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Enter colour

LUXE Paris - Maggie complete outfit with boots NEW!

Winter doesn’t have to be dreary, grab yourself some warmth and brightness with LUXE Paris ! Theres a whole load of new treats out at the moment that will bring a splash of happy to your season. I chose a couple of outfits to share with you, above is a complete look – meaning you get the whole thing, boots included. “Maggie” is all snuggly  yet dead stylish. The neck shape on the cape is gorgeous, the buttons adding even more dash. Great fit with the jeans over my Slink Physique body, other mesh sizes included.

LUXE Paris Depeche mode dress

I got a bit dizzy over this dress “depeche mode” – its got a lot of my favourite elements. Polka dots, a tight belt, red & black – whats not to love?! It’s so retro and elegant, fits perfectly over my mesh body which is a real winner as I ! My shoes were a fifty linden deal from Reign last week, you might be able to grab them still in store, but they would be full price now probably.

LUXE Paris Fashion House


Elua (hair)



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Fall into Autumn


Autumn is closing in upon us fast in the UK, so I am pretty glad to see some designers are off the blocks and already releasing some warmer gear. LUXE Paris have set out heaps of outfits to keep you safe from those chilly mornings and cold evenings. I’ve chosen two to share with you, but go check out the store, there are oooodles more! Above is my absolute favourite look of the new collection. This is “Angel” a two piece set that you can wear as separates (and I will!) Lovely plummy toned tweed jacket with a big fat collar and fabric covered buttons extending right up to the chin. The skirt is a gentle heather pink, ribbed and woollen but still lightweight so wearable now and throughout the winter. I’m wearing this outfit over my Slink Physique mesh body, fits a treat.

Luxe Paris NEW!

I fell in love with this next outfit, the “charcoal art coat & pants”, the coat is sooooo snuggly buggly with a fantastic eye catching print all over too. Ribbed deep cuffs give it a neat twist, the pants are very fine plaid, again worn over my Slink Physique mesh body. This outfit is SO new its not yet instore but should be in the next day or so. Ohhhhh for the curious, my booty shoes are by FateStep and are called Atwell – love these little babies. The hud that comes with them means you can personalise them – every.single.part !

LUXE Paris


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Milk in my coffee

I just had to finish off my post vacation blog fest by showing you this new release from siss boom…its called “milk in my coffee”…and is super stylish, just the right antidote for all my Chrismassy bright reds & greens etc..melt in the mouth lattes & creams, with a lush chocolate-brown skirt…its effortlessly chic with its little posey of flowers on your chest…perfect flute sleeves, dress it up or keep it simple…its a keeper..while youre over there, look out for the two outfits on special offer for just 100L…they are dreamyyyy !

milk in my coffee: siss boom

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Elegance Personified

Most days I tend to slouch around in pj’s or a jeans and a tee…or whatever I’ve just taken photos of…I’m lazy like that *grins*…but today I was lucky enough to catch a hold of some newness from [Amarelo Manga]. One thing you’re sure to find me wearing in real life, are pants suits…I just love them..and Amarelo Manga has them down to a fine art. Above Im wearing the “Overall Marcelle”, Crisp black pants, with neat flared cuffs, over them a wide suede look belt with huge silver buckle…complimenting this is a sleeveless snug shirt and the most adorable sleek fur collar / cape.

The whole feel is seductive, glamorous and very of the moment. Fur (synthetic for moi please) is very in right now, gone all the old days of half a herd of rabbits and in comes the statement collars and trims…this is sooo right. I wish I wish I wish I had this in real life ~sigh~..

Another pant suit that won my heart is this..called “Miranda”…adore the subtle large plaid on the pants….another fantastic wide belt that gives a highwaist look…and a stunning deep red satin blouse. The blouse has a very eighties feel to it…decadently ruffled sleeves and a gorgeous scarf / choker to wrap it all off…chic and feminine !

If you join the instore subscribo, as an added bonus you receive this darling sequined black highwaist skirt and blouse…it has the prettiest detail on the back…and scrummy sparkles on the skirt..perfect for all those Christmas parties !

Take a look around the main store, it’s not a vast collection , but I suspect it will grow…whats there has a quality feel…I noticed a couple of fantastic coats…quite a few casual outfits…swimwear (outrageously pretty!), jeans & separates plus oodles of evening wear. If you’re looking for something that little bit extra special and different from the usual run-of-the-mill…Amarelo Manga is a great place to start looking.

All clothing: [Amarelo Manga]

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Saturday saunter at Modavia Fashion

Finally in the wee small hours when I couldn’t sleep I found a slot to visit the Modavia Fashion event. If you get a chance go! Loads of designers are participating, some new to me, some not..great showcase. Also, if you join the Modavia group (boards to join up all around and its free) you can collect some spectacular gifties. Above I’m wearing the MEB gift off tweed shorts (tolddd you tweed was gonna be big huh?!) black tshirt and grey/gold belt..Ive slung on a brilliant cardi from MGS over the top (just 20L-other colours available)…Skin is also a gift from OC…and although I’m not into pale skins I havent yet taken it off…its sooper pretty…

GizzA has this a-m-a-z-i-n-g complete outfit as their gift…wowser..PINK! Brace yourself its a scorcher…fantastic boots..highshine pants ,belt , vest with a furrrry purrry trimmed hood and jacket underneath. I know its VERY pink…but look at the components also..break that outfit down if its to OTT for you..I know for sure that the vest will become a winter fav for moi.

Closer look at the stunning jacket & vest form GizzA…I wanna be pinkkkk all the time !

I was getting a little sleepy and the last thing I snapped up was the gift from Chantkare,the russo dress is a slate classy grey, heavy tweedy type fabric with a sweet Peter Pan collar to disarm ..I also grabbed up this striking skin gift from R.icielli …lovelovelove! Please note TODAY is the last day for this event- hurry hurry!

All clothing & skins: Modavia

Cardi: MGS

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I believe I can Fly

Sometimes I see a dress…and my heart does a litle “flip” of pleasure….like its whispering to me “you should wear thissss” , thats exactly what happened when I saw a photo of this amazing dress from Agnes Finney…and I was lucky enough that I could show it to you! Its called “fly” and seems to be made up entirely of soft gossamer floaty white feathers…I cant capture in a photograph just how it moves and caresses your body – but it does. Gently, delicately it rufffles and swirls around you as you walk…stunning. There optional pieces that you can choose to wear, or not, they give the dress a fuller look that I just loved !

It made me feel precious and special wearing it…as you can see above there is also an origami inspired hat designed to wear with it, shaped like a soaring bird in flight…just perfect…thank you Agnes xx

Dress : Agnes Finney my precious


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House Of Xevion celebrated their 5000 group member by handing out this dramatic black evening gown…as you know I’m not a huge fan of “gowns” normally..but this one really hooked me. Its chic…and classy..not at all frou frou ..beautiful open back to expose your shoulders and spine…and a stunning spikey collar ruff…

Sleek lines as the dress just drops to the floor…it moves very gracefully as you walk…Im keeping it..go get your own! Thanks Hox & congratulations..

Go get classy: HOX