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Ever Green @ Okinawa New Year Festival! Discounts

Ever Green NEW 50 DIscount adult, single & cuddles

Pop over to the Okinawa New Year Festival to grab some fab discounts on Ever Green items – above is the Winter Celebration sofa – and its just 5 Prims ! Its stacked with options for textures and it will be fine all year round – which is whyyyyy I’ve now got it in my SL living room – I went with a very smart brown leather tone but it has many many other options. This comes in Adult, cuddles & singles – and all are at 50% discount – £300L each. The Champagne table is also available , same great texture options and just $88L. LOVE ❤

Ever Green Guitar mutli tunes, textures Discounted!

Check out the guitar ! I adore wearable items and especially musical ones – so this guitar rocked my world this morning. It has many texture options and is stuffed with music too- flamenco, Christmas tunes and more. Its just $100L at the event. When you land you are taken to the main gate just walk to the very end then turn right in the first row of booths, walk to the end of it and the Ever Green booth is on your left hand side.

Okinawa New Year Festival

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New-To-Me @ $10L

$10L Sectional sofa adult & PG

A new store that I found whilst perusing the market place is Careless. What a find ! Everything is just $10L and wow so much I like. Above is the sectional sofa called “Riley”, its just 4Li , comes in several base colours and each one comes with a massive Hud for changing the cushion textures. I bought the PG version but the adult one is also $10L. Packed with poses and activities !

$10L Furniture pack adult or PG

I also snapped up this complete Boho set, there is such a lot in the box and I think I managed to squeeze it all in the photo, all very low land impact and of course – just $10L. I’m heading back to pounce on a few more items for my beach and living room !

Careless Store

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Its my secret addiction

Ok I admit it – I have an complete addiction to couches, sofas – call them what you wish . The thing is its SO affordable to keep swapping them in Second Life (unlike real life!). Im a big fan of Dench Designs – Amanda Dench makes heaps of couches and chairs and I keep on swapping mine out – but really when its under $200L to do so – no probs ! This is the “Partney” couch, its got fabric change , including an antique one that looks all worn and used. Some great animations for singles, couples, and friends.  You can buy just the couch or just the chair – or both like me ! The couch is 7Li and the chair just 4Li . I also bought the “Blue sofa” which is styled like a sectional, oh and look out for another new release the grandma couch , comes with a grandma! – see? Told you – a d d i c t e d ❤

Dench Designs

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Last coupla days for The Domus Fair !

HED Dress NEW! Cleo Designs for the Domus Fair

The Domus Fair event ends on the 30th of this month so hurry along to take a peek. I’ve been a couple of times and still notice new items. It’s not like a traditional fair or event, but more like a gorgeously decorated home and everything is for sale. It’s really lovely to walk around and see the pieces laid out like this. Above is part of the set from Cleo Designs, the couch is so summery with its rattan body and creased cotton seat pads. You can also change the texture of the freestanding  cushions which is a nice extra. Low Li and crammed with couple, female & male poses. My dress is from HED, strappy little number with some lovely detailing on the bodice.

HED Derss - Cleo Designs for the Domus Fair

Closer view of the sundress – which comes in a beautiful selection of tones, plus the sideboard and cushions detail from Cleo Designs.

The Domus Fair

H.E.D market place store


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Creating the Atmosphere

CIRCA - NEW! PinkCherry NEW!

Soooo it’s almost Valentines day, and you need to make your space ready for lurrrrve huh? Well CIRCA has you covered with this beautiful new mesh lounge set called “Luxely”. It comes in a choice of fuscia or red, both brilliant shades for romance. If you buy the full lounge set (and its ginormous and such good value) before the 9th of January, you get a whopping 50% off ! The pancakes breakfast tray is actually a current group gift – so don’t forget to snap that up too.


Heres the matching chair, side table, love decor item and faux window. I so so SO love the window, if you’ve got a boring plain wall, slip this up onto it, et voila! Gorgeous Roman blind, a beautiful vista and a row of kisses on the windowsill. Have to say the animations in the chair, couch and pouffes are top totty, couples and single pringles included.

