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Gothic with a retro touch

BDR Dont Label me complete outfit with boots - kokolores hair NEW!

I bought this outfit “Dont label me” from BDR a few weeks ago – its unusual that I buy things these days so trust me that this is well worth the $L ! Its a complete outfit, so you do get the boots which are fantabulous, the leggings in mesh and clothing layer, plus the jacket. The jacket has a HUD that gives you simply squillions of choices of colour, even the t shirt beneath the jacket comes with various patterns & colours. My hair “lone11” is from KoKoLoReS and is one of the offerings in the upcoming Cosmetic Fair – it begins on the 14th Feb and ends on the 28th Feb, so plenty of time to head over and check out the goodies. I dont have a LM for the event yet so keep your eyes peeled – I will be away sunning myself on vacation yay!


Blogging SL, Uncategorized, Virtual Fashion Feed

Cosmetic Fair – colour yourself a rainbow !

Kokolores makeup's NEW!!

NEWNEWNEW Pretties for your face ! [KoKoLoReS] has just released a whole heap of cosmetics to glam you up. Currently on sale at The Cosmetic Fair. There are fantastic autumnal shades for lips & eyes. I absolutely adore the lip balm pack, its nifty as you get two versions of each shade, one sheer, one bold.  I’ve mishmashmoshed the three packs so you can see the overall effects, but but but the balms are my fav ! Some totally dramatic Harvest Queen eyeshadow, and more lively eyeliners in some yummy tones for your Autumn styling.

Kokolores eyeliner - eyeshadow -lips !

You can go from scene stealer to girl next-door in an instant. To see the packs take a peek at the [KoKoLoReS] blog, also has info on the release for slink feet & hands, which made me kinda feel that maybe I should give the slink gear another whirl, SO gorgeous! The skin I’m wearing under all the makeup is from Mirrors Enigma, it’s called Stella and comes in a range of tones from pale to tan. Really nice body detailing on this and a keeper for moi. You can find this for sale at The Body Mod Expo.

[KoKoLoReS] main store

[KoKoLoReS] @ The Cosmetic Fair

[KoKoLoReS] blog

Body Mod Fair for ME Skin Stella