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Fireworks and a dollar

The dollar for dollar hunt is under way and Ive found this from FA Creations..remember I did a post about this store a little while ago and their fantastic “walk of freebies”? ! Anyway..this was hard won..threeeee visits to find it ohhmaigosh ! I know I know Im rubbish at hunts..but seriously..this was harsh! Im sooper glad I found it though..totally worth the hunting. You get a complete outfit..with shirt,wooly stockings, and poncho style jacket and boots! Its awesomesauce….the hint is “take a rest and sit down”…and youre looking for a tiny dollar bill…check out those sofa cushions girls!

Hunt web site : dollar for dollar hunt

Outfit: FA Creations

Fireworks stand : Crackberry



Itsssssssss time tooooo go DISCO !!! yus yus yus its Disco deals-gawd I get pretty over excited about this (can you tell?) If you’re into owls it’s a real treat for you from MIAO..The isle Hooty Hoo necklace is fahhhbulous…rich in details..and as usual you can change this sweet little fellow all over..gem colour, the rose on his chest..the metal of the chain,even his eyes ! I chose the copper tone chain..just adore that colour and its so summery…just click on the owl and the menu for altering it comes up..perfect! For the disco deals day this is only 50L *faintsdies*, after it goes to the main store it will be priced at 200L…so grab it while you can…Go to the riot room and check out the pretties…everything is under 99L…poses,clothes,furniture..and more..(I bought heapssss) Click the pic for a close up of his cuteness..

Go disco: Disco Deals