wrong however the amount of prims needed to landscape a whole sim can eat up our prim allowance faster than I can eat a tub of Ben n Jerries!

That basically means when something is added to the sim something has to go and so it’s BYE BYE BABY!  The dolphin has to go lol.

Don’t fret as this little chap is only 2 prims it’s the wanderer one which got deleted as it wasn’t just the prims I needed but, whispers it was glitchy!  Speaking of which when I need more prims there is a little brown pony on my land and at 17 prims he will be for the chop as soon as I find something else I really, really want lol.

As for the “mention of freebies, this carriage comes from the Crate shop which both Faith and I have blogged.  There are some old/new Group Gifts of home decor items which are worth getting.  The latest is a seat/sofa set thing but for me, the very rustic cooker and an excellent table which is designed to fit around a tree have been used and are still in use on our sim.  So check those out and if you want to look at the carriage then check out the lower floor of the Crate shop.

BTW.  Once you’ve had a look at the shop look outside.  The street outside is EXCELLENT.  I really should have taken a picture of it to show you but I’d rather you went and looked for yourself.  It’s wild/weird and wonderful.  I always say that when a shop/shopping sim has spend time, money and imagination landscaping it makes you want to stay and look more.  I will be checking out the other shops when I log back in.

Crate.(New LM).

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Crate it up for free

I cant think why this group gift seems so familiar – hoping we haven’t blogged it before, if we have meh – I LOVE it ! Group is free to join the group gifts are in the right hand corner – and there are quite a few. Unbelievably this sofa is just 2Li – it has single pringle poses and couples.

I also nabbed this cute stove – Im pretty sure I’ve collected this before but where it is in my inventory – who knows. Just decor, no poses and only 4Li – super cute ! I had gone to Crate to find their hunt gift in the sim hunt where they are now located – my landmark is the newest one. Didnt have any luck, the prizes are $20L and I think Crates offering was a cushion.


Hunt info

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Best hug ever.(Freebie).

I’ve shown you the other Freebies from Crate before, although I don’t think I showed you the outdoor fire and if that’s the case that will be a nice surprised for you. Trying to remember off the top of my head what there is I know for sure there is a cooker as I used it in my last home but there is also a chair, footstool and I’m going to leave it at that because I can’t remember exactly what the other gifts are but here is the new freebie for us.

A wraparound table or since it’s actually fully mod then you could edit it into more of a seat size.

I didn’t check out the inside of the shop much this time as there is as much outside as there is inside and I’d spotted something I might just return for, I’ve added it to my “wish” list, at a later date when I allow myself some more Lindens.

I love the landscaping this little shop is nestled in and when we change our sim season I’m going to strive to make a little piece of my land into a patch of coastal wildness.

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6th Birthday @ The Liaison Collaborative (Free & New)

Oh gifts galore for you @ The Liaison Collaborative! I had a whale of a time there yesterday – free gifts and NEW items I had to have. Valentina E are giving this gorgeous dress as a gift – pretty floral print long length – adorable. Iconic have this neat bobbed hair do as their gift in a whopping pack that includes ALL hair colours. My pose and prop are a new release from Poppycock – only £69L a pop on their gacha machine – I think I picked up everything except the rare – being Poppycock though – it didn’t matter they are ALL sweet!

I HAD to buy these “ear climbers” from Earthstones – super pretty earrings , loads of different colour packs on offer. Not the cheapest earrings I’ve ever bought at $399L,  but boy-oh-boy they sure are gorgeous. Did you spot the teeny tiny ladybird?!

Not all the gifts are fashion items, plenty of home decor. This detailed stool from crate, just 3Li with male and female poses built-in – it’s already found its place in my Second Life home ❤

The Liaison Collaborative

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Not sorry in the slightest.(Freebies).

I like to mix it up and by now I would have liked to be showing you a simply fabulous piece of clothing but instead, I’m showing you a simply fabulous piece of decor.

I could not believe that this most unusual cooker was inc with the other free GG’s but it is.  Only 3 prims and it really stands out for its uniqueness. There are other gifts which although I’m not showing you are worth going to get as well.  One of them I have blogged before but this and 2 other GG’s are brand new.

There is some really nice stuff in this shop and I’d totally recommend if you have an SL home you check this place out but even if you don’t have an SL home still pop over.  The owner of the shop a lady called Anabelle Marquis (: horchata :. (anabelle.marquis)) has created a lovely little sim with hang out places for people and esp for people who like to take pictures and I for one always appreciate the work and money put into making a lovely sim.


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From little acorns…(Freebie).

I was at the “Blush” event just mooching around and came across a stand for “Crate” which has some excellent looking sinks on it, nope I didn’t buy one because one check of my invent showed me that I can now add “sinks” to my list of hoarding. This is the first time I’ve seen this shop before so of course, I TPed over to sniff out freebies and I found just the one gift.

Upcycling at it’s best.  No sit pose but it is mod so I can’t see why you cannot add your own and in fact, I did check and I don’t have any scripts left in my invent as I culled that folder a long time ago.  I’d just plonk a cat on it or something lol.

Crate is relatively new in SL which means there isn’t much stock for sale BUT I’m loving what I see and there is nothing nice than watching a small shop owner/designer Annabelle Marquis bringing their own style to SL and growing bigger in style and confidence.  She, has landscaped her little shop so lovely you can just tell this is a shop to keep an eye on.

Crate Marketplace

Crate inworld.