Circa New collection

Heres the biggy, the scene stealer…The sofa carries 60 positions, with 18 synchronized couple’s sits/lays and 24 single positions by pose menu , with 18 synchronized couple’s sits/lays and 24 single positions by pose menu.  The couple animations range from kisses, hand holding, massages, cuddles and chatting.  The matching chair has 16 single animations for male and female sits and the adorable heart pouffes have 8 sit animations each for the girls (all different). Love the low prim collection of framed prints – which btw you can edit and add your own piccies!  The coffee table is perfect, with its tokens of love scattered over the top, to which I added the tray & drinks .

CIRCA Decor detail

Close up view – as always with CIRCA it’s just so detailed and so pretty . You don’t have to buy the full set, when you arrive at the main entrance to the store, choose the second new items area to see the display , you can pick and choose which items will go with your space, perfect!

PinkCherry NEW! Argrace NEW!

Incase you’re wondering, my sexy new frock is from PinkCherry, such an unusual design , with its bib front style collar, great ribbed self sheen fabric too. Large range of colours to pick from so head over and take a gander.

CIRCA Mainstore

CIRCA market place store


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Little Gems


ohHai ! I found some little low prim gems for you today and all three are free. Above is a sweet little rocking chair, just right for your porch or deck. It swings, the cushion has a few patterns to choose from and you can also change the texture of the wood, love it. This is from the market place and is made by [Was-K], I also found thisssss in the same store….

Free chaise with adult animations-cuddles-singles-

a beautiful chaise… same store and free! Top tip, read the notecard before using…as this isn’t the usual set up. The menu is very extensive, adult animations galore, cuddles and single pringle poses. The cushions have a few patterns to choose from also .

Free breadbin !

Last up is this delightful little bread bin…its won a place in my kitchen. Made by KH Designs and for one single prim & zero Lindens, it’s a lovely addition to your home.

Chaise & rocker



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Follow me…I mean Us !

Follow Us - Sweety Pipes office , desk I’m honoured to say that Laurent83 Waco, designer at Follow Us, is allowing me to show off some of his newwwww creations ! You must surely know by now if you read this blog, that I am totally besotted with all things for our Second Life homes…I literally ripped open the boxes to get my hot little paws on the goods…and was soooo excited that the first thing I saw was this “Sweety Pipes” office set. As you know I recently moved home to a new sim, and had been looking for a new desk to call “home” while I blog…and wow this is it ! Follow Us - Sweety Pipes decor detail Apart from the unusual design, with shelves supported by pipes..the little decor details are just fantastic…love the colour tone of the retro phone…these touches really add a lot to pieces and its something I have a keen eye for when I decide what to place in my own home . Follow Us - Sweety Pipes decor details The little vintage fan is delightful, one touch and the blades whirrrrrr around too. So enjoy the dainty fabric pennant hanging from the shelf too ! My absolute favourite thing about this set up…is when you choose certain poses, the desk rezzes props…mmhmm…it really does. For example…choose eat, and as if by magic before you a bag appears and cupcakes,plus one to wear & eat, how cool is that?! Make sure you go and try this out..its really fun. Follow Us - Sweety Cuddles sofa - girls toolbox Another piece I want to share with you is this “Sweet cuddles” sofa…adore the wood texture, very fresh. It has single pringle poses and also some cuddles for couples…you can also change the seat cushion colour to blue, always good to be able to ring the changes. Heres the really fab news…its just FOUR prims ! Now anyone can spare four prims for such a great looking couch right?! You might have noticed on the wall behind me a coat rack…no? Well here’s a closer look…

Follow Us-Ladies jacket & shelf- decor detail

These finishing touches, for me, are what makes a piece…ok it might cost you a few more prims , but it’s SO worth them . Follow Us has both an inworld store and a market place one. Heaps to see if you visit the store, join the group while youre there (its free) and grab a few gifts to check the quality out…if you look on the market place youll also find plenty of pieces for as little as 1-10L. I have more to share later ! Thanks Laurent ❤

!!Follow US!! inworld store

!!Follow US!! market place store