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Is it too soon? Noooo !

coldLogic kent (comes with scarf) NEW

I’m a big fan of Winter and as soon as we get into November I love to go shopping in Christmas markets and explore snowy sims. When I received the latest releases from coldLogic I was in hog heaven ! Heaps of woolies and sweaters yippeeee. Off I set to find some locations for my photos, first port of call I bumped into one of our blog readers Johanna , who was also out looking for a Christmas tree. A girl after my own heart, I asked her if she thought it was too soon for snowy snaps on the blog – her reply? “No wayyyy is it too soon!” – she went off on her tree mission and I settled down to taking pretty snaps. Anyhoooo onto the clothes, this is “kent”, a lovely bubbly striped look with a scarf to sling on – you don’t have to wear the scarf its an add on (same with all the sweaters in this post btw)

coldLogic wayne & jessop leggings Bens Beauty boots 20 colours !

Next I wriggled into “wayne”, succumbed to the pinkness of the blush tone and tugged on my jolly snowflake scarf. This is my absolute fav of all the sweaters, it’s just so snuggly buggly. I’m wearing it over the coldLogic “jessop” leggings from a few months ago, sort of fade in and out colour wash on them. Lots of colours to choose from in both sweater & leggings, the boots see below .

coldLogic muir (comes with scarf) mina carlijn hat hair NEW

This is “muir” I decided to show it without its matching scarf to give you an idea of how versatile these sweaters can be. I really love how the knit type varies on all of them, from nubbly to fine, makes them great for skirts, jeans or pants.

coldLogic wayne - Mina carlijn hat hair combo NEW!

Dont forget to check out the back details, I was so surprised when I twirled in this one called “parker” to see a beautifully shaped hem and little buttons. It really made me smile ! The scarf for this one is slightly longer with a looser wrap around your neck, gorgeous selection of colour choices too.

Bens Beauty Boots 20 colours in pack ! NEW

My boots are from the latest round of Cosmopolitan and are by Bens Beauty. I snapped these up for 250L for twenty, yes twenty colours ! That works at uhm…roughtly 12.5L per pair *faints*…lovely knitted look and so easy to wear, you will be seeing me in these a lot be warned !

coldLogic store

coldLogic market place

coldLogic blog


Photos 1 & 2 hair by Argrace

Photos 3 & 4 hair by Mina


She right. (Mens Freebies).

The next time I manage to spend sometime in SL I gotta unsub to all of those women’s shops/events that I seem to get so many notices from but at the same time some goodies might just get past me like this jacket/hoodie.


A simple and well know design in SL of a hoody with undershirt and shirt layering and yet again the texturing is excellent.  Took a little bit of camming to find it but when you know where to look it’s easy.  This and some other freebies, for women, came from the latest round of The Cosmopolitan.  Join the Free Group and there seems to be 3 rooms in this event and this jacket is above the doorway into the room.  Trust me I’ve explained it badly but it’s really hard to miss.  Not had a good look around but I do know that this event has a whole mix of stuff ie poses, clothes shoes.


Had to take this one of my “Co Pilot”.  Not the best of the hair but Zans just blogged this Free hair from Argrace and it’s definitely unisexed.  Packed with many shades and a resizer option and it’s ideal.  Love it love the price, FREE.

Cosmopolitan Sales Room


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Rocking the day away

Cleo Design The Challenge - Rocking chair NEW!

I’m a sucker for a great rocking chair, I seriously own SO many ! The one above is new from Cleo Design and its won a place in my home already! It has both male and female poses and comes in a selection of homey patterns and colours. I plumped for the beige one as it fitted in with my bedroom décor so very well. I really like the wood on it, it looks a little worn as if someone has enjoyed a peaceful sit in it for some years. Touch the foot part of the chair for the rocking motion btw. Cleom also has some rather luxurious chairs out for this round of The Challenge and also a retro styled cabinet with opening doors, get your skates on a grab some pretties!

Lingerie by

As you might be able to see I am also wearing some new lingerie woot! I can’t stop buying things for my new Slink Physique body and when I saw this sweet set by chocolate atelier (called  fragile love) I just had to have it. It’s currently on offer at The Cosmopolitan Sale room event – just 70L ! In the box are also appliers for Lolas bewbs, phat azz and of course old-fashioned clothing layers.

