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Tiny but gorgeous free gift

Now there’s a name to conjure with ! Kusshon – haven’t heard much from this designer over the last few months – then BOOM free gift and a Christmas market. 1929 plate with cookies and a darling little mouse nibbling them – you also get the plate without the mouse making it just 1Li (2Li with the mouse) touch for a cookie ! The market is outside the store and I dare you not to buy something – I couldn’t resist! You will find the free gifts right at the back of the store on the left hand side – no group to join. Thanks Kusshon ❤


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Impatient Me.


Nommy bunnies in a basket.  I was so impatient to get my paws on this that even though Noel Rhyann Deluxe is still doing the finishing touches to her shop, Little Closet, I actually dropped her a note because the Group Gift giver wasn’t working and so sweetly she’s sent me a copy and hopefully the board has been fixed because this is such a lovely decor item.  You may still want to wait a day or so or pop over and grab this but make a note to come back because soon there will be a Dollarbie set out for all and it’s a Piglet in Wellies and it’s adorable.

Have to admit I almost walked out as soon as I walked in as this is a children s clothing shop and basically I know nothing about AV children s shapes and clothing but what I do know is quality.  The clothes are just so adorable and such good quality.  They’re not too sickly sweet or adult clothes that have just been sized down they’re smart and cute boys and girls clothes.

However and it just goes to show that you should never dismiss a shop even if it doesn’t sell something you think you would be interested in because she has a Gachas out with  some adorable items in including a child sized trike which would be perfect as an item of decor even for a non child home.

When you’ve finished ooing and ahhing over the cute clothes pop outside because Little Closet shares a platform with another shop I won’t say too much because I’ve actually got a number of items already from this shop so it’s time to get them blogged but since I know you will be going over to check out Little Closet you may have well check it out you won’t be disappointed.

Little Closet

Little Closet Marketplace.

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Baking Cookies

I was happy… happy… HAPPY when I popped over to Tupelo Honey this morning…cause I found one of my favourite gifts of all time for 2011 ! When I walked into the store I saw this item straight off the bat…and loved it…imagine my surprise when I eventually found the SSH hunt gift..and it was the same thing I loved !!! yay!!!! Its called the “Winter Lodge Christmas Cookie Kitchen Set” and its lully…and has won a place in my own SL home for sure. There is room for four people on the different baking stations, cutting the dough, eating the cookies, mixing etc…(PRO -TIP set the permissions for use in the menu before inviting your friends to bake with you..set it to public or they can’t get at the wearable items for their poses!) Youre looking for a tiny red sack, the hint is ” ohno, maybe santa is stuck”- good luck.

Ohhh did you notice the roaring fire behind me? I found that on the market place for just 10L…simple traditional fireplace..great flame effect, 10 prims, its HUGE and fits really nicely into my own lounge at home, brilliant!

Winter Lodge Cookie Kitchen Set: Tupelo Honey

Fireplace by Dession :