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AMD Latest (Cheapo).

I was wandering around a fantastic sim with stunning Windlight and I decided just to take a picture there and then of the latest 25 Ld Apple May Design offer.


Only available in this Rose shade but you do get the 2 textures, plain and pinstriped which is the one I’m wearing and don’t quote me but I’m sure you also get a Belleza version in the pack as well.

PS I was at the Junk shop/sim yesterday and spotted Apple May and I almost ran up to her and said Hellllooo but then I thought how stalkish of me LOL.  I always have fond memories of AMD because as a Newbie to SL this was one of the first quality shops I found that gave Noobs a new whole look and at one stage I had a whole invent stuffed with AMD clothes.  Since then I’ve watched as the AMD brand has grown and advanced using the best design tools that SL designers have today.


Blogging SL, Uncategorized, Virtual Fashion Feed

FLF – all yours for 50L

FLF - skirt with sweater 50L !!

I had to dash over to NYU this morning bright and early, to make sure I didn’t miss the FLF offer that’s on. For today only you can grab this sweet little outfit for just 50L. You get the loose cotton top and fold over pink skirt, in all mesh sizes. The great thing is they are separates, so you can mingle them in with other pieces in your wardrobe !