The Challenge Blog

Cleo Design

Cosmopolitan Sales Room

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I <3 Shoes ! (Freebies inc.)

Ninety FREE shoes !

Shoooooz glorious shoooz ! Yes ladies lot of shoes, free shoes, promotional shoes ! All the shoes you see above are gifts, and yes, even the pair in the box. They are from a store called Ninety, which up until a couple of weeks ago I hadn’t heard of. I came across them at The Cosmopolitan Sales room event and fell in lurrrve with their item and snapped it up. I hoped and hoped that this round they would be in the event again – and huzzzah they were ! I went over to the inworld store to scope it all out, and found soooo many pretties. The group is free to join, so you can collect quite a few pairs as gifts, the black and white sandals I’m wearing are for the Slink medium feet, the other pairs are NON- slink, which I know will please a few of you.

Ninety - Time 9ty- Air Pumps!! With Hud 12 Colours Slink Mid Feet 150L !

The pair of heels I bought yesterday are above, the ninety air pumps, aren’t they just to-die-for? The brilliant thing is you get a HUD with them, which enables you to change the shoe, the heels and the bow – TWELVE shades ! What a steal at 150L

Ninety shoes for Slink feet 150L - ninety sundress 30L - Monso hair NEW!

While I was at the store I noticed some sweet clothing dotted about and found this darling little sun-dress for just 30L. The colours went so well with my new shooz how could I resist. Btw my hair is also newwww, I bought it at the latest round of The Seasons Story from Monso, 250L  each shade pack.

Cosmopolitan Sales Room (for air pumps)

Ninety store

Ninety market place

The Seasons Story



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Hello Tuesday.


So when, yet again, I came inworld and was working my way through my notes and notices I started to check out the Hello Tuesday note and happily for me each item which has had its price slashed  also comes with pictures so that saves on oodles of time and when I saw these I knew they would me mine. Big fat apology here because yet again SLink High feet needed.  I do still have some non SLink shoes which are still so wearable but I am now a foot addict and when you come across SLink shoes for only 50lds it makes me smile.  Think about it, one of the reasons I delayed in getting SLink feet was the costs of the shoes but more and more excellent quality shoes designed for SL feet are appearing if not at the same price as non SLink but with big discounts

As it happens all of the shops involved in the Hello Tuesday event are all in the same shopping mall so although I’ve given you the LM direct to the shoe shop walk outside and outside of each shop involved is a notice board with the special offer on show, everything from nails to clothes.

Whilst your here also check out the large main shop called Cosmopolitan Sales Room. Inside is a whole selection of items , poses, shoes, dresses, hair, decor items and on and on and all top class quality and nothing cost more than 70LD


Enough insane rambling here is the LM go grab.

 hillyhaalan (shoe shop)

 Cosmopolitan Sales Room

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Ooodles of Options.



This is the post I pushed to one side to do the Follow Us bargain but this is also such an AMAZING offer that it’s not often I get Gob Smacked but I was with this.  So it’s a basic and excellent SL cropped, tied shirt, exc texturing, great fit, button details at the cuffs etc and at 70Lds a damned good price but check out the hud that comes with it because you get a MASSIVE 55 colour options!!! I have to say some great shades as well everything from zingy lime to pastels, pure white to darkest black and even some patterned options.

topsuseThis top and many other great discount items can be found at The Cosmopolitan sales room it’s really worth a visit as I ended up with yet more poses and SLink shoes at such great prices I couldn’t not treat myself

Now that I’m in Alyce’s main shop it’s obvious that I’m not the only one who is so impressed with Alyce’s Cosmo offer because this shop is packed with other AVs checking out her stuff.  Like me they will probably be buying a lot and the reason is she, Alyce offers fat packed colour huds with ALL of her clothes, shoes and nail packs.  A simple skater skirts with a colour hud of 40 colours for only 90Lds, a whole outfit of jeans, jumper and snugs with yet again a 45 colour packed hud for only 75Lds a pantie set for only 90Lds and an even FATTER  fat pack of 120 colours. I didn’t pick anything up this visit because it was so busy but I’m heading back there next time I’m in world and getting myself that panties fat pack all I need to do now is remember to wear them.

Alyce@ Cosmopolitan sales room

Alyce Main Shop