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I’m old again.(Freebie ‘n’ Cheapie).

The pink dress in my last post reminded me about another free pink dress which has been previously blogged. So I popped over to Ricielli and it’s still there as a free to join group gift.

Although my aim is to find new freebies when something is this good I don’t mind showing it again especially as to some of you it may be new.

While you’re there check out the BIG poster and you will see that there is a 15Ld Hunt going on. The theme of this hunt is Easter which is now long over but the prizes really aren’t very Easterly (sic) which means there is a fab mix of tops, dresses, shorts etc that you can wear anytime.

I’d spotted this, drooled a little over this sexy little set and then I checked the fits and then I sulked off home as it doesn’t come in my SLink P fit but then it dawned on me that I now own a SLink HG fit and I didn’t hesitate to TP back and grab it.

The icing on the cake is you will see that you get 2 options to buy, one nest is copy/non-trans or non-copy/trans and of course, I chose the second option which means I can keep the one that fits me and I’ve already added the ones that don’t to gift boxes for others to enjoy.

PS.  All of the old Hunt Prizes are actually still out.  There is a signpost outside of the main shop and you will see it points to “sales, shoes, old hunt, gacha” go that way and in a completely seperate shop is where you will find them, not the building on your left which is the Lingerie shop it’s further along and you veer right.


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Stick/Stuck with me.

Yup she’s orf! Lucky mare although I can hardly complain as I had an amazing weekend in a beautiful English market town and I ate too much and spent too much which is what I hope Faith does with her week away.

I’ve been so amiss with all the New Mina hairs as there are so many goodies out there so many events so many new and fresh designs I’m basically drowning  in goodies both paid for, free or hunted and I’ve got a whole load of goodies from yet another event which I will not be missing but I got to show you my new Mina hairs first.


Yes yes yes I want this hair! One of the Vloggers I watch on you tube cuts her own hair into a short and spiky unstructured look and it’s 100% better than any hairdresser could do it but I do not have the nerve to even try it for myself so when I put on this Mina hair I logged straight off dug out a load of my products and had an enjoyable hour playing around with my own hair and it’s such an achievable look, then I had to go have a shower to wash all the product back out of my hair and scraped it all back with a clip, I’ve never claimed to be tarted up in RL when doing a post LOL.  Thats what I love about Mina hair is that so many of them are so relatable and when you pop one on in SL it makes you sit and think about how you could maybe do your own hair. This hair is called Stella and she is found at the Tres Chic event.


This hair is definitely not achievable for me because I went and cropped my hair a few months back which half the time I love and the other half I wish I hadn’t because again this hair would have had me running for my hair stuff and spending some time in front of the mirror.  Polly, obviously the name of this hair, can only be found at the Hairology event and as it happens it is also with 2 other of my most Fav Mina hairs, Anais and Elsa both beautifully casual, young and yet stylish.  Do I buy other hairs?  of course I do and I have not only grabbed the demo for an amazing dreadlocked hair when I get back inworld it’s going to be mime.  You have to try on many hairs to see what works for you I just happen to find that 90% of the time I pop on a Mina and moan cos I WANT HAIR LIKE THAT(without the exessive use of nail clippers and product that is lol).

I’ve also put the LM in for the Christmas on 34th Street event as there is a Mina hair with a knitted hat on offer there full priced but completely trans which is the same for most things as this event so you can give give and give some more pressies to your loved one without having to drag them somewhere and give them the money.  Can you imaging packing a whole lot of gift boxes with such lovely goodies and them unpacking them on the big day!  BUT I must also say that in Mina Nakamura’s mainshop she has some Gacha’s and 2 of them are 100Lds and 2 are 75Lds and for taking a risk on the colour you get not just a great hair but a colour pack and not just a single shade.  Again as it happens the Selenia hairin one of the Gacha is another Mina hair I couldn’t live without so if you want a Mina hair to give as a gift but the one available @Christmas on 34th Street isn’t your style check out the Gachas.

PS Our land is now so white now it’s bleaching pictures out so I popped over to the latest round of Collab 88 and snagged the Scarlet Creative skybox/house Faith has just blogged because to be able to get such a quality build for just 188Ld was too good to miss and because there is so much happening at this moment I actually managed to get in.

Mina@Tres Chic

Mina@Christnasm on 34th Street


Mina Mainshop


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Follow on from my previous post about Silent Sparrows Fish Plushie, I as always popped over to grab the LM and check out Hyasynth Tiramisu shop to see the sort of things she has.  Now I know about her plushies because she is a regular contributor to FLF, which is always much appreciated, but it turns out her shop stock more than just cute plushies.  She has a vast collection of fantasy, cute, kawaii clothing for men and women.  Loads of mesh and esp mon mesh items as well.  Then I spotted this and caved in.


A freaking HUGGABLE NEWT!!! Tries not to hyperventilate here. In RL I have a few soft toys but only a few, a cauliflower, Pinky and the Brain, rats etc. I love the slightly odd so a cuddly newt would be just lovely to add to my collection.


I’m not sure if I will place these little critters in my swimming pool or at the pond we have but since they’re only a prim each and copyable I might just dot them all over the place.


I picked the orange/black colours but more colour packs to chose from.

Silent Sparrow