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Simple Poison

New hotness from Poison  in a squillion colours for both guys & chicks, the “Pa-que” tee is easy to wear, looks fabbb on…

Some really deeelicious colours for the boys…worn or solid…looks great with the Poison jeans range and also the leather jackets..go check them out..the fat packs are incredibly good value !! Ohhh almost forgot..while youre there…there is a HUNT ! Info just by the entrance, it’s not hard to find and youll love love LOVE the prize!

Tee’s: Poison

Uncategorized, Virtual Fashion Feed

Biker Chic

Always a cause for celebration when Poison has a new release ! This time its biker pants, I was gonna wear them with the riders jackets that came out recently..but then…I recalled that retro leather coat that I lovvved “thissssssss” big…and went with that! Sooper detailing on these..that follows on to the back with thee cutest butt shaping I ever did see yum. Fab cuffs with button detail also.(two sizes of cuffs to make it easy for you)

Choice of a few colours but I SO loved the brown..and also the blue..which is a veryyyyy crisp tone and went totally awesomely with the white riders jacket I toyed with earlier …thank you Mister Torok ❤

Biker pants 175L a pair: Poison

Biker jacket (2nd pic) 350L: Poison

Retro Leather jackets 350L : Poison

Merry Christmas prop GFW 15L : Sparrow Tree Studios


Born to be Wild…

Oh yeahhhhhh we have the newness from Poison..and its one of those I-gotta-have-it items. You’ll wear and wear this..Ive got (naturally) the chicks version of the “Riders leather jacket”, there is also one for you guys which is slightly more butch looking with big long length arms. Of course I think the chicks one ROCKS …hints of colour in the leather…this is *yellow* but as you can see it’s not really yellow..itsa kinda aged leather with a yellow hue..verrrrrry deeeelicious.

Theres also, brown blue,black,green & red to choose from..but at just 350L a pop…get a couple ! Everything has resizers in it so you can be sure of a great fit…and seriously..if youre into highly detailed gear…youre gonna love this..check out all the buckles & zips..the cracked old leather….thanks Corocota x

Go hitch a ride: Poison


Rage Rage against the day…

mmmm yummmy…Poison has some fantisque shorts out (both for guys & girls yay!) Uber sharp,baggy,pockets to stash stuff in…and a fabulous leather belt with chain…comes in 4 colours black,green,brown & blue…

Check out those details…amazing…seriously…you neeeeed these ! 200L a pop and worth every cent…I SO wanna hug Mister Torok for making these cause I’m gonna live in them for agessss ..thanks Corocota :ppp   (Oh psssst don’t forget to slap theMM boards and snag those free gifts on the floor!)

Go get raged: Poison


You want Zingy?


If you’re wantin some summer zestiness, Poison has got it in spades. New release the LoL jeans come in heaps of zingy colours..above Im wearing the yellow..great cuffs that needed no altering…and a totally awesome texture on the jeans makes them look soooo strokabubble..

and here’s my second fav the high beam red..you get two pairs the same colour in each pack..one lowwww slung and the other normal..fahhhbulous! 175L per pack..gooo snap em up..

Go get smiley: Poison


Fallen Angel

“Too much too soon, Or just a little too late..Cause when her ship came in ..She wasn’t there ,  and it just wouldn’t wait ”


Poison Motor bike jacket brown & beige 250L

Helllll yeah hes done it again !! Just when you think you own THE jacket of all time Corocota Torok designer @ Poison makes another that sends your pulse racing…this is truly amazing..from the buckled detail on the cuffs to the zippers on the chest, the tight barely there collar..and striped band at the bottom… dontcha just want to slapppp me for having it? *grins* I tossed on my navajo jeans  (150L @ Poison)which I think look pretttty hawt with the newness…click the pics for a close up view !!

Poison Motor bike jacket black and white 250L

Here it is in black & white a real classic.worn with Poison’s worn & broken black jeans (which are gorrjusss @ 175L)..but head over to the store and check out the other colours…wowser…lime greens, cherry red, custard yellow..and more..boys! Dont worry, there are male versions too yeahhh!!!

 Go get hot: Poison

(2nd pic layering tee from Jane, pack of 31 shades for 210L !)




ohhhh…OHH…He did it !

Poison ElPoblao jacket brown 275L

You know how you have your *old favourites* in your inventory? The items that you can toss on and just KNOW you will look awesomesauce in? I’ve got a few…that I recycle with new gear regulary..welllll…this jacket is my newwwwwwwww inventory bit of heaven. I will wear and wear and wear it…and then some more. Why? Because it ROCKS..its top quality..it fits perfectly…and I feel like a MILLION bucks wearing it. Do I neeeed anymore reasons? nah not really..but it also doesn’t break the SL bank to own-how about that ! For the small sum of 275L its alllll yours. Seriously click the photos for a real close up look…see those textures? the detail on the buckles?…the belt.?..dont you just wanna strrrrroke that old shabby furry collar? Yeahhhh me too ! Its available in black too (but I lovvve the brown) and is also made in another size for guys hurrah!

Poison ElPoblao jacket

Go get that Jacket! : Poison