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Super Bargain Saturday !

Super Bargain Saturday isn’t something I’d heard of until today when Faith told me that Argyle Anonymous had put out some brand new guy’s gear out for it. Since I had liked what I had seen from her before, I had to go and get these.

All I can say is wow. This is one super fantastic outfit, absolutely jam-packed full of epic gear. You get the shirt & tie, waistcoat, cord pants and slip ons all bundled together.

I’m loving slip on shoes more and more lately as I think I have mentioned and these are just ultra cool with a great plaid texture, they just look so comfy (texture and colour changing versions of these shoes can be bought separately in store if you like them as much as I do).

As you can see here the colour on the shirt is absolutely gorgeous, a pale, soft yellowy shade, I love it. The creases look great and it also comes with sculpted cuffs that fit perfectly. With this being a special preview outfit, the shirt comes on the t-shirt and pants layer to give it that untucked look over the mocha cords (which come on the underpants layer).

 One of the best features about this whole ensemble is the tie. As you can see from the pics it has a great casual look and features some fab textures that you can pick and choose from plus a wicked little face tie-pin.

What an outfit am I right? You can see the way the two-tone waistcoat just finishes it all off and goes with the cords and shirt so well. There’s not one part of this that I don’t like.

How much does this all cost I hear you say? Well, if you can believe it, for a short while the lot will only set you back L$60! I believe that it will be at this price until sometime Sunday afternoon so you’d best hurry on down and snap it up. Be sure to keep checking back at Argyle Anonymous because the full line of these clothes will be coming soon and from what I here, it will be terrific!

Get the gear here: Argyle Anonymous


Go Go Go on an adventure !

Dont you just love opening a parcel…and finding something so fantastic that you go all “squealy”? Ya me  too !! I was a lucky girly when Gocha Merlin let me see her latest release called “Adventure”..its a complete (and I mean VERY complete) outfit…Im showing it all off in the delicate washed & worn grey..above you see the scrumply style scarf (a pack of these is this months group gift,which is free to join),vest & shirt,the set comes with boots,cord jeans and a skirt also…

Check out the awesome detailing on these pieces..I found it literally breath taking..Im sure Steves eardrums have healed now after I squealed into them when I tried this all on *grins*..the seams,stitching and all the tiny bows & ties are superb. The cords have that undone appeal that I love,and yes..the panties come with it too –  they are also sooper cool and have a scrunched up look to them…the whole set is just 881L, you can also buy each piece separately..

The skirt is beautiful…and has some long ties that tumble down from the pockets..

Take a look at the boots..arent they just fabbo? What you can’t see in my photos is the way the stitching sorta twinkles…and the leather appears so lifelike…absolutely divine..this is one hard-working addition to your SL wardrobe…Ive been strutting around in bits & pieces of it all day….thanks Gocha !

I so rarely shop these days..but I just couldn’t leave !gO!  without picking up a few more items..oh cmonn…they were calling my name ! Above is the long-sleeved summer time sweater/jacket..again look at the detail…heaps of tiny pompoms and editing required hurrah! It’s all yours for 177L..and comes in various summery shades…so very boho..

Heres the short-sleeved version …only 166L and carries the same detail as the long-sleeved one…just gorjusss….

Jussssst as I was walking out the door..I spotted this deelicious little “retro romance” dress..and it slipped right into my hand! Two ways of wearing it..with or without the prim netted skirt…both are just adorable…

Go have a mooch about..its a fascinating store..lots of little doors to pop in and out of..and some astonishing avatars (I especially loved the cupids awww !) Theres a few gadgets and wearables also…dont forget to join the group to keep informed of all future releases etc..

Like my new hair? Its from a new-to-me store called [kik], this is a new release this week called kaja..go check it out theres some fab deals on and a pack of hair is only 100L, also sold in single and also some grooovy hats !

Go get beautiful: !gO!                [kik]