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Just what I would pack for my beach holiday! ArisAris have this sweet dress & panties combo out on promo currently called “Influence”, eight dress and eight panties textures included woohoo! The fringe on the hem of the dress can also be shown or not as you wish.

Love the snug fitting panties – don’t usually bother showing them but these are dead nice. Oh, I’m  also rather vain and couldn’t resist a vanity shot avec ice cream ❤ Not sure how long this promo lasts so if you’re interested dash.

Fits: Belleza, Maitreya, Slink, Slink Hourglass

Influence dress

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Free for drifting around in

Love when I find a nifty little item that I know I will wear and wear. This super beach dress / coverup is from M&M, you pay $1L and it gets paid right back to you – no group to join. Sizes include Maitreya,TMP,Slink & Slink Hourglass. Fantastic fit and super easy to wear.


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Free & cheap

Al-Hanna $5L summer dress

Zan might have blogged this little dress before – it looks very familiar – but oh well – its dead sweet and I’m gonna show you it (possibly again). You can grab this from the market place, its by All-Hanna and is just $5L. Five standard sizes included, the small one suited my Slink Physique body really well.

Hibiscus FREE denim wedges & $5L sheer cover up -

I also spotted this beach cover up by Hibiscus, actually without windlight settings it looked like cotton denim, but with windlight (as above) it’s really sheer! Take no notice of the shadows on the crotch and tummy , just some shadows. Anyhoooo its lovely and a keeper for me at just $5L. The scrummy denim wedges are freeeee! No fitting for mesh feet, so I whipped my slink ones off et voila, perfect. Links below:

Hibiscus – wedges

Hibiscus cover up

Al-Hanna dress

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Hot Momma Updated. (Dollarbie&Freebie).

I’m not sure how long this Dollarbie from SOC, Sweet Outfits Creations, will be out and since it’s a special for Mothers Day so if you want it you might want to TP over as soon as you can. sun A mesh bikini with that cover up and whats even better is it can be worn as separates. As it happens I’ve just realised I wasn’t wearing any Alphas and there doesn’t seem to be any in the pack but I didn’t actually need them.  I don’t think this is fitmesh as you do get all the standard sizing but again it fitted will even without Alphas. So I TPed home and started to sort out my invent n stuff and suddenly realised that there was more than just this Dollarbie there was also a Free to join Group Gift from SOC.  A lovely bag which comes with hand and arm pose. bag SOC Sweet Outfits Creations

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The great cover up

Frighteningly often when Janie Marlowe of “Jane” releases something, I get this little voice in my head that says “ohhhhh I wish I had this in real life”…and she’s done it yet again! Fantastic concept…you get the lacey beach cover up for free, in 3 colours (even with a prim bit for those blessed with larger hip sizes) and thennn…you can choose from a huge selection of bikini tops & bottoms ! I looked high and low for a cover up like this in May for my rl holiday*foldy arms* and I couldn’t find it…

Sooooo I dithered about a bit…and really…I will prolly have to go back and get a couple more sets..I chose this top & bottom…of courrrse in chocolate because I lurve it so much… I suppose I’m a bit of a dullard but it went so nicely with the 3 tones of cream coverup…you could go for a more striking colour pallette than me! Boy shorts, strings..all sorts of kini bottoms..and soooo many choices of top..only 25L per item,cover up free…like my fabbo sandals? Yeah me tooo..I cant stop slipping them on…Pink label “Ariadne* in tortoise heaps of colour change options for the beads and nails…seems like Talena has moved store location again..I will post a link to her place when I get it !

Go get covered: Jane      lully sandals: Pink Label