Its all in the details right?

ohhh cmon it SO is !!! A great outfit can be complimented by great accessories…my little fetish happens to be BAGS , I love them all…big roomy ones, little dainty clutches, shoppers…hoooorrray for bags! You might recall I mentioned some bag hotness going Down at Poison earlier…well buckle up girls and fasten those seatbelts cause I got themmm to show you !!! *kiss* for Barbara Luik, the awesomesauce designer who makes them for letting me show them off *hyperventilates* Soooo on with the show…click the pics…you REALLY want the close up details on these..cause there’s HEAPS !

First, I think this just might be my SecondLife “all-around-fabulous” bag…such gorjusss fringe work…beautifully subtle suede in a minky beige…

Poison Bal+70 y pico bag 100L

And then there was thissss…see all those prettty little feathers? I ❤ themmm SO much…this one comes in sooo many designs but this pinky shade was always gonna be good for moi !

Poison Bal candelA bag 100L

Next we have the depega bag…swirly paisley pattern with little buckles & straps..

Poison depega bag 100L

Last but not least the Bal bag in a juicy shade of green…simple & clasic style

Poison Bal Bag in green 100L

I’m wearing a silver grey houndstooth skirt by Poison PLUS the gift t-shirt that was sent out to all group members today-thanks Corocota &  Barbara ! Go take a good mooch about, theres lots to see for guys & girls…and dont forget…you’re not dressed unless youre wearing a BAG !

Go get bagged : Poison


Just in time…Poison !

Brrrrr, today here in England its bonfire night ! We all go out, set fire to huge piles of wood,dance about and let off MILLIONS of fireworks! I lovvve it! Just in time for any celebrations in SecondLife, Poison have released this wooly sweater, all hunky chunky & snuggly buggly to keep you warm. click the pick for a closer view!

La Gamba sweater in black 125L

I’m just getting in the mood with a sparklerrrr ! As usual with Corocota Torok’s designs it’s the attention to detail I adore..check out the little fastenings on the collar, one is done up, the other casually open…great prims..its something I’ll be wearing over and over..simple but deadly ! I wriggled it on with a pair of his broken jeans…looks great! When buying don’t forget to buy the right version, one row is for guys, one for chicks ! It also comes in green,blue,darkkk red & brown.

Ohhh btw girls..there are some fahhhbulous handbags instore now also…they rocked my world, go see ! (don’t forget to slap the MM’s bottom on your way out!)

go get snuggly : Poison


You know..those jeans you have..?

yeah sure you do..the ones you tug on when you get up..they have aged around your body..they fit your shape perfectly…and feel like an “old friend”..maybe a little torn & worn…faded…soft as silk through millions of washes , tumbles & spills…always wanted that look for your second life huh? Ok I HAVE them !  And guys..these are UNISEX hurrrah!Poisons latest release, surely surpasses all past (and present that I own) click the pics for a closer view and check out the detail…

Poison Original jeans in black

These new jeans come in 4 options..black..worn black…blue..worn blue. Each pack has the sling-em-low & normal fit plus two styles of prim cuff..a folded back cute-as-a-button one and a smoooooth look..

Poison original jeans in blue

The shading on these is sooper awesome…

Poison Original jeans in black "worn"

I think I’m loving the turned back cuff millionssss…sooo cute with my low tops !

Poison Original Jeans in blue "worn"

These are available now at Poisons main store, priced at 175L per pack- don’t forget you’re getting TWO pairs in each pack (low slung & normal in the same colour choice) -thats only 87L per pair! Trust me, you will wear and wear and wear them…thank you Mr. Corocota Torok for giving me my favourite jeans ❤

Got get the gear : Poison


Carmen from Poison..

I ❤Corocota Torok , yes I dooooo !! Why? oh cmonnn, this guy designs & creates THEE most awesome clothing..and he keeps on going…each release I adore more..the dreses *drool*, always always soooper sexy, Im a poison girly what can I say..and if you don’t own any of his gear (faints) THIS dress would be a verrrry good start…click the pics for a closer more detailed view..

"Carmen" by Posion 130L (includes belt)

Somehow this dress feels kinda retro to me, hence the starlet lip colour..I wanted to take black & white photos but then you’d miss the delicate details..and red polka dots on the cuffs..the belt is devine,big silver buckle, clasped with three hooks in the middle..its not coming off me foreverrrrr!

"Carmen" by Poison

Take a trip to the store and have a look around, girls I can’t stress enough..check out his dresses…denim,to military prints, velvets..such a range..the texturing & details are to die for! Guys it’s a unisex place..heapsss of stuffage for you too !

Go get the prettiness: Poison