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-Roulette -1975 NEW!!


Oh my burgeoning inventory ! I’m afraid I just couldn’t resist buying this container styled home at the new round of Roulett3. It’s by [Since 1975], a store I have been keeping an eye on for a while. This quite simply is irresistabubble – Low Li (62) and just $374L at the event – who can resist. You get a HUD too, which you can use to alter some of the colours – such as window frames etc – nice touch. It does come as seen above, the base, the stones and of course the roof garden with vines and soil patch.

Percent NEW!

I’m in lurve with this gorgy retro patio set form %percent! Its got so many delicious colour tones in the menu – even Tiffany blue *faints*. So so so what sets it apart for me is the wonderful selection of animations and FOOD ! I’ve seen a lot of tables with food offerings in my almost ten years of SL – but this is different. Not the usual stuff by a long shot and each meal is so beautifully presented with fabbo eating animations. There are , of course, other poses – talking,reading etc for both males & females. This will be available in the upcoming Vintage fair – starts June 10th!

The Challenge NEW - bauwerk

Meanwhile in the latest round of The Challenge bauwerk-22769 have set out these wonderful decor items. The gramaphone actually does play a oldtime record which is sweet, all verrrrry low Li and superbly detailed.

bauwerk 22769

The Challenge blog

The Vintage Fair blog – starts 10th June



Blogging SL, Uncategorized, Virtual Fashion Feed

Container Love

Nothing black

I had been looking at this container home for a while and decided to call on the help of Faith, my exact words were “Faith you got a few moments spare to come talk me out of this home”.  She failed because not only did she not talk me out of but gave me the money to buy it as a late Xmas pressies.


This is the steps to the front door and you can see that with the use of wooden slats you get less “wall” and more light comming in.


Taken from one end of the home in normal daylight so you can see the texturing better.  The red shelving units are all removable but they’re low primmed and a good splash of colour so I actually put them back in.  The ladders you can see take you to the smally cost bed/bathroom area.

Black 3

This last shot hopefully shows the clever glassed alcoves in place and the drop wall at the end of the house so you can completely open it up.


Comes in a hand Rezzer which is easy to use. 81 prims in total, 499 Ld in price and I love it.  Hidden in some trees and minimalistically decorated it can become an unique home to live in.  A demo area to check out this and other homes just click the diamond.  Other than that this is “Yasyn’s Odds and Ends shop and thats what it contains, odds n ends.  Some hair, some shapes, some artwork.

Yasyn’s Odds And Ends

Yasyn’s Marketplace